I am MADAME GINNY. I and my 247 sub femmale spouse are seeking to meet other DOMMEs or FEMDOM couples for friendship, SISTERHOOD, parties, etc. I am extremely interested in adding a 247 she-male submissive to MY FAMILY, and even moreso if you are submissive to me, and yet can at times be Dominant with sjenny. I want to stress that my sub does all of the corresponding on CM. I do not IM, chat, phone, etc.. you will be allowed no contact with me until you visit and sit across a restaurant table with I and my sub...PERIOD,If you have concerns about whether I am real too bad. If it gets to that point we will put you in touch with others on CM who know us personally. sjenny has had physical problems and now has limitations that prevent sher from serving ME as I deserve and require.Non-Sexual contact only. I am serious about my Monogamy.Do not contact me if you are under 50.period!I might also consider part-time subs willing to serve ME by doing chores and Serving, Suffering and Submitting to ME for my amusement. I am educated, professional, dd free, non-smoking, and discreet in MY Lifestyle choice. I DEMAND nothing less from you. I enjoy feminization of males, bondage, strict but not sadistic discipline, and all s of humiliation,including public and CBT is a specialty. I do not send or post photos on the internet. If looks are that important to you, and you think that I might be the Bride of Frankenstein, keep looking elsewhere.I DO NOT correspond, IM, or phone subs. That is sjennys job. When you are ready to meet, and sit across a restaurant table, usually for dinner, with I and sjenny...your treat...I will become interested, and not until then.If you do not want to seriously do chores and things that add value to MY LIFE...but are just looking for a play partner...keep looking.I require feminization, at least in private, and it is a privilege to ME, not something I am going to force you to do. Instruct and critique but not force.If you are out of the USA..forget it. If you are not within driving distance, or have definite capability to visit...soon...dont bother me.I dont want sjenny wasting sher time on correspondence that goes nowhere.I am looking for an extended FEMDOM family environment with people I am friends with, enjoy being with, with a sense of humor, and the ability to care about ME more than themselves. The Golden Girls sitcom is a good model for youto aspire to create.If you are looking for a leather clad porno wet dream to wank off a pro. I offer the reality of a DOMINANT WOMAN who works, is tired when SHE comes home, and expects you to be as subservient while I relax and read, sew, quiltor watch tv in my sweats or bathrobe as when I feel like Dressing the part with the emphasis on I FEEL LIKE.If you are considering 247 you will pay your fair share of the household expenses...I am not looking to support you, nor you to support ME.Do not expect a play session when we meet. Inever play with subs at the first meeting. If things develop do not expect constant play from ME. FEMDOM is part of MY life but it does not constitute the majority. I expect you to be submissive and grateful for any attention I grant you. Do not expect sex, or even affection. I am already married and have sex available to ME anytime I desire sex. I, and sjenny, can offer the right person a caring environment, with understanding of your desires to dress, from TVs to full fledge male to FEMALE transitioning...wherever you fall on that spectrum. you will find us discreet and respectful of your non FEMDOM relationships. We have 4 grown children and many vanilla friends and interests which you will be expected to share. You also must like dogs.If you think you want MY REALITY write sjenny...and tell sher how you fit the mold, and address your note to ME properly, SIGN THE damn thing with your name or nom de plume and put some effort into the note...including proofreading what you have written.
 Age: 39
 Edinburgh, United Kingdom