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I am a private person - due to my profession and privacy preferences, if you would like a pic,
Bisexual Female Submissive, 34,  Eastern/Central, Illinois
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 Submissive Female



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 1"

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Dominant Male

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 Gourmet Cook

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 Licensed Physician

I am a private person - due to my profession and privacy preferences, if you would like a pic, Ask. :)

Sincerity and Honesty are my top priorities and the two most important aspects I look for in a person. Whether it be friend, partner, lover, stalker.. must be sincere, must be honest..



So with all sincerity-
-Life is what we make of it, You can either Ride and Die or forever dream of riding and never know what it was truly about!
-My eyes are a vessel. If you look deep into them, you will see me for who I really am. I keep them open and my lips sealed because I do listen to learn. I acknowledge a vast life of fast talking and motivated walking.
-I am an artist. Inside and out. I may be a little different than most, I may like more extreme things in life, I may see things for what they are more than others, but in the end, I will have looked at the entire picture.. and loved it for what it was worth.
-I have ventured several countries, many of the states, and love to travel and love to see and do new things. There is nothing that I wont try once. Ok well maybe some things, but thats either because it is way illegal, or it is just distasteful... and for it to be distasteful... its gotta be BAD! lol
-My heart beats just like everyone elses. I don't ask for special treatment. I just want someone to know me for who I am, accept and acknowledge my being and know that I am true to who I say am, and to what I say I am doing. Distrusting someone is the biggest turn-off; and quite literally it is an insecurity I think most aren't willing to deal with.
-I want to live life to the fullest. I want to be able to think I have done it all. There is no stone left unturned. I don't want to be held back, to be tortured by the sheer desire of wanting to do something and being stopped from doing so.

And with all Honesty-
-If you are not real, you are fake, or have other intentions, I have no interest.
-If you are a HNG (horny net geek) you have read the wrong profile.
-If you are married and looking for something on the side... unless you are paying my bills too... it's not worth my time nor yours or your wife's for you to be here.
-If you cant look me in the eyes, then don't look at me at all.
-I am not a distasteful slut, or a piece of ass, nor will I ever be to anyone at any time. Because of my sexual preferences, it doesn't make me an object.
-I am submissive by DESIRE. I choose to give myself to my partner, and when I do so, I do so eminently, completely and do so because it is my want, my desire, not because I am asked to do so.

So as real as it is gets, I am here. I am not looking for anything in particular, if it should happen to fall in my lap, I will run with it, and I will run as fast as I can. But I am not searching or seeking, and don't want to be sought., I would love to meet friends and people with like interests, if my desire consumes me with a person I will know I am at the right place at the right time.

With all my love...
I am... ME

Recent BDSM Survey.
Experimental 100%
Submissive 100%
Masochist 40%
Switch 1%
Bondage 87%
Voyeur 82%
Vanilla 12%
Sadist 0%
Dominant 3%
Degradation 11%

I agree for the MOST part... lol.;)


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Journal Entries:
7/20/2005 5:14:49 AM
Wow, the last message i left was a little over 2 years ago, and still i have messages of recourse and good biddings.  i appreciate all the comfort and care, i do.

What i am REALLY seeking
Truth, Honesty, Devotion, Care, and somewhere down the line, Love... not just the kind of love you see on TV or the kind of love these internet fogys like to portray, but real, unkindled love... the kind of love that gives you goose bumps everytime you think about it, the kind of love that makes you smile even when there are tears in your heart... the kind of love... well... that makes your heart cry for more... but that is down the line, way down the line.
I am looking for someone real, someone that wants to be real, nothing just on the net or the phone, but someone that is looking for the real thing. 
i NEED someone who is understanding and caring, someone who can and will take me by the hand and walk down lifes path with me, whether it be long term or short term to help one another find what we are looking for, i just NEED life, a lot of laughter and a friend.  (*and in ALL relationships you must be a friend before anything*)

6/1/2003 11:04:45 PM

Looks at the screen that she left a little more than a week ago, once again.. this time thankful to be able to see the screen.  a solemn tear runs down her cheek she wipes it away with what was once perfect fingernails. 

I do apologize that i havent been online or havent emailed anyone.  I endured unfortunate circumstances that put me in the hospital and left me unstable with massive abdominal injuries, leaving me with MANY stitches and lots of pain.   I will not be online fora  while as i need time to recover.  When i return, i hope to see all your smiling faces again.


He who walks beside me, shall take care of me, He who walks beside me shall watch over me.. He who looks down upon me.. shall Master over me..

5/17/2003 4:52:30 PM

*Widely opens her eyes* Such suprise and utter shame to see that a beautiful day as today was shelter with more housecleaning and chores.  LOL. It is gorgeous outside and i need to be under the sun for a bit, but i can't stand the site of the mess my children have left.. So i shall check my emails, clean house and then perhaps, enjoy the latter part of this days beautiful rays and perhaps get some color on my pale flesh :)

Hope you are having a great day too :) Kiss Kiss


5/16/2003 10:52:44 PM
For clarification purposes i write this entry.  My fingers and my mind evidently hadnt been on the same note during my last entry.  When stating what i stated.. i apologize if i offended any, i have NOT found the ONE for me, yet i have found interest in the efforts some have given to the opportune to converse.  Please do not take offense to the last entry, and my subtle apologies if it sounded quaint.

5/16/2003 9:53:15 PM
aching fingertips, heart feeling compelled, i have completed several emails to those who have sent to me.  Out of over a hundred emails, 30 have been returned, and i have found that there really trully are Dominants with great hearts and minds whose words have read deep within mine.  I thank all those who have sent their wishes and regards and all those who have interests.  i have found mutual interest as well :) And hope that correspondence never lessens.

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