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Some women, they only Dominate through pain. I think pleasure can be a greater torment. Maitresse Madeline

Control is about power.......not position. Me If you're not 100% single, don't contact me. Also, if you're a Republican and voted for tRump, move on.

The only reason I dont have a face pic on here is because of my job. Im more then willing to share one once weve gotten to know each other better.

Ive never been a writer, for some reason I find it difficult to express myself in writing. Part of the problem is my brain is usually thinking at least 3 sentences ahead of my fingers, so I tend to get a little muddled, or ramble.

So, that being said........

Im a Mother, a BBW, and would love to gain some real life experience in the lifestyle. I identify myself as a BDSM MistressDomme, simply because the definition is more fluid for me. Im a very easy-going type person, too many things have changed in my life suddenly, and sometimes for no reason, for me to get too hung up on changes. As long as I retain final say in all things, and hard limits arent breached, then everything else is negotiable.

Ive been told, more then once, that I rule with my heart. I believe that to be very true. There is nothing forced, or fake about my Dominance, it I prefer to guide along my path with Love, and praise, rather then rule with fear and pain, though, of course, I reserve the right to inflict pain as I see fit.

Im an extremely honest person, even if it does not benefit me, or hurts me, Ill tell the truth. Most people cant handle that. If you dont want the truth, then dont ask me.

Okay, so, finally on to what Im seeking in a boy...... I want someone who is able to fascinate me on an intellectual level, an achiever, successful, and confident. He is not weak, he does not need me to cope with life, he doesnt bend to everybody - but he gifts himself to me and submits to my wishes. He is my most treasured, precious possession, and though I will sometimes hurt him, I would never harm him. Id prefer someone who is bi, or at least curious, but if youre not, its not a deal-breaker. If you dont live in Kansas, then you must be willing to relocate. Anything beyond that, well, we can discuss. And with that all being said......if youre still reading, you must be at least a little bit interested, so message me before you lose your nerve..........

Someone asked me exactly what I'm seeking, I'm posting it here rather then waiting forever for my profile to be approved...


A male unicorn....someone that is a true sex slave......whos be all, end all is pleasing me, and me alone. Someone who doesnt need humiliation for me to control him. Who gets off on the mind fuck of the lifestyle, and doesn't try to top from the bottom. Ive never actually Owned anyone before, so, he has to be willing to explore with me, and allow me to.........experiment on him.....he also must be good in bed, Im no size Queen, but he has to have enough to actually fuck with. He also must be very oral, because while I enjoy sex, oral is definitely the best way to get me off......

I believe women's rights are human rights.  And human rights are constitutional.  Period.  

Most of the people making these decisions about women's bodies have no idea how women's bodies work.  There are Senators who believe women's eggs have shells, that an aspectopic pregnancy can be implanted into the womb and become a baby.  Men who believe women urinate out of their vagina.  These are the men who are making decisions about MY BODY.  And I am NOT okay with that.  If you want to make decisions about my body, at least know how it works. Or hey, how about allowing me to make decisions about my body?  Like how men can make decisions about their own bodies.

Roe v Wade


This has nothing to do with babies. If it was about babies, we'd have free healthcare. If it was about babies, you wouldn't have to pay to give birth. If it was about babies, we'd have months of paid leave. If it was about human babies, we wouldn't force mothers to have to choose to keep their job, or put their baby in daycare AT 6 WEEKS. It's ILLEGAL to take nursing kittens and puppy's from their mothers before 8 weeks. Why don't I have the same rights?

This has NOTHING to do with babies. And EVERYTHING to do with suppressing a Woman's RIGHT to autonomy over her own body.

