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Hetero Female Submissive, 44,  Inland Empire, California
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 Submissive Female

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I have someone I play with so if u are asking TO PLAY OR MEET... TALK TO HIM! We are looking for friends and other couples who enjoy the kink as much as we do. Tcgmark is the one who introduced me to this lifestyle. I like the reg relationship in normal life and love the kink in the bedroom. I know this is what I want and and eagerly await his arrival everyweekend... the best of both worlds/lifestyle and my lover provides both.  P.S. - Do NOT ask to chat, skype, IM or whatever. It will NEVER happen. I only converse with kinksters via messaging on this site. I've already found someone that I always look forward to playing with. Anything else would have to be beneficial and enticing for the both of us. So... i'll let you decide for yourself if u wish to message me along with an actual picture instead of some generic photo and saying.. 8-)

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Journal Entries:
6/25/2017 9:01:34 AM
Sooo... got a new piercing. a triangle! it hurt like hell but I can already tell its going to make me com hella quicker than I used to.
My bf told me I practically jumped off the table, loll.
Have to use a condom for the next 8 weeks which is a bummer. he and I stopped using them years ago. 
I already know I will cum really quick. he's looking forward to trying to make me squirt, which I've only done a few times so far... don't know how I feel about that yet.

Anyhow... he and I are deaf both enjoying it. can't wait for the 8 weeks to be up...

6/6/2017 11:07:20 PM
Sooo... bf went to Las Vegas without me for 3 days. hope he has fun... 8-)

1/27/2017 2:31:41 PM

A story on spanking, something to get your interest.

 We meet at the hotel, you are ready to explore , on the bed, you see  leather cuffs, nylons, a crop, a hair brush, and some new vibrators, you have asked to be spanked, and you know your safe word is Red.
Once we get settled in, I tell you to strip, I can see in your eyes and with your smile, that you might be a bit horny, which is a good thing, you even tease me a bit and say, oh are you going to spank me?  I answer, "Yes, Ma'am, as a matter of fact I am going to spank you." 
You are wearing a nice dress with some cleavage, and it comes off in short order, and your underwear followed it. You stand in front of me naked, and I admire your body: soft round ass and squeezable titties. I pinch, bite and suck hard on your erect nipples and relish in your squeaks and moans.

 I look into your eyes as I strap the leather cuffs on your wrists, then I make you sit while I attached the matching pair to your ankles.  I then tell you to get on the bed and lay face down with your ass across those pillows (easier for you to have your ass in the air with). You playfully walk to the bed, and I say "get on the bed now!"
You say "Yes sir," feigning meekness. You love being dominated. You lay down with your hips over the pillows and you wiggle your butt suggestively at me. I tell you to "Spread your arms and legs,". You comply immediately. I pull up the nylons from each of the four corners of the bed and quickly tie them to your wrist and ankle cuffs. You are spread eagle and high-centered with your ass sticking up in the air and your head conveniently hanging right at the edge of the bed.  You can see that you can move (nylons stretch), so there is a degree of safety always. I walk behind you and rub your bare buttocks with my hands. I know you are expecting me to spank you with my bare hand. Your pussy is already wet. I give it a single stroke with finger and you gasp excitedly. I think you've been a bad girl this week,".  "Anyway, as I was saying—please listen up because I'm only going to explain this once. You need your butt busted. But here's the thing. You're getting a real spanking tonight, not the kind where I stop as soon as you say "ow" too loud. Not ten whacks and then we fuck in the position of your choice. "You need your ass spanked until it is red and glowing and you can't sit down for a week. You need your ass spanked until you have learned to get your emotions under control and reel in that bitchy behavior. Do you understand?" You are silent, likely still processing the full implications of what I've said.

I spank your bottom and it hurts a bit.  "I said, do you understand?" you say Yes Sir, in your muffled-yet-obedient reply. "That's better. Now, after I spank you, I'm going to fuck you however I want. I'm thinking about either face-fucking you, or reaming your ass. Or maybe both." You moan.

So far, it was all just a story that I have told you, and it is turning you on. Shiny pussy juices were streaming out of your exposed pussy and it's going to be all about my pleasure, not yours baby. If you happen to get off, great for you, but I'm not catering to your whims. But on to the task at hand, it's time for your spanking now. Feel free to yell and scream and call me whatever names you want." Remember your safe word is RED.

