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Hetero Female Submissive, 20,  Los Angeles, California
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krystalkiss94 - submissive

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Last Online:


 Submissive Female

 Los Angeles 


 5' 3"

 150 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Friends Only

** Before messaging me PLEASE read my profile in entirety including my journal(s) at the bottom of the page. **

I guess since weve all moved on to CollarSpace, its time for a new profile. This time Ill try to be a bit more comprehensive and Ill do it in a at in which I answer significant questions Im normally asked. I know its a bit long, but Ive underlined bolded the important parts for a quick read. Please pay special attention to the criteria Ive listed near the end, thank you.

Tell me about yourself.

Well, to start off, my names Krystal.Yes, its my actual name.Yes, I know its a strippers name. Im an older woman trapped in a 20 year olds body. Im actually a Vancouver, B.C. native (Canada represent!) but Ive been living down here in California for the past two years, primarily for school. Since most people seem to ALWAYS ask the question what do you do for fun?, Ive decided to answer it nothing in particular. Id say Im quite odd in the fact that I dont have any real, actual hobbies. Weird isnt it? I normally spend my days lounging about my apartment, enveloping myself in movies or television shows. So, yes. Im quite boring. Personally, I think of myself as borderline anti-social. I do have friends (not many of them) but Id rather, normally, enjoy time to myself at home. I do not partake in drugs, alcohol, or any other substances. Ive been raised Catholic and I do believe in some sort of higher entity, but at this point time Id rather not be associated with any religion.

What do you look like?

This is always the hardest question for me to answer (without showing an image of myself, of course). Physiologically, Im 53 on a good day, about 165lbs give or take, olive skin-tone, and I have dark brown hair eyes. Obviously, millions of other girls fall under that same umbrella so Ill try to add a bit more. Im mixed my father is half Spanish Italian, while my mother is East-Indian. Id say Im mixed in pretty well, though most people seem to think Im Persian, Armenian, or Middle-Eastern. Id say a striking feature that I have (and you wont see on here, because I refuse to post images of my face on a compromising site) are my big eyes. Theyre big. Like it takes me a lot of energy to keep them open throughout the day. Joking... Anyways, other than that Id say Im quite curvy. Zaftig or rubenesque would describe me well, I believe. I have almost no piercings (ears, navel) and absolutely no tattoos, though Im open to body art. I know a typed deopm is subjective, but Id say that thoroughly describes me.

What draws you to BDSM? Ah. The burning question. To be honest, Im not entirely sure what brings me to the dark side. I dont have much experience in regards to BDSM so I cant really say much. However, the idea of being used and pleasing a man is absolutely appealing. Id say Im quite open-minded and would be thrilled to try different facets of a Ds relationship. Another important tidbit is the fact thatI dont believe in love. Sure, Id be fine with a relationship but I dont really care for affection or tenderness. I know there are a lot of men who will message me with their Daddydaughter vision due to my age (which I am completely fine with), but I dont want to be called baby or love. *shudders* And on the contrary, I also dont want absolutely misogynistic men cursing at me for no apparent reason. Like really, come on...

Who do you seek?

On here, at least for now, Im just looking for friends. Below, I have a criterium highlighting traits for those I would be interested in respond to. Please dont be offended by it. We all have our own preferences and its nothing personal. So... you must be

- A dominant, Caucasian or African-American man. (No women, no transgenders)

- Over the age of 35.

- Reside in the United States or Canada.

- Must be eloquent, intelligent, and mature.

In regards to messages

- No one-liners or elaborate stories scenarios.

- No picture messages.

- No chat-requests.

- If I reply, Im interested. If I dont, move on.

Well, thats about it. My preferred method of chatting would be Yahoo or Skype.

