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You should know that we can tell if you have bothered to read our profile. We've been trying to find a word that bests describes what we are looking for. The word slave doesn't always ring true for us. There will be times when the world would need to see you as vanilla. Then somebody we know brought up the word "Minion". The Deion is as follows," A faithful or servile follower". We need and want a person the wants to go on advetures with us. One that enjoys many of the same things we do. In order to learn these things you will need to spend the time getting to know us. We can be simply complicated or complicatedly simple. We love quiet evenings in front of a fire with a good book, or going out with friends. We are not into the bar scene. We love to go trail riding. We belong to what can only be describe as a leather family. It's a group of like minded kinky people that get together for dinner, and support each other in vanilla events. We don't sleep with these folks. We are not swingers, nor do we share partners. We tend to be a bit bioparanoid(to many diseases). However we do enjoy a good cuddle with our family on movie nights. We do not have children(our choice). We do have profiles on FL. This is a very real for us. Don't bother talking to us if you are just looking for online. No we don't need to see naked pictures of you. However you have seen us, so it's only fair that you send us a picture or have one in your profile. Trust us when we say you don't have anything we havn't seen before. If we ask you to cam, We don't need to see you naked (exception is for proof of gender).If you are striaght there is no need to bother. For the folks who are out of state, You'd have to let us know when you plan on moving to us at the least visit. We understand that this happens more with what's between your ears, than what's between your legs. We do enjoy control. We can both be described as sensual sadists. We are pimarily looking for slaves that know what service means. We want service first and sex second. We work alot, and are looking for a person to help take up the slack. Somone to make our lives easier, so that we can enjoy life with our minion. While this may sound rather fluffy as profiles go. Don't be fooled we can go much darker than this seems... and we will do it with a very sinster smile on our faces. Things we do want: Loyalty Love We don't want: Doormats Drama Crossdressers Straight Online this list will continue to grow as we think of things.

not here much, leave a message and we'll get back to you 

Wow, so many flakes lately. Here one minute, gone the next
Because we live on a farm... all slaves get a free pony!

We are getting so tire of the children that play on here thinking they are slaves. At best they are pleasure bottoms, only thinking about their own needs.

It's funny how there are more, faster and easier ways to communicate with people now than ever before. But Nobody wants to make any effort to do it.

If your goal is to spend a life together with us. You should have likes & dislikes other than sex listed in your profile. We want to be able to talk to you about other things. A common ground is needed inorder to share a life with someone.

How are you supposed to find what you are looking for,  when people can't even hold a simple conversation. This way of living has a much high requirement of communication than any other in order to be successful.

This is a DRAMA free household.

Rudeness is the weak person's imitation of strength.

We have come to the belief that most of the people on this site have no concept of what is means to be collared.

We want a happy slave.

Why is it that people we've never met or communicated with are always adding us to their admires lists. GO AWAY! I have yet to meet a male slave worthy of serving us.


 We are so tired of people that top from the bottom and claim to be slaves......


"....people who know and follow the path of Master or slavery are CALLED. They believe they were called to follow a different than the one our society prescribes for us. "
slave marsha
Don't ever question our ability as sadists!