I start off with some easy whacks, alternating buttocks. I want to warm you up for the main event slowly. I give you a few seconds to recover from each, but not quite enough to stop the pain from slowly building up. After five minutes or so you are yelping with each whack, and I pause. I see the tension in your body relax. I know you are hoping it is over.
"Good girl," I tell you. "You made it through your warm-up. Now you're ready for a bit more." I proceed to spank each side for a while, and it slowly starts to burn, and turn deep red, and your pussy is dripping, as I put my finger into your pussy every so often.

I then stop, and I ask you if you would like me to do something else?
Eager to get some relief from your ongoing sexual frustration, you say Yes Sir, Please.
"Remember, sweetie, tonight is all about me, not you. You're submitting, and I'm doing whatever the fuck I want to you. You suddenly feel a small vibrator on your pussy, and you cum immediately, I ask you, did you ask to cum young lady, you whimper, no Sir, and you feel another spanking on your ass, but this time it is from the hair brush, and it hurts, and you yell and I stop, and I caress your butt, I pull your hair and say "good girl", are you ready to go on?  You see my cock is hard, you smile and say Yes Sir...

3/22/2016 11:44:27 AM
First Encounters (Part 1)

We are meeting Alexa for this first time tonight. We’ve been talking online for a few months now and I’ve finally decided that it’s time we all meet. I’ve decided it would be cool to meet at my local sushi joint and the three of us can have lunch. Hopefully, we wont be lacking for conversation. 

The three of us head back to my place with a few leftovers which is always awesome! I went into the kitchen and started to unwrap our leftovers in order to put them in the fridge. All of a sudden I feel 2 hands starting to caress my body. I can instantly tell that they are not Max's. Alexa starts at my ass, then moves up my back, moving to my stomach and tits where she spends quite a bit of time. Alexa seems to enjoy squeezing my tits then moving on to my nipples. She squeezes and pulls them and can actually get me to let a few moans. Max is sitting on the couch and I can tell he’s already rock hard 

I walk over and sit on the ottoman in front of the couch. I’ve already set out a few toys. (Just in case we all did end up playing and the chemistry was there). Alexa follows me over and kneels down in front of me.  Max hands alexa a gag and instructs her to put it on me. He then grabs my wrists trapping them behind my back and puts the cuffs on. Alexa starts to kiss me and I kiss her back, which makes me super wet in the process. She moves from my mouth, down to my neck and then my tits. Wow! She really knows how to get a girl aroused. LOL. She pushes me and I end up falling backwards onto the couch. Now I’m half on the ottoman and half on the couch. Max is now sitting next to my head. Lucky for me he had Alexa put in the pump gag instead of the ring. Thank goodness for small favors, lol. 

Alexa starts to play with my tits, slowly moving down my stomach until she reaches my pussy, which is a sloppy wet mess. I’m really surprised that my body doesn’t realize that this is a girl doing these things to me and not a guy. Alexa starts to lick and suck my pussy. My body has no problem responding to her tongue and makes Max rock hard! Bonus!!!  

Alexa puts on a double dildo strap-on, which is supposed to give us both pleasure. I definitely don’t need any extra lube since I am sopping wet right now. She inserts the dildo and I let out a small moan. This is going to be so much fun! Alexa starts to fuck me as Max gropes my tits and pinches my nipples. Alexa and I both start to moan. Every time she thrusts into me her dildo thrusts into her. so awesome! Max attaches my nipple clamps to my collar so every time I start to arch my back it pulls on my nipples. He is so evil... hehehehe
Max gets behind Alexa and slowly puts his cock in her ass. i hope Alexa thinks this is as hot as i do! Max is fucking Alexa's ass while the double strap-on fucks her pussy as she fucks mine! She gropes and bites my tits while Max fucks her ass and spanks her with the crop. I can't believe what a hot mess I am right now.