Thank you for reading. )

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Journal Entries:
9/13/2014 3:03:49 PM
Hello CollarSpace,

I've never logged in a journal entry before but since I had my first real-life encounter through this site, I thought it'd be a good starting point. I'd like to point out that at the moment I'm enjoying my summer vacation, classes start up again the first week of October. So, after my spring quarter ended, I moved back up to Vancouver B.C., where I'm originally from. I've been making the most of my long break -- watching netflix, eating, watching more netflix, & eating more! Anyways, let's skip ahead to the good part! I've been in contact with a few users on here who have caught my eye... In particular two, I'll spare them their usernames & use their real names, Mark & Scott (Hi guys! :D). I've been getting to know them both for an extended period of time, online, & I felt ready to finally meet them in real-life, just a short little meet & greet. Again, if you read my profile, I'm just looking for friendships right now... & learning more about the ins & outs of BDSM. Anyways, I'm starting to get off-topic! I was supposed to meet them separately around the time when I returned for school, around October... but two hours after discussing with them about meeting, my mother randomly has a business meeting this weekend down in L.A. & asked me to tag along, how crazy is that? So, long story short I left from B.C. and arrived in L.A., Friday at 3AM. 

Since I'm not going to be in L.A. much longer (at the time I'm writing this it's Saturday, 1:30PM and I'm leaving back tomorrow), we just decided to meet yesterday and the main, I guess kind of odd catch was, we met together! Two dominant, single men & me! So, here was our itinerary -- 10:30AM, we met at a local Starbucks & carpooled. 11:30AM - 1:30PM, Getty Villa! 1:30PM - 3:30PM, Malibu Beach! 3:30PM - 5:00PM, Drive back. I'll split each part into a different paragraph :), but first let me give you a brief synopsis of each of Mark & Scott (with their permission of course, haha).

Mark -- He's a 42 year old, Dominant, single man intrigued by bondage, public play, forced encounters, humiliation & degradation. After our encounter, I can say he's incredibly outgoing & knows what he wants, knows to be in charge. It was an interesting experience getting to know him & learning more about the aspects of BDSM he found enjoyable.

Scott -- Also a 42 year old, Dominant, single man but he is moreso intrigued by bondage & exhibition/voyeurism. Scott actually brought his professional camera to take model-esque photos of me while we hung out, which I inherently denied (I didn't want pictures of myself at someone elses discretion) but I allowed him to borrow my iPod Touch to take pictures which he happily took. Scott is a bit more introverted, like myself! We did connect a lot, but he also enjoyed being a third-wheel of sorts... & took a lot of candid pictures of me, kind of like a "fly-on-the-wall." Nevertheless, it was interesting seeing two contrasting styles of Dominant men!

Starbucks Meet -- So, beforehand they had already taken care of the tickets and such, we decided on meeting at a public place, just in case... to keep things safe? I'm not sure, it just sounded like a good idea! I didn't enter the Starbucks, but I sat in the rental car making sure I didn't have any weird, makeup-induced blemishes or marks. I was wearing a shortish black dress & a purple cardigan with flip flops. Underneath, because it's necessary to point out, I was wearing a black bra & a black thong. For reference, my latest picture I uploaded to my profile. It was a beautiful day, weather-wise! Anyways, I received a message from them in our group Yahoo IM saying that they were already there and had met! I got out of my car & nervously walked up to them both, in the parking lot and introduced myself. They were both casual, wearing button up short-sleeved shirts, shorts, & sandals. After our initial introductions, it wasn't so bad! I felt like they portrayed themselves as they did online, so it wasn't a shock or anything. At this point Scott asked me if he could take pictures of me throughout the day with his camera, which I denied (see previous paragraph) & we came to other terms. We all hopped in Mark's car & headed to the Villa! They both sat in the front seat while I was interrogated (kidding) in the back.

