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Pansexual Female Submissive, 48,  Rainbow city, Alabama
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lightroast - submissive

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Last Online:


 Submissive Female

 Rainbow city 


 5' 7"

 154 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Submissive Female

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 Housework Service

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  Well, i am not out for any fakes. Just had another one he was a big fat wannabe. I won’t name names but he knows who he is. I am getting sick and tired of “Doms” and “Masters” saying they want when they really don’t. they string me along until I am hooked and then just drop me. i know i am not in the best of health but as soon as I get on the right meds i shouldn’t get sick any longer. i have pills for everything else. i just need a Dom/Master that loves dogs and cats. One who will spoil me when i am good and punish me when i am naughty. It is pretty simple. i think you go over the other things after you get to know the person first.
 dont any one out there need a good sub/slave to spoil them rotten but he got to be stricked to keep on me but i love to clean and cook and everything to keep a man happy no mater what kind of man he is i just need one that aint gona lie to me and such like that  so is there any one ????????????????????????????????????????                        i am waiting here for u{#}{#}{#}                                      look down futher    And i found out why i like the lifestyle so much so here it goes      i like to feel  humiliatingly small  Defenseless  Volnerable Powerless  haveing the man in control for him to set Boundries        would like to have a dungeon for Bondage  and my concequinces when i am bad and be Accepting of what Sir gives          me and i love to do the struggle thing to be held down and tied and every now and then a lil Sadistic at times  but i would         love a Dom/Master that is willing to train and stay on top of me till i learn all his ways to make Sir proud of me all i ever          wanted is to please a Dom/Master to wait on him to clean for him to do what ever he asks of me and i an spoil him in every            way i love to feel needed and that will make me feel needed in the way i need so if u like all this just leave me a lil         note and we an see what will happen ok ........               it wont let me put the name of the websight on here that has my better profile on it so just ask me i will tell u ok thanks....       _is where my other profile is if u want to see it my name on there is   lightroast_1                                             ok so there wont be any mistake in what any one getting into  so they know this befor u want to talk to me  i have some health problems got thyroid problem have back problem had 2 surgys need a 3rd but waiting till i cant go any more and i am on lont of meds so i can have a some what of a  deacent life i am perty active dont let back pain slow me down or much of anything eles i like the life style and i was born a sub and love to please my man any way he wants and all my drs are here and my lawers are here and i have lost my son recently and to day wes first birthday with out him its verry hard and so i have one child left and am still protive of her my son left behind a daughter and my daughter is about to have me a grand son i love my grand kids and they visit me also i got a dog and a cat that comes with me and if i move out of the house with them i cant me to far ...but i am looking and hopeing to find a Dom of my own that will keep me in line i still need a lil training but i want my Dom to mold me the way he wants me so i will be good for him so that said it is what it is  and ty for reading my stupid thing but just ask if u wasnt to know somthing eles ok thanks    Bobbi                        and i will move up to 2 hr away from daughter for the right Dom/Master i want to be in this grand childs life from the start havent got to do that with any of them  and i am gona do it with this one thats why i would love to have a Dom/Master be able to relocate to neer here but i relise all cant do that so i decited to go as far as 2 hr a way so i might have a better chance of finding me one of my own 24-7  ............

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Journal Entries:
7/19/2011 3:22:19 PM

well all i have talked to or met cant seem to handle me or dont want to no one as even tried to train me there way or break me so i have stoped looking aint worth getting excited and then being let down i cant do it any more  there aint no real Doms/Masters out there caus if there was they should be willing to work with a sub that needs training know the bacsic things but i realy dont set anything in stone caus every Dom/Master aint the same so i always have ben open but dont seem to mater i have a temp Dom that is my protector and such dont have sex with him he has his own s gub but gess thats all i will ever have gess i wasnt one of the forshant ones that got lucky enought to find them self a Dom/Master but dont seem to be in the cards for me but my life story took my pick off and will check back every now and then to check to see if i have mail  dont expit anything  thow nuthing seem to be real out there........... 

7/17/2011 11:11:56 PM

well i cant find  a Dom woth a Dam its my luck not to have one i gess and when i look for one i loose friends so i want both but gess its to much to ask for...........i have no idea what to do ?????????

1/25/2011 6:10:39 PM

well i have found me a trainer mentor and just starting but i can tell right a way he is verry good and will keep me safe while he traines me with all the knowledge he will give me.. and all the corrections i need .to learn what i need.. and as far as i can tell he is great for the job.. hope i can make him happy with me ..



                                           {#}        {#}            {#}

1/7/2009 3:10:06 PM

well realy not much to tell if your wanting to know about me i am a plain jane just waiting for the right Master to get a hold of me and train me there way i know most about the life style and know most of what would be wanted of me but as for finding me a master i need the right one so i can be happy need real rules and real conqunces and one who will stick to his guns and not let me talk my way out of things you know what mean but if you think you can do this then give me a buzz ..i am in as mickeysis_1 is what i am under on yahoo ok then hope to see you

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