Vertical Line


In search of the perfect ass to tittilate, train, and torment. This is not an overnight exercise; it will require time and patience. Be prepared to communicate in full sentences that far exceed banality; in other words there will be extra credit for those who understand the merits of elocution. Do you seek a Father with whom to share your dark who will listen first and judge later? Plead your case. Will we meet? Possibly.
Will we meet soon? No.
your physical being is important..but it is your mind that is My opiate. Be well possessed of both. And please, do not speak to me of your gift. The part of you that appeals to Me will need to be taken, not given as gifts are; no wrapping will be required. Remember, this is about communication first - then knowledge and acceptance - and ultimately, in time, service.
Contact from interested parties welcome, as is casual conversation with like-minded people.
I like clean, smooth bodies with little or no markings...unless they originate from me.. and I prefer small markings of ownership in areas not regularly visible. I find it pleasing to know that when it is in public it is quite aware of my marks on its body, as well as its mind and soul.
Substantive conversation is always welcome.
I remain fascinated with the whole pony/puppy thing.....
"What are you looking for?" Ever heard that? Not that I do not appreciate the effort it took to ask that question, however, to be blunt, I am not (looking for anything). Now if something exceptional comes my way I would be remiss in not demonstrating the appropriate amount of exploratory initiative. Hey...I'm just here for the ride. Enjoy your life.