Getty Villa -- Luckily there was no traffic on the way there, so it was quite a short journey getting to the Villa. I've never been to Malibu before & driving down the PCH was beautiful! Our car ride wasn't as awkward as I had imagined... We talked about common points, a tad bit about BDSM, shared laughs... It was definitely enjoyable, I felt comfortable!  We parked up in the parking structure & got out and discussed a few rules/points/things we needed to discuss before we started our day. Firstly, I gave Scott the green-light to take pics of me with my iTouch, I would share it with him later on Flickr/Photobucket if I was comfortable with it, which he happily obliged to. They both mentioned that, yes they want to make this day about getting to know one another (ice breaker they called it) but also to discuss, open the mind to BDSM. Mark asked me if I was opposed to obeying them both for our duration... I had to think about it... This was my first time giving myself up to someone, but it's TWO guys! We came to an agreement as long as it's nothing too out of line, I'd listen. That put a smile on their face, haha! So our walk through the Villa was a tad bit odd. It was mostly Mark & I together, walking while Scott was a few feet behind us snapping pictures. Of course, he did join in and talk a lot, but it kinda made him seem like a third wheel, which he admitted to being fine with. As we made our way to the second elevator, there was no one around... Mark grabbed me & pulled my hair back! I was shocked... as the elevator doors opened, he threw me into the desolate elevator with a smirk. We all had a little laugh with it... But I definitely did feel aroused. I'll keep the details of the Villa short, save for a few things: Firstly were random moments throughout our tour Mark or Scott would grope or spank my ass or hips, it was kinda cool knowing two guys were enjoying my company. Secondly, when I went to the restroom, about halfway through our tour, Mark told me to take off my thong & put it in the bag. It about 5 minutes of me complaining before I finally ceded... I felt that my dress was too short to be underwearless. Lastly, on our way back to the parking structure in the elevator, we were alone again & Mark pulled up the back of my dress and smacked my bare ass incredibly hard... Scott immediately after groped it tightly before I pulled my dress back down. They had a laugh as I pouted, but I was enjoying it. 

Malibu Beach -- After we had our lunch at the Villa, we decided to head to the beach right across the street! I was still told I had to be pantyless and on the ride there I was instructed to leave my legs open while seated... Giving them their first sight at my pussy... I was definitely embarrassed and didn't want to do it, but I caved in. They were prepared for the beach! They had a cooler full of alcohol & beverages and a blanket so we can relax on the beach! Nothing really happened on the beach. We just talked, laid there, enjoyed the ocean breeze. I was told to lay down on my back with my knees up though... I'm entirely sure a surfer or two saw my genitals, but I honestly didn't even care at that point. Nothing really notable happened... We kissed! I made out with both of them (call me a slut if you want -_-) & it was definitely arousing. I was surprised they were both up for it. After our little rendezvous at the beach, we went back up to the car, ready to head back where we met up. Mark had parked in a desolate corner of the lot, no one was around... Before I had gotten in the car, he had pinned me against it and groped my breast with one hand & ass with the other while whispering, dirty, degrading things. That was my final straw, I was incredibly aroused and soaking from that little encounter. 

** Taking a lunch break! **

The Drive Back -- We took the long way back... I told Mark & Scott how aroused & wet I was which then they told me to wait inside the car while they discussed some things. I sat in the back seat, still no underwear, still wet & aroused wondering what they wanted to do next. To my surprise Scott plopped in the driver's seat & Mark sat next to me in the back -- their plan was to enjoy the ride back in parts, with Mark with me in the back first! Prior to our meetup we discussed that today was going to have ZERO sexual activity... Well, that didn't turn out as imagined haha! Anyways, the car ride back was 1.5 hours, they each sat in the back with me 15 minutes at a time (we were casually just driving down the PCH) and for the last hour, to get back to our cars, I sat in the backseat alone. So, the first 15 minutes with Mark -- I was wet from the parking lot encounter, and he knew it! He placed a tight grip around my neck while we made out & his other hand was down south, caressing my clitoris. He continued rubbing vigorously & then took off my cardigan & pulled out my breasts from my top & sucked on my nipples -- I think I came within 7 or 8 minutes & spent the rest of the time kissing him. It was euphoric, definitely. (Thank you, Mark) The next 15 minutes with Scott, I was understandably spent & he knew it. He had a different approach though... With my breasts still out from my time with Mark, he hiked up my dress, sat me on his lap & spanked, slapped, groped, and twisted my breasts (nipples), pussy, and ass. He really enjoyed bending me over his knees and spanking my ass, while holding my head down... I definitely enjoyed the brutality of it. (Thank you Scott) For the last hour of the trip, I was definitely spent. I placed my dress back in position, put my cardigan back on, & was allowed to put my thong on again. I sat in the back alone & we talked about how I felt, if I liked it, & future plans, etc. We got back to our cars & sadly had to make our way back to life. The traffic going back to my hotel was insane :(.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed my first encounter through CollarSpace, I definitely didn't expect it to go so well. Thank you Mark & Scott for making it a great experience, giving me some insight on BDSM & hopefully we will have more to come!

& thank you for reading, CollarSpacers :)

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