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Shall We Dance?

First things first - I am not a pro, on-line Mistress, or a scam artist. I am very much real and have been enjoying this lifestyle for most of My adult life. I do not mind play partners however, I am ultimately seeking a live-in, primary pet. This will take patience and time to achieve, so yes - I will also consider those who live outside of My area, but only if intentions are realistic and genuine.

Hello, I am Lady Krista. Known as Lady Daemonyca to most... My family and friends know of My lifestyle as I do not hide what (or who) I am. I also do not include or flaunt My lifestyle in front of them unwillingly. This does not mean My pets must be as open (privacy is something I feel strongly about and will never infringe upon)

What I do and enjoy is a part of Me (of which there are many) and is not something done only on weekends or stops at the door. Nor do I view 247 as the fantasy world where one is taken from society for the rest of their life to do nothing but serve. I have a life to live and I expect My pets have one as well.

Experience is not a must with Me. The sincere desire and openness in being controlled is. Yes. I do know how to bind the body as well as the mind. My style of Dominance has been cultivated from My real experiences and knowledge in al training and community protocols. I thoroughly enjoy messing with the mind and senses! Especially tempting, teasing with and being playful while still remaining strict. The more you blush or show embarrassment - the more I am engaged. I have found that once the mind is captured... the body will follow.(After all, my pleasure lies in crafting a dance that we will both find enjoyable)

Enough about Me for now. If you have potential in taking part of a well-balanced TPE Ds relationship and are interested, I wish to know more about you. Message Me about yourself in honesty, not with one-liners or fantasy stories. Honesty about yourself and in what you are seeking will help Me to choreograph a personalized tango for us by entrusting Me with the honor of a view into your deepest of desires.

This is your chance to make an impression and separate yourself from the submissive masses on this site. If you cannot comply with this simple task, I will think you are not serious and will not reply.

I will only ask this once more...

Shall we dance?