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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

   Looking for Balance To all of you hot dommes who have been clogging my inbox in
Bisexual Male Submissive, 58,  Sarasota, Florida
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Looking for Balance

To all of you hot dommes who have been clogging my inbox in a desperate attempt to get to be the one who whips my middle-aged(but cute)ass-

First-no picture, no e-mail-and puhleese, not just a picture of your boobs. I need to see the evil in the eyes behind that rack

And second-be available-when ex-cons and gangbangers show up while I'm tied up over a chair I get bummed

And you Girls Gone Wild types-enough with the txt tlk-vowells matter, and spel chk plez.

But seriously folks, in Louisiana alone there are like 78 female dommes and over 300 male subs. Thought maybe some humor would help.

I had another idea as well. How about honesty.

I don't want anyone to own me. I am not chattel. I will do almost anything you say, do almost anything you ask of me up to a point. You will have nearly all the power, but you really wouldn't want me if I were stupid enough to give you all the control.

I am a bi-sexual artist/musician who, through the tools offered in the lifestyle seeks balance in my life.

The dominant balanced by the submissive-the masuline with the feminine.

In the course of the quest for balance, I have now become conditioned to respond sexually to what might deemed by the less enlightened to be peculiar behavior, such as being dressed as a woman, bound, beaten (particularly around the behind) with a variety of objects and being penetrated anally by a woman wearing a prosthetic penis;

and I want to be friends.

I am a musician now living in Sarasota and visiting Houston occasionally.

I also work in home improvement and am a photographer and web designer of sorts.

I am interested in being friends with Dommes, both pro and amateur, but generally have only services to pay. I have some experience with fetish modeling and videos and loved it. It's pretty easy to get me in your video-full face-just for the fun of it, and I can act.

I respond well to Dommes who know what they want and inflict it on me with authority. I seek variety as much as anything. This behavior is a metaphor, I like when it's not a cliche.

What the heck-
It's better than another "I am a sniveling weenie" ad

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