7/9/2013 1:36:59 AM

He's Back From Vacation

He's just getting back from vacation and is ready to get back in the swing of things. He finally gets back to his apartment and is ready to unpack. He opens the door, and to his surprise, there I am.  He didn’t think I would, but there I was, laying naked on his bed, gag in, handcuffs already around my ankles and wrists. He loves the contrasts of the handcuffs against my skin. I’m sure he’s wondering how long I’ve been waiting for him like this; handcuffed, gagged,  simmering in my juices, but he knows it hasn’t been that long. He tells me how sexy I look. How he loves having his sexy little toy all tied up and waiting for him. He teases me by pinching my pierced nipples.  I try to pull away unsuccessfully. He puts his hand between my legs and asks “Are you wet for me?” I nod and say “mmmm hmmmm” through my gag as he feels how wet. I am so ready for him to fuck me. I have thought about the things I want him to do to me. He knows I like him to be a little rough and smiles as he squeezes and slaps my ass. My already wet pussy is definitely super sloppy now. I like to think he’s caught between indulging his tendencies and keeping it at the level we usually play. Either way I’m frustrated with anticipation. Perhaps one day he’ll tell me about those “tendencies” and we can try some. For now he is keeping them to himself.

He’s moves away from me and says, “I know what you need.”  He goes over to one of his boxes that hold’s the toys and grabs some wooden clothes pins. He returns and rubs my nipples to make sure they are hard. I get so turned on when he does that. He does too. His cock is almost exploding from his pants! How much longer is he going to make me wait? I hate waiting!!! I already know it isn’t going to take much to put me over the edge. He puts the clothespins on my nipples and I moan through my gag.  He tells me how sexy I look and shows me the bulge in his pants.  He say’s “see what you do to me?”  and then he just leaves me there and begins to unpack. Aagh! I’d scream if I didn’t have a gag in my mouth.  He tries to take his time, but I think he’s just as turned on as me. 8- ) having his slutty toy handcuffed  and naked on his bed.  

My waiting finally ends as he comes over to the bed and lay’s down next to me. I know my vulnerable state is turning him on. He starts to rub his hands all over my body and he does love those handcuffs. He loves the hard glistening metal and the sound they make as I struggle. Knowing I’m helpless and cannot escape turns him on as well.  He lays there looking at me and I lay there wishing his cock was already inside me. He fiddles with the clothespins and grins as I flinch. His hand is between my legs easily locating my pierced hood. Tugging on it just enough to make me moan. His “tug and rub” technique makes me melt like butter in his hands. He puts his fingers inside me and feels what a sloppy mess I am. He continues to “tug and rub” my clit and flicks the clothespins with what I swear is a devilish grin. He gets me right up to the edge and decides to deny me. Aagh! Why must he do that??!!   

He reaches up and removes a clothespin.  I groan loudly from the pain.  He put his mouth around my nipple and does one of those bite and suck moves that drive’s me wild. He eyes the other nipple and yep, there’s that devilish grin again. He loves the look of frustration on my face at not being able to stop him and I am definitely quite helpless at the moment lying naked on the bed.  I am completely under his control. I look at his face and see that he is eyeing my ring gag. He tells me how much he just wants to shove his cock down my throat. I am hoping by him saying this that I’ll actually get away without a face fucking. Yeah… wishful thinking. He turns me on my side and puts the tip of his cock just inside my mouth. I reach out with my tongue and lick his head as best I could. His cock is rock hard as he shoves it down my throat. I gag and gasp for air and I thought his cock couldn’t possibly get any harder than it already was. I was wrong. His cock fucks my mouth and throat several more times before he pushes me onto my stomach. Yeah! He’s finally going to let me have his cock. He spreads my knees and crawls in between my legs. I groan as he forces my knees farther apart. He slaps my ass and asks if I want his cock or not. I hesitate. Without waiting for an answer he shoves his cock into my pussy. I am dripping wet so his cock slips right in. A loud moan escapes through my gag. He pulls my hair, slaps my ass as his cock goes deep. He’s finally unable to hold back and I feel him cum all over my back.  

Since he’s finished he decides it’s my turn. I know what’s coming as soon as he pulls out the Hitachi. I protest a little, but just a little.He puts the vibrator to my clit and I jump and squirm. Oh how he loves to see me struggle. He moves the head of the vibrator around as I make all kinds of mumbling noises through my gag. I finally ask “may I cum?” and he gives his permission. I moan loudly as that lovely wave washes over me.

And now… it’s time for a nap. 8-)

3/23/2012 8:19:59 PM


Men's timing and "the old...oh by the way" is getting as bad as a woman's now a days it seems.