Okay, I get that fake profiles, fake finDommes, and fake Dommes are annoying. But when I see someone complaining about it over, and over and over on their profiles, it makes me think they are just going to complain about everything. And why should I waste my time with that? I know they're annoying, but just ignore and block them, and put it out of your mind. Focus your need to serve on finding a real Domme. You'll be a much happier person, and it will make you a better sub.
Seriously? What is it with people just disappearing? We talk for a bit, seem to have a connection and then.........nothing. It has happened to me so many times, I'm starting to wonder if it's worth my time and trouble. I'm trying to keep positive about it, and chalk it up as a learning experience, but, how much can I learn when they just disappear? If they would just have the decency to say hey, I don't think this is gonna work because of ________. Then I could take something from that. I'm not unreasonable, I know life happens, and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.....I won't get pissed off, or angry, or go off on someone. I might be hurt a bit, but, it would hurt a lot less if they would just SAY SOMETHING.......anything. Just be a decent person, and let someone know that you've lost interest. Then they won't waste time sending messages that don't get read, or replied to.
Blank profiles...... I don't like blank profiles. It makes me think you're trying to hide something, or that you just don't care. I took the time to come up with a well-written profile, and I'm NOT a writer. You have no idea how long it took me to write it, how many times I rewrote it, or how, even now, I read it and see a mistake I made, and have to fix it. You don't have to write a book......just think of 5 or 6 questions you would ask a stranger if you met them, and answer them for yourself. Then think of a few things you're seeking in a partner, mention them, and maybe say why that's what you're seeking. I believe that a profile should change and be updated, life happens!! Things change, people grow and change. Make sure your profile reflects that......
My thoughts......... Why do so many view submissive men as "less than a man"?? When a Woman submits, She's not viewed as "less than a Woman". I sometimes search for quotes about/from submissive men, and 75 to 90% of the time they are either degrading, or the quote isn't even about submissive men. I think that men who submit are wonderful, handsome, sexy creatures that should be revered, celebrated, have days dedicated to them, ect. But then again, as a Domme I'm a fairly rare creature Myself. I wonder what the statistics are on Domms vs. sub/slave men and Doms vs. sub/slave Women. I don't know...........I spend waaaaaay to many late nights thinking about stuff.
I've been working on Myself for awhile now. Trying to improve My life, and Myself. I'm finally headed where I believe I'm supposed to go. The thing that suprises Me the most is I feel lonely. Which is weird, because, usually when I'm single, while I want someone in My life, I'm not really lonely. I'm comfortable with it being just Me and My son, I don't NEED a guy in My life. I WANT a guy in My life. This ache of loneliness goes deeper then it ever has before........and I'm not sure what to do with it. I don't want it to turn into depression, (which considering I've delt with major depression before, and still do every day, could very well happen.) I'm concerned that it will. I've looked into Munches, but, they're about 45 mins to an hour from where I live, and I'm not okay leaving My son alone for the amount of time it'd take to make that trip. And I live in a pretty rural area, so, I don't think there's much of a scene here. Plus, I'm a Domme.............submissive men are kinda hard to find in the first place. So, while My life is pretty good, I'm feeling sort of stuck. I don't understand it. I shouldn't be feeling this way. But, I do............le sigh, ?and I'm not sure what to do about it.
So, I've always been a firm believer that, even if I didn't realize it, I am naturally Dominant. I was watching?The Princess Bride?for probably the millionth time, and as always when Westley (Cary Elwes) says "As you wish............" I shivered. I started thinking about it, and I realized that line has always made Me shiver.......even as a girl, when I was being taught that a Woman should defer to a man (which always felt wrong, and I spent many fruitless years trying to deny what felt natural to Me, and do as My parents taught Me). Could I have known, even back then, that I would want a man to submit to Me?? How could I have understood what that line really meant back then?? I survived a lot of physical, mental, and emotional abuse as a child, when I became an adult, and married My ex-husband, that expanded to include sexual abuse. As Domme, that is something I find hard, and am a bit ashamed, to admit. But I lived through all that, and came out on the other side a MUCH stronger Woman. I've had a bit of an internal debate in regards to My Dominance, whether it is simply natural, or if I chose to be this way because of My past. The more I think about it, the more I believe it's natural. Although, I admit, and accept that My past has influenced My Dominate nature. And probably made Me crave it more, and deeper, then I'd like to admit................