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I am a Sadistic, cigar smoking, meat eating, bourbon drinking, foul mouthed outdoorswoman with zero tolerance for bullshit.

I Require a single or divorced service minded male with a masochistic streak who considers himself a huge fly fisherman and wants to wet lines in Montana, Alaska, Iceland, Patagonia, Bahamas and wherever else the fish might bite.

Write and tell me about you and your gear. Bonus points to those who own a fly shop and or own and paddle their own drift boat.

This is NOT a joke. STOP writing if you dont fit what I seek above.

If you sincerely intend to be of use to a woman, approach her with a modicum of respect.

Have the decency to understand her requirements and accept that you won't meet every woman's needs.

For the love of all things good:

  • Don't barrage her with one liners like you're texting.
  • Do NOT force yourself on her like Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein.
  • Don't send pics unless asked, most certainly not nudes.
  • Don't treat her like a fetish Pez dispenser. 
  • If she does not respond, she's either busy or uninterested. ONE additional respectful follow up is sufficient  Blowing up her inbox is only going to get you blocked. 
  • Accept a NO with grace. No response or a thank you is sufficient. Berating her or calling her names only shows her rejection to have been 100% accurate. (Still can't believe I have to point this one out....!!!)

On dominant women being judgemental: it is our role and responsibility as a dominant woman to judge a subject on his suitability, his comportment and his performance. To some of us, suitability includes his background, upbringing and fit to our needs and within our own household.  Say he has poor grammar, spelling or penmanship -- he would not be suited to a position with me where he is expected to be majordom.  Similarly, a lack of manners would render him unsuitable for most situations as well. It is up to the dominant woman whether she wishes to grant him exception in order to square himself away and clean up the unwanted behaviors. However, I'm not very accommodating where that's concerned.  We're talking about grown adult men who should very well already have a set of manners to use in civilized company and be at least somewhat literate by this stage in their lives. 

Why does everyone think I'm joking about fly fishing?  I'm on the water more than 30 days a year. When I'm not on the water, I'm tying flies (or teaching it to others.) It only seems natural to seek a like-minded partner so we can share a power exchange dynamic AND our love of the outdoors.  That said, my succinct profile seems to still be a problem for many fellows here. 

First messages are viewed as a test of the author's respect, mettle and attention to detail. When I receive a "seeking" message ignoring what I seek, it highlights a few key things. First, the author is hyperfocused on their selfish needs rather than recognizing my desires or any congruence between us. Second, I instantly question the intelligence of someone who can't read and comprehend brief, clear profile instructions. Third, I want nothing to do with a man who cannot trouble himself to respect my time (or his own for that matter.) 

Subjecting strangers to unwanted advances, disgusting solicitations, vulgar fantasies and explicit photos is abusive and demeaning towards women.  Please don't profess to be submissive when you denigrate women in such manner.  Women don't "deserve" that treatment simply because they're on a fetish site or because they're dominant.  That isn't consent. Nor is striking up a conversation in order to push your kink agenda or dirty talk on a random woman.  That's seriously busted behavior. 
If someone seriously wants to be a part of your life, they will seriously make an effort to be in it.  No reasons.  No excuses.
Let's be clear: while I'm female and dominant, I don't feel sub men are less than me, don't need to adult for another person nor do I want the control I give fetishized as though I'm an object that serves his purpose.  I'm decidedly NOT into female supremacy or the FLR ideal that most of you chase. (My other thoughts echo this writing:  
If you proclaim to be a pleasing, service-type submissive, do us ladies a solid and FOLLOW SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS. Good grief, some of you are ridiculous. How y'all function day to day is beyond my comprehension.