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I am taking a pause from responding
as I'm stuck in bed - feeling very flat
with a nasty virus (pout pout)
i will return soon
24 Oct 2009

I am seeking a dominant who has strong desires around the following

 ... as a foundation for their own ambitions in the pursuit of profound impassioned experiences together

Corsets & Tight Lacing
Corsets and waist training have always held a unique power & attraction for me.
Real tight lacing 24/7 to achieve an extreme profound corseted form and state.

Ultra high heels
I exalt in my expression & pleasing my SO. Notions of presentation & state seem natural to me - aesthetics, form and function can be a potent powerful mix.
Ultra / extreme high heels, ballet boots,
foot training, possibly even a permanent high-heeled state.

Other passions ....
Objectification & Body Modification
I'm happy to explore areas of Body Mod should they be your passion.
I have impulses around tattoo, nipple-elongation piercing - even some surgeries
and I'm a blank canvas for you.
I'm a moth to this flame - a little fear but knowing

Fetishwear, Rubber, Leather, Steel
stockings, gloves et al

I delight in aesthetics in all types of ways
Its a form and function thing. I'm not a narcissist,
I don't need a mirror - unless you want one.
Dressing the body can be diabolical with some imagination. The notion of evolving a state that subjugates and entraps in beautiful ways .. yum

Strict collars
Posture high heavy metal rubber leather
controlling breath, movement, always aware

Hoods, Helmets & Head-boxes
Sensory Deprivation Head Trips
Psychological Play
Chastity Belts (and attachments)

Bondage and restraint
So many delights ... purrr
So much passion ... purrrr
I melt in strict arm binders (elbows touch!)
Mitts, tape, balletboots ballet shoes, rope, leather and .. purrrr

Restraint in Metal Steel Iron Wood
Heavy chains, light chains, cable
Shackles Cuffs Collars Cages Branks
Scolds-Bridles Boxes Stocks
Cravats Yokes ... oh my
I love the absolute nature of these materials The sound of a lock "click" - like a switch - something deep is touched - awoken - purrr purrr

Highly desired but have yet to really experienced it boo hoo hoo ..
Rubber enclosure, restraint, breath control,
Doll - Dollification, enclosure, entrapment, captive

More of a thud person (endorphin?) and yet I have at times been taken much higher by wise caring controlling hands hence the next one ..
Single Tails
When in the right head space ... so much is possible

I have had experiences in many of these areas. I am knowing, aware, new but not a newbie. I these things to be very compelling.

I have considered my life state carefully
and my sincere desire is to enter a 24/7 relationship such that these and other activities can be pursued in a committed systematic manner.
To pursue and manifest passions.
To share experience, bliss, fulfillment.
I am not a do-me. I am aware. I am passionate about these things. The touch me deep and ignite something. What sadness to live a life unfulfilled.

I am genuine and sincere


Sincere people only please

I appreciate the attention
I will try to respond to each and every one in time

Please - no one line messages
they just clog up the mail for the
serious & genuine


10/17/2009 7:46:45 PM

I did post a vintage photo of Cora
a German Icon who was clearly passionate
about tightlacing & restraint.
I can dream can't I?

It had to be taken down. Sorry ..

10/17/2009 7:20:42 PM
((( Identity Abuse )))
Oh my - Oh my

 I was alerted that someone might be
using my image

Eh Gads Miss Holmes!
 The upsetting thing is that they said quote
"We know that some of your photos are not you!"
Well I never !
(I can tell you my little puss started a growling)


What did I do?
I went to the mirror and checked - yep still me
oh dear another wrinkle ... mumble grumble
I opened my Vanity Box
watermarked the originals & uploading them
fools - I have so many more
not to mention that little mark right .. uhm .. THERE

Then - I sent a message
asking the claimants for helpful information please

9/30/2009 1:44:39 AM

To ALL who have sent me a message
(or are thinking about it)

So many messages...
I am grateful for each & every message I receive.
I would sincerely like to respond to every single one

((((Its IMPOSSIBLE))))

Please be patient - you will hear from me

(that hurt Sir)
Thank You Sir

by order of necessity

Those I am already sharing exchange with

Messages with clarity & content
that establish complimentary passions


Short, non engaging messages that simply don't establish a genuine intent

Writers so immersed in their skepticism about CollarMe that they start with judgments about me
before they even know me ...
most unfortunate ...
for them and me

Anyone who expects that I will
move into my new cage
accept that welded collar (difficult one to resist though)
accept their brand (another difficult one to resist)
extract myself from my current life (I do have one)

Yeh .. I get off on your stuff .. no problem .. like .. yeh .. so will ya! NO? You're just a fake then. I'm gonna tell.
IGNORED! Chat requests
when I am probably online writing a
worthwhile response to someone worthwhile

Real - get it!   Cyber simply doesn't satisfy
How can I feel your strong hands pressing my waist & as for your cock in my mouth - nothing like the original
One-line Messages
when I am online writing a
worthwhile response to someone worthwhile

No-match People
Like I thought because you liked serious 24/7 corset tight lacing & heavy iron chains welded onto you elongated nipples & pierced labia that .. well .. you might like
Sesame Street .. as a TURN-ON


I feel so mean having said all this
I'm not a do-me problem thing

its those horrible Flakes and Fakes

Sorry Sir
Yes Sir

Sir.. I know its supposed to hurt but ...
 Yes Sir.. Thank you Sir


9/25/2009 1:15:18 AM

I asked my PUSSY

Whats the best thing to do after you've
((( Orgasmed )))

Have another one of course she purrrrrrred

But then - why stop at one?
Why not just keep having one?
Like one of those floaters?

Not a bad idea

Oh oh
Here comes Master with my chastity belt ...

Tink Blink
((( Click )))
Thank you Kind Sir 

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 Age: 19
 New York, New York