He tells me the Friday before that "his family" has extended an invite for a BBQ/B-day. Apparently, some of his friends think that I am merely a figment of his imagination. His "fantasy" girl. If they only knew. I'm tempted to decline, but I do not. Letting them have something to give him shit about after actually seeing me is more fum then letting them give him shit about an imaginairy girlfriend We had just met with "rope guy" and this appears to have reawakened something in him. A spark that I definitely thought was waning. I show up early to his place so we won't be late to the BBQ. He starts to talk about me wearing some rope panties. I start to turn a little red. The pants I'm wearing are way to tight to hide a pair of those, "but everyone will be able to se the lines!!" I say and he smiles. Since he is still kind of in the closet, he relents. We agree to a rope bracelet instead. Something that can be our little secret yet turn us on by seeing it, knowing I'm wearing it and no one knows what it means. Now that is cool. Out in the open, but not all at the same time.

This is different than with my friends. They know about it as well as look forward to hearing of my weekend exploits before the vanilla world people arrive. I tell them I just can't seem to help myself. That the lifestyle is so intriguing and alluring. It really turns me on. It 's like I'm a cat in
heat when I think about it. Now they love to walk by my desk and say "here kitty, kitty" Amusing, fun and our little secret all at the same time. This is how I know they are good friends. I laugh every-time and merely say "jealous!!" and they laugh. I even have them thinking about using some
"light bondage". If they only knew how addictive this can become. Oh well, I'll let them find out for themselves....(mischievous grin) Anyhow, the night of the BBQ seems impossibly long since I know what is to follow, at least the general idea. This is like it was in the beginning. Such anticipation. We finally arrive home and he tells me to strip and sit on the bed. He knows I hate this naked vulnerable part, but he has me do it everytime. Just plain evil I tell ya. Now the playing begins. He puts me in a chest harness and attaches me to the ceiling. This is definitely new. The
harness secures my chest, hands and arms. He then adds a hip harness to keep my ass in the air. There's no getting out of this one, but I did have to try for a little bit. He decides to add a collar. He attaches a rope and then the rope is tied to the top of the bed. Yep, I don't think I'm going anywhere with this one. I can still balance on my knees though... giggling. He notices I have to much leverage and balance. What is he doing now?? Oh no..... I feel my knees and legs being pulled back. There went that leverage. I am now being held up by his harnesses. Oh please let that eye hook hold me I think to myself.

He now adds the spider gag, his favorite. What was thinking when I bought it for him. Man, I'm drooling everywhere. "See how hard you are making me? Now do something about it". This is the first time he has been so forcefull of what he wants and expects. It has me dumbfounded for a minute. He begins to
face fuck me and I can't stop him at all. He is getting good at taking away or limiting my advantages. These being my hands, legs, feet and mouth. He alternates between the face and pussy and I'm having no trouble getting either hole ready for him. I do love a good fuck, that's for damn sure. My
legs begin to quiver from the position I'm in and this seems to send him over the top. Mission accomplished. I love being able to make him cum like this. I figure he is going to let me down now. Wait.... where are you going? I think since I still can't talk, and look at him pleadingly.... focus on the legs, make them stop quivering dammit!!..... oh boy. I can see from the look on his face that he is far from from being done with me. He sits down in front of me and admires how my whole body is trembling now. He removes the gag and I try to bargain my way out to no avail. (there has to be something I can offer, right?) Oh no...he has that evil grin again. I'm in for it now I can tell. "what?" he asks. I merely say "please". He unties
my legs and neck. That wasn't what I had in mind, but I'll take it. Okay, now i can kneel upright from my knees. This might work. Nope. my legs are still trembling quite noticeablely. He kneels on the bed next to me and grabs the ring in the collar. My whole body is trembling, He begins to
squeeze the nipples. Hmmm. Wait, stop.. no don't stop. hell I don't know. I'm still half focused on my legs, trying to stay kneeling. He begins to finger my pussy every so gently with 2 fingers and then intensifies the pressure. Damn, he's good at this. He seems to know i enjoy 2 fingers better than one. How i have know idea... He starts to finger every place he wants to
and since i can't stop him. wait... do I really want to?? He wants to feel, caress and grab anything and everything. OMG, I'm dripping wet...again. He pulls me towards him and tells me to show him him how much I want it. "like you can't tell?!" I say. Whoops, wrong answer. The fingers intensify even more. I relent and lean towards him. I begin to kiss him... hard so there is no mistaking how much I want it. "You want it bad, don't you?" I'm silent and so he pulls my hair back. "Yes" I quickly answer. "maybe I should stop?" "No" I respond. "No what" he says. "No... please... don't stop" "Then show me" he tells me. How? I'm practically confind. I try to pull whay. Whoops, mistake #2. The grapping and pinching intisify. I find myself kissing and grinding against him. "God, you want it bad, don't you, my sexy slut....?!" There is no hiding that I do. He pushes me forward so the harness is supporting me again. I then I hear the buzz of the vibrator... oh shit... here we go. I try not to show the emothion on my face or in my
grunts to no avail as they quiukly turn to moans. damn it. How is he getting these responses from me. Something else I'll need to work on I think. He should always be able to tell how much I want his cock in me. He stops. Wait... don't stop. I then hear the buzz and I know what's coming. God, I love the feel of his cock in me at the same time He vibe's me. We both
release together this time. Man i love when that happens. He lets me down to recuperate for a little while but i can already tell this is going to be a fun night....


