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I am not owned and I do not want to be owned, I use this site to stay in touch with old friends. I do not need to be trained as I am not a poodle nor do I wish to be used as I am not a lawn mower either. Most of all I do not suffer fools gladly and I don't answer stupid questions from rude people with no manners.

I am happy very to chat if I have time however, it will be a short conversation if people have not read ALL my profile.

Please do not think that anybody has the right to tell me or others how they should act or worse what they should think as it just makes you look stupid.

I attened a Charity Ball at the weekend with some old friends in aid of the school most of our children attended. I even treated myself to a new gown and why not. I was surprised if not shocked to see there a Dom/Master now in his eighties that I have known for at least thirty years, although not seen for twenty.

As it was a vanilla event no reference was made by either of us to the very none vanilla meetings we had had together in the past. That was until he introduced me to his Grandson who was at least fifty years younger than him. Then he told him that I was a total and utter slut and that he'd enjoyed me dozens of times and would arrange him, (the grandson) to enjoy me as well.

I pointed out to the pair of them that I choose who or if I served anybody and the Gandfather may have aged but he was still an fool. However; on the ups side I did hope he could now get it up because the last time we met he failed to do so, adding once a fool always an fool.

I was reminded by an old friend today of a guy trying to pick me up in club years ago and it gave us both a laugh.

He said "Girl those leather jeans are tight, how do you get into them?"

I answerd "First you have to drive a Porsche."

Those were the day lol.



So here is an interesting question.

How does a person you have never met, who lives on another continent and is younger than several of the handbags I own. Tell me from just reading my profile, what my deep desire and needs I have and how unforfilled I am feeling?


Question: I hope me sending you a photo of my cock didn't upset you?

Answer:   No I don't let little things like that worry me.

Unnamed UK Dom to me. (I am not saying his name as it breaks the rules and quite right.)

We have met before I see you are unowned now and I am looking for a slave. I also see you have put on weight since we last met so you should lose that before we meet.

My reply to Unnamed UK Dom.

Yes I do remember meeting you and if I recall correctly. You are so overweight you haven't see your feet for 20 years let alone anything more interesting north of them and you call me fat?

Just when you think you have heard it all you get a message like this.

obedience is not fulfilled without a purpose

you are allowed to introduce yourself properly, I might have the purpose for you




I just wanted to say a big thank you for everynone for their support it has helped me through my spell of bad health no end.

Thanks you guys XXXX

I have been away a few weeks I won't bore people with the details but it is nice to know not a lot has changed in the last two months.

Going through some messages since I unhiden my profile I have had these messages.

"Nice tits Bitch"

"Have you been trained?"

"Do you suck cock?"

Last but not least "Are you Trans, did you realy used to be a man?"




Today I read an old letter I found from a Dom, which was pre internet (Yes I am that old) and one part of it I thought was excellent, it was:

"Don't mistake servitude for stupidity."


Oh dear still getting messages from people who can't or won't read a profile and I am still getting one line messages from people.

I am still not answering them, oh well.

To save everybodies time both the people messening me and my own, I won't be answering messages with just two or three words. Nor will I be answering people who ask for photos and don't even have them on their own profiles.

Sorry if this sounds rude or bad manners it isn't meant to be but you get sick of messages like "Yo bitch" and "Nice ass I wanta fuck it" charming.

It was pointed out to me today (not for the first time) that if I was a man, I'd be called a Stud.

Still not sure how to take that.

Question to me today:

"If you can prove to me that you are over 21 years old I may take you as my slave but you will have to pay for your own realication to the US, so send proof."

My responce:

"Thank you for your very kind offer however; we have our own idiots over on this side of the atlantic without having to travel to the USA to meet another one."

His responce:

"You stuck up british bitch."

I did point out British is spelt with a capital B.



Since my last post I have been told I should change my name to Grumpy, told to get a life, to learn that men are the Master race, called a bitch, a whore and other thing you are not allowed to put.

In fact I am quite happy, not at all grumpty in the slightest, why is that you may ask?

It it because these people are so stupid it makes me laugh. 

I was asked the other day by a so called "Master"  "You have a great butt, have you ever been mistaken for a man?"

My answer "No, have you?" I didn't get a reply.

I am just going to block people who clearly have not read my profile so much easier all round.

Respect is a two-way street and just because some fool gives themselves at stupid name, does not give them the right to demand you call them Sir.

All it does is make them look stupid because not only is respect a two-way street, it has to be earnt.


To save any confusion I put the following, in bold and in red on my profile it is easy to see.

I am not owned and I do not want to be owned. 

Still the first question I am asked by people who tell me they have read my profile is.



I just thought I would point out that I live in Cheshire.

Cheshire is in the UK and not in the USA, I just thought it was worth pointing as so many people think it is.

You know I really hate it when some pompous idiot tells me what I think.

When are people going to realise that talkng to people they don't know like filth is not going to win them over.

Things like " Whore I like your tits" or "Slave is a well trained cunt." Both of which I got from so called Masters with ridiculas names in the last couple of days.

It doesn't make you dominant it makes you look an idiot.