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Recently I recovered control of this account and Im updating the content and double checking the spelling. Please believe me, I want to make a good impression from the very moment you read this is important to me.

Im seeking other gurls to explore kinks and fetishes .. Im dominate with gurls but switch with women .. Im also open to other options of service including CFnm and public displays of ownership including collar and leash, foot service, personal attention, domestic, and outdoor chores.

Im seeking real life Tgurls and women who love glitter, big hair, and fluffy stuff mixed with kinky things..

Im definately seeking TGurls slaves and subs who wish to serve a sexy leggy Mistress and getting used for my pleasure, which is basically you in bondage and forcing orgasms. I do enjoy providing erotic torment, sample collection, and cavity control. I am seeking my serious sissy maids for the domestic front. If you complete assigned tasks, then I will reward you with some bondage and gratification training.

Im very open to female gendered bodies and am proud to say im recommended by my last 2 Mistresses for exceptional service in multiple disciplines. They didnt work out for various rrasons but Ive learned alot primarily Im wired to serve a woman so here I am.

I will meet you in public if you prefer because you will need to be on a collar and chain while serving me at My place. Its a preference and privilege earned.

Recently, Ive discovered a sweater fetish that Im looking to feed. Please contact me for RT hookups.

Im reminding you that Im into forced orgasms and bondage. Im looking for a toy to tie up and squeeze like a succulent fruit. Sissy very welcome to apply. You do have a uni right?

thanks to "Y" for your note! always a treat to get one !

and the gurls who send emails ... its nice to see that there are some real people here ...

have fun and play safe ...

OK< to update ... Im open to meet other sissies and other Domme women.

What I dont want is anyone who doesnt have at least one picture on their profile. A picture of anything. If you have no picture and want to chat on yahoo, cm or any other chat venue, send me an email i dont do chat.

oh, and for you jerks using yahoo accts to solicit funds, well do i really need to tell you to fckurself?



WOW what a weekend !! I got mugged, I got redeemed [again], and I went on a long ass bike ride ...

for those of You who thought i was a fool ... well you was wrong and you missed your chance to own a truly AWESOME sissy-boi !! LOL !! HA! Your loss is someone's gain.

Good luck on your searching !!


I feel good!! My words where heard and thanks so much for the words of encouragement too.

A fresh approach works wonders.

The number of subs, slaves, and sissies both online and in the real world is suprisingly higher than i thought ... which is fine because it answers alot of my earlier questions and concerns.

SO if any other sissies are reading this, the only thing i can say is to just be patient and non-judgemental. Apparently, the probability of actually meeting and serving a Mistress off of this site or any other site or even by attending real live events is much higher than i ever thought possible.

FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS IS VITAL and like any Mistress who has ever walked the planet will attest, its the core to any any any any any any ANY serious sissy, sub or slave. For the life of me i will never understand how some dont get that and think its about getting their willie out.

Peace and Blessings to All

Im convinced that there really is something wrong with me and not sure what.

There are at least two Dominate Women on this site whom Ive 'turned out' BUT i never hear from them so that leads me to believe that either:

A: There is some glaring personality defect that drives people away and that I am unaware of
B: Clients rather than real relationships are being sought by the majority of Dommes on this site. [if you have an issue with that, then why are SO MANY  Dommes looking for a wimp to finance their lifestyle?? Hmm??]

Even my last Domme found other people to punish - even after i kept the damn house clean, laundry clean, and all that. Sure theres soemthing to be said about HER CHOICES to PLEASE HER, but come on some other fool gets to be flogged ?? and they didnt even clean the toilet or scrub your tub or clean that kitchen? how many times did i clean out the fridge?

If you have any insights or thoughts on this subject you would like to share, please feel free to send me a email. Maybe Your insights will lead me to a healthier and more desireable me.

SO having said that, I feel better.

ok, im back and im feeling much better.

im really looking to make a radical change and be the person i am. its a whole new me.

so if You know me, please PLEASE drop a note and say hi..... im looking to find a more suitable location as well as a mutual partnership.

the freaks off of this site ... well, you got me. you won. are we done now?

thank You.

All is good. :)
there was a lot going on...and it all boiled down to ME not taking care of ME.
i realized that i entered into this without expressing my need to be controlled .... im seeking a Woman who can take me AND keep how do you do that? well, lets find out. its not really what I WANT anyway, its WHAT YOU WANT and as a proper sissy, im truly open to whatever YOU  WANT and ill leave it at that.
Hi all...

ok, he wont leave me alone....he keeps viewing my profile....and frankly it feels like stalking. what does he have to gain?? an erection?? gawd, another pig.

what should i do?? report him to the webmaster??

look dude, I KNOW you view the profile EVEN AFTER IVE POLITELY ASKED YOU TO LEAVE ME ALONE. why cant you just resist temptation??

oh, yeah, hes too lazy to release the CAPS LOCK button. dont you find it annoying when people yell thru the while email??

i was almost abducted twice as a child. this guy mocked me when i told him in a email thats ONE reason why im not comfortable with strangers.

he proves why EVERYONE needs to be carefull when meeting anyone off line.

I wish there was a way could screen people like this sure hes not the only predator on here but im not going to find out.

Good luck to all. im thankfull for the sane friends ive met off of this site.

See you in the Real World, Angel
i want to start out by apologizing to ANY Woman on this site for being born in a male body. GAWD they suck.

ok, so for MY OWN PERSONAL REASONS, i turned off my profile. np, right? people do that.

well, this nutjob decides to reply AFTER i asked him to stop or i would consider it harassment.

so Ladies, guess what he did?? Yes. He. Did.

and so now, in an effort to show this f-wad that the world does NOT revolve around his little request for pics, ive decided to un-hide my profile so the journal can be read.

my pics are off cause he also made me rethink what im doing here anyway.

this guy came outa nowhere, but hes like the third one to give me grief cause i wont send pics. hes definately the worst of the lot.

i suppose i could be a narc and report him. or be a bitch and post his profile name.

well, nuf from me on this.

dude, if you bother me again, its now posted publicly:
Ive run into one true online jerk here at for now, i will give him the chance to leave me alone. BUT for anyone else... watchout for this guy!

our initial contact was fine...he seemed like a perfect candidate for some fun playtime. but he spent WEEKS and several emails trying to get a picture to stick to an email. finally, after WEEKS of this stupidity, he sends me a picture of what looks like an autoshop teacher. complete with coveralls standing on the fender of a brokedown truck...AND he cant understand why i dotn want to mess around with anyone who cant figure out how to send a picture in an email!! i mean how neanderthal is that anyway?

after a couple of foul letters from him calling me all kinds of names cause i wont play iwth him, i decided to share my stories with others. If your truly interested in who it is, email me and ill share his profile name.

if HE is reading this, then as you can see, im keeping your name out of the public postings. and its probly NOT YOU, its someone else. ;;)