3/6/2012 9:00:14 PM

Please? May I?

She’s been thinking about him and there’s still two whole days until the weekend. she’s been in a feisty mood and knows the exact reason why. she’s horny. horny for him. it has been awhile since they have truly been able to play. no interruptions. just him. his apart. and his desire to use her as he see’s fits. to fuck her as he wants. use any and every hole as he want’s. she’s been thinking about him masturbating… as he thinks of her. as he watches the videos of him fucking her. she is so hot for him that she is using the vibrator that he bought for her… to tease, torment, and satisfy her with. the thought of him fucking her gets her dripping wet every time she thinks about it. she fingers her clit. feeling the ring. feeling how swollen, hard and wet she is. this is so agonizing. having to wait for him. waiting for him to be inside her. filling her up with his cock. this is worse then when he teases her and wont let her cum… until he decides she can. almost as agonizing as when he straps the vibrator to her and makes her cum as many times as he wants to watch…. but not quite.

she knows exactly how she will please him this weekend and it can’t get here soon enough. But then she’s late getting ready…. Again!

He sits down on the couch. It’s one of those weekends where she hasn’t been ready on time and prepared herself for him. Shame on her he thinks. This will be the weekend that she will learn her lesson for being late. He puts his things down in the “living room“ and gets out the ring gag and rope. He puts in a video of him fucking her on the TV and he goes and sits down on the couch and puts the toys down next to him. There will be no going to the bedroom for this play session as he starts to rig his vibe harness…

She finally comes out of the bathroom and sees him on the couch. She knows he is not happy and that she is in trouble for not being ready… again! She comes to him and nuzzles… trying to make up for not being ready. He lets her, but that is not all she will be doing. He is already undressed and she knows what he wants. What is expected. He has already rigged up the vibe harness while he was waiting… impatiently. He decides he will put it on her now… and she willingly complies. She is not thinking about that though. She is focused on his cock. She luvs the feel of his cock. It is so soft. She starts to please him and he quickly becomes hard on her mouth. She luvs that she can turn him on like this. She starts to suck his cock and balls. All of a sudden she feels the vibe come on. He has attached it to the adapter and can turn it on and off whenever he wants. She doesn’t know if she will be able to handle the two sensations. The one on her clit and the one in her mouth. Finally she is able to mumble… Please…. May I suck your cock???? Yes you may, he replies.

After a bit he decides it is time for her to pay her penance for being late. He ties her up in the crab position as he lets her worship his cock and still plays with the vibe. He is finally finished tying her up and turns and pinches her nipples, kisses her and puts on the ring gag as she whimpers, please don‘t stop. He decides he will use the refrigerator magnets as nipple clamps since she was proud enough to take a picture with them. She is laying on the mattress, ring gag in, vibe on and can’t get out. He ponders letting her stew for awhile before he decides to play with her. Or Perhaps play with her while he watches one of their videos, all the while recording it and masturbating. But first, he decides to put a butt plug and dildo in. She looks so hot. Every hole being used as he wants. She can hear but not watch… well, due to the blindfold and all… hmmm., while he watches her. He strokes his cock as he teases her with it. First her mouth, letting only the head be inside as she flicks her tongue against it. Please, May I? No! he replies. Next is her pussy. He takes his cock and uses it to play with her clit ring and oozing pussy. Please, May I? No! he replies. He decides not yet. She can have his cum on her first… but not until he decides. When and where he decides to give it to her as she begs for it.

