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I'm still looking for a local(ish) female who loves being bound in a wide variety of restraints. You must enjoy hoods. I'd prefer you dressed head to toe in skin tight shiny latex but that's negotiable. Age and physique are pretty much unimportant. I'm not looking for perfection just someone with a imaginative mind who knows what they want and into my kind of stuff. And honestly, it doesn't even have to involve sex. I have the ropes if you've got the nerve. Just drop me a line or two and we'll take it from there. I'm safe, sane and careful. About Me: I am a mature, well educated, tall, imposing, feminine Tgirl. I will get inside your head and exploit your weaknesses. I will bring you to your knees as you beg for my attention. I don't do namby pamby bondage, you will not be able to escape from my bonds. You will be helpless until I decide to release you. I will expect you to attempt to escape and when you fail, as you surely will, you will be punished. I will set you tasks, most likely difficult or impossible tasks. It amuses me to watch you fail them. You know what comes next and it won't be you. I respect hard limits and safewords. I always respect people's personal circumstances and home lives.

I do not tolerate: Time wasters (stand me up once and you're history). Topping from the bottom; I dictate the scene, not you. You are there for my pleasure and if you get any from it then consider yourself fortunate.

About You: You are sensible and reliable. You know what you want to the finest detail. You want to worship me. You acknowledge the femininity that a well dressed Tgirl exudes and want to bask in it. You are submissive and have a longing to be controlled and restrained. You feel misplaced in the world and that your true calling is one of servitude. It excites you to feel helpless. You yearn for that place where strict control and discipline from an understanding, respectful and demanding Mistress provides. You want your limits explored gently but firmly and have new doors opened to you that you didn't even realise were there.
Why Switch: Should the right woman or man happen by this profile and read down as far as this part thinking, nice but I'd really like to be the one in control, demonstrate to me that you're both strong enough in both mind and character and you might very well get that wish. If you'd like to exchange bondage scenes I'm open to that idea as well.
Typically, I got let down by every single person. I was going to entertain a sissy, a bondage boy, a female bondage piggy and a sissy maid. The only one who stayed in contact until a couple of days before was the maid. The others just drifted by the wayside and didn't bother to keep in touch. The maid, on the other hand, who contacted me to apply for the position actually got me believing she might turn up. She seemed keen, willing and experienced. How wrong could I be. She managed to waste the afternoon of my first day of my break with me hanging about waiting for her. She's probably changed her profile on here so not much point in naming and shaming. I'm very disappointed in the lot of them so it'll be a long while before I offer any more opportunities. Time wasters, the lot of them.

Well, things are looking positive for a maid. I'm very pleased so far with one applicant who sounds like she will fit in well.
Now, to complete the ensemble I'd really like to hear from a female bondage bunny. I think finding this one is even less likely than finding the maid but if you don't put it out there ...
OK, is this you? 1) Female (Post Op trans classes as female to me but if you are pre-op then not quite, sorry). 2) You crave tight, inescapable bondage with chains, ropes, hoods, gags, binders etc. 3) You enjoy dressing to please as well, especially latex and leather if you own them. 
Pretty much sums it up and if you want to spend a few days experiencing your naughtiest fantasies then get in touch. 
Miss A.


It's been quite a while since I last wrote a journal entry. That's because I got thoroughly fed up with how I was being treated. OK, so 1) Subs on this site: Read the whole damn profile will you? I don't want to marry you, move in with you or any other such nonsense. This is about mutual fun, OK? 2) If you're lucky enough to meet me, discuss your limits, play a little, talk like human beings and make me feel like we get along well enough, don't just disappear of the planet for 3 months and then come crawling back saying "It was all too much for me at the time but I think I'm ready now". I'm usually pretty calm and collected on most things so please excuse my language when I write, "For Fuck's Sake!". I'm not a feckin' ogre, or am I? If you tell me all is OK at the time, why go home and claim I was too much this or too much that ... eventually?. And, if I was, why the hell didn't you say so not just never contact me again. That's just feckin' rude in my book.

Ok rant over. I'm pretty sick of pathetic sub-boys, so .. Sub girls (not trans-girls, REAL gender born females, (maybe at a push, post-op trans)) ... your turn. I know you want to experience that sensation of submitting to a strong willed woman and THIS one has a little extra. Drop me a line and let's talk. I'm safe, VERY sane and won't do anything you don't consent to .. promise. There has to be some girl out there reading this and getting mildy excited, well, if that's you .. message me now! If you don't try stuff you'll never find out. If you don't ask you sure as hell won't get, and do you really want to go to your grave regretting never trying something? I'm about as sensible as they come on here, it won't cost you a penny to see if that fantasy you've always dreamed of is as good in the real world as it is in your head. Tell you what though, I know how to make it even better!



Well boy came grovelling back. It seemed I was a little too much to handle on our first meeting but he came to his senses and begged me to take him back.

We had a nice hour together today where he learnt not to let me down again and will be reminded of that each time he sits for a while


I took a couple of pics and I've told him to put them up on his page here. So, we'll see. If he's man enough to take it then he'll get a little more training soon. I'll keep you posted


Miss A.

Well, silly Me, I spoke too soon.

I asked boy to send Me two pictures. One of a bondage scenario that he really liked and the other of a dress style he thought would suit Me. What did he do? sent Me two pictures of dresses. Now I know underneath he's just a big sissy but let this be a warning to all you would-be subs out there; if your Mistress asks you to do something, you do it, right ?? You don't gloss over one request in your haste to find pictures of pretty dresses. It shows lack of attention to detail and very poor obedience.

So, in addition to telling him to expect due punishment at his next training session I've also instructed him that at an appropriate time during that session he is to beg Me to deliver his correction. Maybe he won't be in such a hurry to skip parts of My orders next time and I'm sure he'll be suitably humbled by having to ask to be punished.

If any of you pretty boys would like to offer Me ideas on suitable punishments I might consider them. I have My own ideas ranging from a good thrashing (which I already know he hates) to putting him in a party frock with all his hairy arms and legs showing, taking his photograph and making him put it on here as his profile picture. Maybe I'll do both and more. I'm undecided. Suffice to say, he's going to learn the hard way, I'm not to be disobeyed, he has voluntarily relinquished his pathetic will to Me and he had damn well better start obeying Me.

I met up with the boy calling himself norwichbislave on this site and he shows promise. He is very new and needs a lot of training but he's nicely submissive and something of a blank canvas for me to mold into a good sub. Poor little guy was so in awe of my presence that when I hooded him and bound his wrists he nearly shot his load over my boots, bless. Lucky for him he didn't as well, or he would have felt the first strokes of my crop. Like all my new recruits, I'm being gentle and kind with him for now; he's getting away with stuff he will suffer for in future, but in time he'll learn what is best for both Me and him.

Well, wouldn't you know it, mostly sub-trans who need putting straight, the occasionally little boy who wants to suck my cock for some bizarre reason but hasn't got the first clue about respect. So where are the submissive local females to balance this out? I want at least one I can torment along with one or two of these sissy-boys.