Vertical Line



These are alway hard to write, so its best if you just write and ask me what you want to know, I am a Dom for 21 yrs firm but caring, and have the right touch, ask anything you want. Due to the nature of my job I can not post a picture but will supply one on request. I am not your traditional Dom, I chose not to conform to labels. Life is way to short to conform to someone elses definition. I am tall, and told I look very mean at times,which is odd since most that know me think I am very funny and a bit out of control at times, fun is good. I can be quite stern and commanding but abusive rarely only when its desired. If you seek a sadist I am not your man, I thrive on my subs reactions to our exchange,Please do not confuse my politeness with weakness, I am gentlemen when its called for and a Dom/master when its time, just like my sub/slave is a lady when its time. At times extremes are called for, take your punishment and thank me later. Love that line. PLEASE IF YOUR A WHACK JOB, KEEP MOVING ON, NO TIME OR PATIENCE FOR YOUR BULLSHIT OR ISSUES.
Ladies, you are subs, you have voices and opinions.  Your view point matters, your desires and fears matter. Use your voice when talking to me, Dont agree to anything and then change it on your own later. My anger comes when you cant communicate, not when you way no. I want trust and understanding.If you cant do this or understand what I am saying then dont contact me, save us both our time and feelings, 
When you have no honor you cant be trusted, if you take the cowards way , then you can expect things will never be as good as you want. Search and realize that you will always be looking.
Another whack job, how and they hell do they find me, is there some kind of clue on my profile that says message me?
She is beautiful but not available, shes smart, she is funny and sexy just not here with me. Oh how she tempts me so.
So close yet so far, dont let your fears stop you from being who you are. Embrace your darkness and feel the warmth.
Friends , hmmm. What's stopping it?
To hold one to a standard they themselves do not hold themselves to is well, just bullshit. 
Online financial Domme, nothing but cyber hookers, you all crack me up. 
So your shallow and use your pussy for cash, you sure this is the sight for you?
Question was why did I stop messaging her, response was, your canned lack of thought and flat response with asking no questions of your own. 
I dont mind the rejection, I just hate the drive. 

Spankings. They are not just for kids anymore.

Bacon, thats all that needs to be said.

Cheeks were red, pussy was dripping, and she was begging for more. What a rare find,

Your bad decisions are not someone else fault. If you fall for bullshit over and over again. Your the problem not the other people. Take up drinking this way you can blame alcohol.

I lost control. Been to long since that has happened.

I keep seeing profiles for financial Domme's, usally young and no experience who want your money and offer nothing but frustration. Dont fall for that shit, get married, its the same thing, cost a fortune and just piss you off,

Some seriously fucking nut jobs on here. I suggest therapy or heavy sedation. Get over yourself.

1 week till vegas, comps all week, except airfare have to fly southwest cause US Airways is pissing me off with all the fees and add on's.


Oh fuck me, saw a profile from a Domme offering discount services, 19.95 but if you act now take 10 dollars off. Shit we have offically found the walmart Domme. Bet she takes coupons,.

Oh I see you are on your 5th Dom this year but this is the one, you desire his collar, pace your self its only may, lol

I love the ones who complain about everything and still wonder why they are alone.

Reservations are made, tickets are booked, now the question is what not to wear. Need this vacation next decision who wants to go? lol

OK for those of you who don't get it, tylenol or motrin for a fever. Not an ambulance. If your tongue is still moist, your not dehydrated. And no you can't have morphine for your tooth ache.

Best opening line I have ever heard from a sub, Sir I have the time and place and ass, if you have the hand or what ever you chose to use. Now that was worth it.

Thinking of beer and hot wings and taking in some of the local culture, seems like its been forever since I have had the down time to enjoy it. and on a side note, CK's on chandler has the best wings.

Almost Halloween, its the one night the butt biters don't stand out.
Why do people pretend to be vampires? But no one ever copies zombies. Hmmm

Very Incredible time in Vegas, 5 days of drinking gambling and drinks by the pool. Found it odd that most of the ones on CM in vegas are professionals pay for play. Where are the true lifestyle members,


On a side note watched a man dressed up like batman man shooting  up in front of Ceasers palace, while spiderman watched. Crime fighting isnt what it use to be.

Amazing the amount of venom and mistrust that some have on here. I know the players and fakes out there ruin it for those who embrace the life style, but thinking if you are that angry and full of mistrust its time for you to take a break.

113 today, going to be a major case of swamp ass today. Going to be one grumpy medic today.

Was contacted by a so called Dom/vampire asking me who in the hell I thought I was? I asked him why he was so insecure with himself that he had to ask me that. He proceeded to cuss and yell, Think he may of cried, what a freaking waste of space if I could get into his head that quick and confuse him. Any potential subs out there reading this, ask a Dom questions see how he will empower you ,not what you can do for him, its about the exchange not smacking someones ass as you do it doggie style. Thats just vanilla with a touch of kink.

A female friend asked me today, does every man with long hair and a frown on his face and the urge to spank me think he is a vampire. Told her to coat her ass in garlic and find out. And thats how the fight started. lol

A nice quiet sunday after a brutal over time shift. Did have a very good conversation  yesterday. So I guess the day was good and bad, going to enjoy the day since i go back on duty again tommorrow.

Another day on duty. What is everyone up to?