He decides he is going to make her cum one more time before he really starts to play with her, even though he had her cum while she was pleasing him while he tied her up. She can hear the video of him fucking her being played on the TV. She is getting so embarrassed by hearing the sounds that he can get to come out of her. Yet she is so turned on at the same time. She wonders how he is able to do this to her. To make her a quivering glob of Jell-O. Willing and wanting him to make her do everything he says to. Making her cum for him as he ties her up. Making her watch him get hard, but not letting her pussy have it. Knowing how much she wants his cock in her, watching her cum and then squirm involuntarily as the orgasms don’t stop… until he decides….

He decides to start and stop the vibe and starts to masturbate. She is wearing the ring gag and a blindfold for him. She knows he likes this. He is still sitting/kneeling on the bed stroking as she starts to moan and begs him to fuck her. He tells her “no”. he tells her she is to please him first. She eagerly agrees. She begs to suck his balls while he masturbates. She loves hearing him stroke his cock and moan…. She is dripping just thinking about it. Her in a crab position with the ring gag and his vibe belt on. Please, May I? Yes, you may! he replies. He puts his cock in and out… forcing her to gag and grip his cock. He pulls out and puts his balls in her mouth. She starts to lick and suck them as he strokes his hard cock. He still has the vibe on her… god he luvs seeing her squirm as she sucks and mumbles on his balls…. She hears him getting ready to cum.. She flicks her tongue harder… wanting him to cum on her… Shake you tit’s slut! and she does, but not quite good enough. I said “Shake you tit’s you fucking slut! As he smacks one. Man, does she shake them tit’s for him. He takes his cock and shoves it down her throat. She starts to gag and grasp for air. She doesn’t know what she wants more. His cock or the air to breathe. She can feel his cock start to throb. It’s harder than she has ever felt it. He pulls his cock out only to replace it with his balls. God she loves making him cum. Please, May I make you cum? Yes! he replies. She starts to lick his balls and fuck the vibrator like her life depended on it, begging him to cum all over her heaving tits… and he does. Covering her tits and tummy in his semen. Then, without warning… he switches the vibrator to high….

3/6/2012 8:57:36 PM

Expecting This Weekend... 


He has the table out when she arrives. He as instructed her as to what she is to be wearing when she gets there. She’s already getting wet and swollen just putting on the outfit. She contemplates masturbating before she leaves. knowing that if she does she’ll be able to last longer for him. She also knows that it turns him on for her to be so ready for him and then to deny her or letting her cum but giving her no reprieve after she does. She starts to drip down her legs just thinking about it.

He has tied her on her back to the table. Knees up, out, pulled back and tied to the ceiling. This gives him every kind of access to her dripping pussy. Her arms are spread out to the sides and tied to the ceiling. This way when she shakes her tits for him there wont be anything stopping their movements as they shake back and forth. That is unless he wants to grab and squeeze them or torture her nipples with his mouth. She has put on her collar as instructed and he uses it to secure her so she can only raise her head so far. He intends to have access to every hole. he tells her to open her mouth . She complies. He starts to get hard as he puts in the ring gag. He puts on her blindfold. She has no idea what his next move will be.

He has tied the vibrator he told her to bring to her after he has put the dildo in her pussy and the butt plug in her ass. He turns the video camera on. She can hardly contain herself when he turns it on. He stands back and starts to stroke himself as he records her as she cum’s. he continues to record her as she fights to keep the vibrator from touching her clit again….. He’s getting close to cumming so he stops. He puts the recorder on the tripod. He plans on fucking every hole before he cum’s. he removes the vibrator, dildo and butt plug but keeps them close by. He’s not done with them.

He then proceeds to fuck every hole, one after the other. Not caring about which hole it had just been in. he knows she is finally close to cumming again. He pulls her to the end of the table so her head is hanging off. He sticks his cock in her mouth telling her to caress it and show it some love. He starts to really face and throat fuck her. Her throat is at the perfect angle and he forces his cock in and out as he grabs and tortures her tits and nipples. He stops long enough to put her vibrator belt back on. He starts to fuck her throat again as she gets close to cumming. He stops the vibrator and she starts to squirm. Trying to push her clit against it so she can cum. He tells her to shake her tits. And she does. She makes them really wiggle hoping that he will let her cum as her reward. He doesn’t. he starts to fuck her throat again. He finally turns the vibrator on as he gets ready to cum. Her moaning and crying caresses his cock as he blows his load into her. He allows her to cum seconds after he does. He smiles…. knowing that he has it all on video.




