Vertical Line


I am a quiet sort, with an opinion when it is needed. I prefer my music light, my food spicy, and a variety of books to keep my interest. Anything from quiet walks to long nights of watching movies. As long as I am not bored, than that is a plus.

A few things to keep in mind when showing interest:

1 - If you are married, attached or with another, than do not even put thought in your head of anything more than friends. I am a complicated person and refuse to be a complication in someone's life, so do not waste my time or yours.

If you pass the first part, congratulations. Now onto the rest.

2 – I adore art and culture. Paintings, sculptures, renditions, languages, histories, writings, and so on… In other words, if the first picture I see of you is your cock, than I’m not interested. God created man with two heads though only enough blood flow to enable the greater use of one at a time. If the head on your shoulders isn’t the primary focus for at least 75% of this time, than don't bother.

3 – Intelligence is a must. One does not have to be a genius to be intelligent, but your pick-up line will be something grander than asking me to “play” and the subject matter of your conversations will include more than just sex. I am a challenge both in and outside the bedroom, so I search for nothing less from another.

4 – If you do not know the rules of Chivalry or Romance, than learn them. If “gentleman” or “rogue” are not words used upon occasion to describe you, than mayhaps you need lessons yourself. I shall play the part of both Lady and Tramp, for the one who comes to steal my affections.

5 - I have a Mentor in my life currently. Friendship is all that I seek from others. Accept this and look towards friendship, or move on. The One I will eventually give myself to will understand that friendship will be the start of things, and nothing more.