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I have been on (& off) cm for quiet sometime I am creating this profile specifically to meet a single sub &/or slave style. (Do ask if you wish to see my other profile)
I enjoy the softness and sensuality of a female, I am not looking for casual encounters or one night stands, I'm searching for a connection...
I love tattoos and have several, a preference for pain sluts (masochists), someone with an open mind and a will to experiment. I'm an experienced domme and I do know a fake from the real article, I'm an extremist however I am also sane, safe and looking to learn about a person before launching head long into something. I would certainly place myself in the caring loving dom bracket, but pushing boundaries gives me a kick too.
Phone contact and meeting up a must if you wish to keep my interest. I am no player.
I am active on the London scene and have Pro dominated, still do from time to time. Feel free to ask questions, I am respectful to those who respect me and show respect for themselves.
Kind Regards

This is a Genuine search for a real genuine person, so please think on that before contacting me.
All messages from males will go directly to bulk mail, I know this message won't stop you from sending messages but I am adding it anyway. I don't hate men just not what I am looking for. Not looking for m/f couples or to share a sub with a male dom.

Ladies and gentlemen I don't mean to be rude but it seems many are not reading or accepting that I am not interested in guys in any shape or form, so I am spelling it out.


A little about me & what draws me to this life style and the women I like.

I am attracted to femmes subs for several reasons - I enjoy a women who looks and presents herself well, the element of control is a true driver for me and gives my dominance the count it requires and finally I enjoy a deep emotional affection as well as connection. All of these things combined draw me to a submissive even slave type, but as I have said previously, I want to find someone with a mind and intelligence someone who I have to work with/on and for to challenge my mind and senses.... This is just delicious to me ;) In time I'm sure the right woman will catch my eye :D 

I should add I wish to meet someone extreme like I am, who wants the life style to be a true part of their everyday life, unusual, attractive, open with a desire to push boundaries.   

Now blocked readysub male claiming "to be sub" 

Thank you to those male dominants who have been polite, but I'm really not looking to get involved with guys at all at this time. Nor anytime soon if I'm perfectly honest, the compliments are lovely but that is all they are.

Keeping this a place to be positive and good :) 

Kind Regards

Oh and if you are just a basket case please don't contact me I have enough baskets Thank you  

I am looking for a submissive with a brain not solely someone who has a nice body and wishes to picture swap. Please stop with the nonsense people. This should be a positive thing a search for someone into the same interests and ideas from the opposite end of the scale to me. I'm dom not switch, but I am looking for a partner in the long term. I am also looking for friends. Please do not let your first thought when you contact me be "How can I get into her pants?" that is not how I work. I totally (like anyone else) wish to be attracted to the person I'm chatting to, but it is as much a mind thing as a body thing. 

I will not take you for a fool, please offer me the same curtsy. I also do not need dominant men asking me if I wish to chat to someone, when my profile states what I am looking for & submissive females are free to talk to me, if you are under a guardian do say so I will speak to a guardian. I am a respectful person who will be polite and show respect, not because I expect it because I am dominant, but because this is how people should be to each other. 

Respect & Kind Regards   

Gentlemen, please stop requesting chat, I'm not interested. Thank you 

Please if you decide to contact me, be single. My preference to meet someone in the UK but I will not rule out other locations (I live in London), but I am realistic & practical, so please do not think I'm going to sit with you and chat if there is no possibility of us ever meeting. 

Thank you 

I had to hide this profile shortly after creating it. Back now and all is well.