Vertical Line



I live in the Boston area and am only interested in local people. I'm married, poly, kinky, switch looking for play partners and poly relationships. Try finding me on the other fetish/poly dating sites with nicer UI and sending me messages there. (hint I'm Line). I frequently find Collarme hopeless full of spam and people who focus on fantasies not people. I'm far more likely to reply if you find me on a different site.
I'm an excellent experienced dom who almost never breaks her toys. I'm not really so good about putting them away neatly though, that will be your job.

I'm also a fun sub, with a wide range but not at all 24/7. I am especially interested in women and couples.
I like to play at parties and goto events so a good exhibitionist streak is important.
Thanks for reading!
I think dominants should show creativity be able to take control of an email conversation.  It doesn't reflect well if you say "Ask me anything".  I'm looking for someone with creativity, will, spirit, desire, curiousity.
So I'm pretty much over my facination with web cams domination.

Today's interest is in Lawyer subs.  If you are a lawyer living on the eastern seaboard looking for a Mistress or to join a very slutty poly family send me a message.

Nothing big on the legal stuff, not soap opera, company things. Its sort of like being a house boy but legal chores.
Its cold and dark and snowing! Must be time to try out webcams.

I've never done webcam domination but it sounds amusing. If you are interested get on my yahoo buddy list and I'll IM you when I want you!
I will be traveling for most of the next week. If you're smart you'll wait till Friday November 19th to try to get in contact with me.