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NewsFlash: If you contact me that means you are serious and willing to relocate. I am through with players. Either do it or leave me alone.


I am a 58 years old Leather Daddy Bear (top). I share a partnership with my (top) Cub. We have been together for almost twelve years and feel that we are in a position emotionally to extend our lives to other persons in our relationship. Clarification: my partner is not my boy; we are equals in our relationship and will be equals as Masters/Daddies to our boys.

So cub/boy/slave, are you interested? Are you asking: "What type of cub or boy or slave are you looking for?"

Here is my "profile" of our "perfect boy":
(Note: I will use the word boy here to mean either a cub or boy or slave.)

1) I would prefer a boy who is younger than us (57 and 52 y/o) but we are flexible with these criteria. I realize the right guy may not be younger than we are but someone ten years or older probably won't be a good match.

2) I would prefer a Bottom, but will consider a guy who is versatile leaning toward bottom. Submissive and bottom are not the same thing. Being a submissive may not be always necessary, but being a bottom is.

3) You must be naturally masculine. I don't have time for games. I do understand there are all types of masculinity and I am not narrowing you to my perception of what is or what is not masculine. Yet, with that said, do realize that if role-playing in women's clothing or assuming a women's role is a large part of your sexual expression, I am pretty sure that we are not compatible.

4) boy must understand and know his place in the family. I am the Daddy of this family and I don't have time to deal with needy primadonna personalities. Add one additional thing, this may turn into a true family situation with multiple boys in residence. If you want a situation where you are the only boy, then this may not be the situation for you.

5) I am not really interested in some one who is heavier than me but height and endowment is not important.

6) I prefer a boy who is hairy, but will consider a less hairy, maybe even a smooth masculine man.

7) boy must be "open-minded" sexually. Your Daddies both enjoy working a hot ass in a number of ways, and a boy who is not into ass play of some type will probably not work. That may include possibly FF, spanking, paddling, whipping, flogging, as well as traditional fucking. boys who are into or are interested in trying bondage, TT, CBT, domination, role-playing among others sexual expressions are possible good matches. Be open to many of the selections if not all, and we can work toward increasing the selection.

8) Boy must be able to respect and eventually to emotionally love all members of the family equally. Everyone in the family will be at a different footing, but that does not mean that they deserve any less respect.

9) I am not looking for an extended cyber relationship. Boy must be able to relocate at some point in the future. If you are unable to relocate, then this will not work.

Word of advice: Just as a good boy will anticipate his master's needs, a good boy will actively pursue the relationship from the very beginning. Prove to his master that he really wants a relationship.