5/17/2009 6:21:11 PM
By now I am completely at ease and am thinking the evaluation is over. WRONG! I return to find him standing. He and the bench are waiting for me. He has me straddle the bench and securely attaches me to it. He then inserts a dildo and begins to thrust it in me. I can feel it it my stomach. It is way to long for me. I can barely get the words "it's too much, please...too much". This request he does agree to and I can immediately feel the difference. This is a completely differnet sensation all it's own, yet I still am unable to release that orgasm that is sitting right there on the surface. He uses this for a little while and then he dissappears again. My thought's are racing. I try to undue the quick realease clamps to no avail. I am to stretched out I realize. What am I going to do? Nevermind that. What is he going to do? He returns with his electrotorture kit. He uses several different attachments and barely gets a response. I was intrigued by the kit at first, but I am finding it to be quite disappointing. Bummer!! He can see that the electrotorture is barely getting a response and so he decides to stop. He unhooks me and helps me off the bench and again place me in a chair. His aftercare everytime is very soothing I find. Again the conversation starts...fascinating. He can flip-flop without batting an eyelash. I, on the otherhand, need a minute.

We chat for a bit and decide to have some dinner and so I leave to get get dressed. He follows and tells me he is going to watch. Now why this seems embarrassing to me is beyond me since he has seen, touched and been over every inch of my body. I comply and so he watches. I don't think I have ever dressed so fast in my

It is late and I must go, yet I find myself wanting to stay. How is it possible that he has done all of these things to me and yet I am hesitant to leave? Suspension, flogging, paddling, the cross, the bench, dildo and elctro and I want to stay. He goes to caress one last time and my hand automatically reaches down to stop him. "The hands... while you are here it is mine" and he quickly restrains my hand and reminds me of this. And then come's the kiss. If men only knew what this does to us I think they would definately do it more often... Time to go and out the door I go. The sensations and thoughts are still present. Oh boy....what am I to do?

5/10/2009 6:35:21 PM
I'm now attached to his cross by both my wrists and ankles and I start to here a wrenching noise. What in the world is it? I quickly find out. I feel a thin metal bar start to push against my pussy and spread my lips. How the hell did I let this happen? I wonder. It is one of his "apparatuses". I discreetly readjust so that one foot is flat while I stand tippy-toe on the other. okay. This works for me. I can handle this. He pauses. He has noticed my adjustment and quickly makes his own. Again there is no getting out of this one. I'm now tippy-toeing on both feet and have to decide to keep doing this or to straddle the bar. Damn it... neither one is more comfortable than the other. I decide to do a little of both, maybe this will ease the discomfort. Yeah...right! He leaves and comes back with nipple suction cups. He takes turns with each nipple on releasing them and mouthing, biting and sucking them immediately after the release... man the sensations. He makes me look at one. OMG.... they are huge. I never knew that they could get that big. He does this for a little bit before his next "test" comes. He then begins to pull me back and forth rubbing my clit against the bar, while leaving the nipple suctions in place. "Let it go little one" he tells me. I want to, but can't seem to. I know what the outcome will be, but it just won't happen. Maybe it's my fear that he won't stop once I cum and man, that can be oh so painfull. That sensation afterwards where the whole region is super sensitive and you don't want anything near your pussy on the off chance it might actually touch it.

Again, I do not know how long it has been, but he finally relents and lets me down. If this isn't the end, I have know idea what I am going to do. I know he said this was just an kind of like may and can that you learn in school type of thing) He helps me down from the cross and places me in a chair and after I "recuperate" our nonchalant conversation begins again.

I'm perplexed at how he can switch back and forth so easily and can get me to do the same. However, the conversation is stimulating and distracts me at times from my nakedness. I again leave the room several times and still stop to stare at my ass. I am still surprised every time I stop and stare. I don't think these marks are disappearing anytime soon. Neat... and oh hell... all at the same time. Of course I wasn't thinking "neat" when they were being administered, but I can't say I wasn't given the opportunity to stop

