Vertical Line


I have a very detailed profile on FL, if you want the link, ask. Im Ciara, 20, bi, switch, brat, sadist, voyeur. Some of my kink interests: rope, spanking, straightjackets, gasmasks, knife play, taboos, roleplay. Normal interests: art, psychology, philosophy, music, vintage&classic cars and bikes, fashion, literature, poetry, cooking, scifi, romance.x
I am not new to the scene. I have been roleplaying since I was 16, joined FL when I was 18 and have been steadily getting more involved in the community. I have made some great kinkster friends, but as of yet, I have not met anyone who I would seriously consider playing with and being in a relationship with them. I just wanted to say, again, I am not new, just inexperienced. Do NOT send me rude, explicit or idiotic messages. I am a Switch, so if you are a dom/me dont refer to me as sub/slave. Vice versa for subbies. Its rude to assumthat I am the posite role to yours. Also, I have ZERO interest in online play. Dont bother. I think thats it. If you ignore the above, beware my wrath.