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I had a nice awakening by a lady on here. I had fallen into the trap that I guess most men on
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I had a nice awakening by a lady on here. I had fallen into the trap that I guess most men on here do. I had explained what my profile name means, and that really was unnecessary. I also have things about my dick listed, not what I am looking to provide for a female. To error is human I guess. I wont say I am willing to do anything, as that would be a blatant lie. I will say however, I am not sure there is not too much I would not do for the right woman. What, or who, is the right woman? No idea, havent found each other yet.

Journal Entries:
10/14/2017 8:22:13 PM
I have come into possession of some Viagra. Anyone want to feed me one and spend some time making me regret!

10/31/2016 6:32:40 AM
So, something I have been fantasizing about a lot lately I think I want to try.  I would have a woman tie me down, tight!  I am talking about zero ability to move.  Even my head, no lifting it or turning it.  Then while she is wearing some rubber gloves, she would remove my chastity cage and coat up my shaft and the head of my penis with a thick coat of Icee-Hott.  Then she would put a condom on me, lube the condom up a bit, and slip me into my penis sheath.  She would then ride me as long as she wanted.  And when I began to whimper and complain about my situation, she would merely gag me and continue with my torture.  It sounds like an awesome time to me.  Any women want to give that a try?

9/21/2016 5:18:31 AM
Figured I'd throw a long term review of the holy trainer up, since I have gotten asked about it. This thing is AMAZING! Seriously, it fits so well that you really do forget it's there. I am able to pee standing up, which is awesome for work (I know some don't like that idea because a caged little boy should have to sit to pee). I get zero, none, nil chafing from it, even without applying lube over long time. I will say though, if you know you ate going to be teased for a longer period of time, put some on, at least around the ring. I came out of a metal cage, and when I ordered this one I went against what I thought I should get, to this. What I mean is, when I ordered the metal one I bought the super short style with a smaller ring. It was to tight, to small, and I had to make "fixs" to it to try and help. With this one I got the regular length tube (which I recommend unless you are very short down there, I'm just under 7 for comparison). I got the standard ring size of 45, but also ordered the 40. The 45 has been a perfect fit for me. I can't and don't slip out, and what they say on their website about sleeping...100% true! Completely comfortable! I also do recommend using a blow dryer after showers, and removing the tube one a week or so to give it a good cleaning, just for hygiene proposes at least. My only complaint, and is not really a complaint but a personal mistake...I wish I would have ordered the pink instead of the black!

12/31/2015 5:51:44 AM
So I think the "Holy Trainer" cage is where my unit is heading into next.  Seems like a decent product, good reviews, etc...  We shall see.  I like the idea of it conforming to body shapes with body heat, should help with the raw-ness that happens on the bottom side of the balls from the ring.  Quite a bit of dough, but fetishes do not seem to come cheap!

3/22/2015 3:36:22 AM
I have been looking at full on belts of late. The metal cage is ok, but it does pinch, a lot. Two months solid is the current record for me.

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