5/1/2009 7:39:00 PM
The Evaluation

He attaches me to the lift, adds a spreader bar to my feet, a blindfold and up I'm pulled. I didn't think my unease and leeriness were obvious, but they must have been since he told me "You are fighting so hard not to show any emotion. That is not acceptable" and the evaluation begins. I have never experienced so many different floggers, paddles, whips, slappers and other home made device's in my life. I can feel the heat coming off my ass yet, I don't stop Him and I don't use my safe word. Perplexing. I try and maneuver so that it won't sting as much. Of course, to no avail. It seems impossible to do so even though I never stop trying. Tears are running down my face by this time and I hear from somewhere, "I'm not going to stop just because you're crying. If you want me to stop, you know the word." He doesn't stop and I don't use the safe word. Do I or don't I, I'm thinking. Do I want him to stop or do I want to see when he thinks I have had enough... I really don't know. How he is able to penetrate through all my other thoughts I still do not know. I don't know how long it has been, but he stops, wraps me in a blanket, places me on his lap. I'm trembling from the pain and he tell's me that "it's all right little one". I chuckle a little and he tells me "see, that wasn't so bad. You still have humor". After my trembling stops we then sit and talk...about anything and everything. He answers my questions about "the lifestyle" yet doesn't make me feel dumb for asking them. He just answers them as if they are part of normal everyday conversation. He makes me feel so comfortable that I don't even ask for a blanket or cover-up. "How can this be?" I'm thinking. I'm never comfortable naked. I leave the room for a minute and look at my ass in the mirror. I have never seen so many different colors and shapes. I'm speechless and amazed and find myself wondering how long they will last. I return to the garage and find that he has another "toy" ready for me. I freeze and think "oh, shit.... I thought we were done." He definitely has other plans. How in the world is he getting me to obey Him? What in the world am I in store for next? The blindfold is added again and He guides me over to the cross and attaches me to it. This is going to be interesting.... I think. There are so many things I "don't know", yet want to learn. I'm curious to see how much I can endure and were my threshold lies before giving in... that the safe word doen't even come to mind, even when reminded it is there.... 

5/1/2009 7:14:22 PM
Lesson from a previous teacher. No sex, just teaching and learning....

Sir is quite a bit older than me and yet he still intrigues me. Why? I haven't figured this out yet. Perhaps, it's the ease with which he talks and answers my question's about the lifestyle and his knowledge of it, which is quite extensive. He tells me that I am attractive, but I'm still having trouble comprehending/believing this. I just don't see it. We've met before so I've already seen his play area and half his garage is turned into a play area, which is interesting to say the least. He has a powered lift, a cross with a home made attachment and a horse shoe bench that he he can position you however he wishes, just to name a few. He is always teaching, yet we still have normal conversations. This is quite comforting. It seems to have a calming effect and makes me feel comfortable in my nakedness, which I definitely am not used to His laid back approach throws me off kilter at times because when I think we are done playing I walk back into the room to find that he has a new apparatus/toy that he has prepared and intends to use. He has his own way of doing things for sure and this involves a ritual eveluation. even being an extremely modest girl I comply with, no questions asked.

I show up at a predesignated time, strip on his front porch to my B-day suit in heels only and wait for him to answer the door. He did tease that he just might leave me out there turning on and off the porch light. My heart sinks into my stomach and I literally think.... please let him just be teasing. He was, thank goodness!!) I do as I am told. No fight. No questions. No "but's". Okay, there were a few, but I was quickly taught that this would not be tolerated. He does this with all of his potential trainee's he tell's me and definitely with such ease. I say potential trainee's since it is not until after the "evaluation and inspection" that he decides whether or not he wants to "train" you.

He answers the door quickly... thank goodness for small favors.... steps out and secures a locking collar and nipple clamps. He waits until we are inside before adding the suspension cuffs. He is gentle yet firm. I still can't believe I'm not hesitating at his directions/commands. That is quite new for me, the whole doing as told, naked and comfortable in your own skin thing. Normally, I always negotiate, hesitate, resist, debate or something, but with Him, I do not. I find myself thinking why? and instead I find myself "requesting". Some he agrees to, others he did not. Man I must have been so red with embarrassment since it was a saturday and as I am driving to his house I see people out doing their weekend rituals. Granted, from some areas you can not see his porch, but still, just the thought is nerve racking. I am fighting so hard not to show it and he knows it.

He has already established that I am to call him one of three names. "You want an answer now?" I ask. I pick "Sir", which he seems to already know that it is the one I will choose. I have never called anyone "Sir". Never!! I always refused. Even when pain was inflicted, I still refused. I would rather go through the pain then give in and say "Sir". Yet, again, with him I comply. There is a little hesitation before "Sir", but it still is said. He even has me saying "Sir, may I be excused?" Of all the nerve I think to myself, but I still say it, fumbling over myself as it is said. I am given a safe word and the evaluation begins.

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