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hi i am kelly
hope to find some new friends and play partner or even more one thing is a fact you better be real and not a game player the just wanna get off on some emails.
if you a nice and real i me let you have my number.
i like to play from easy to hard i am a big fan of bondage and everything the goes with it so you dont need to hold back on anything when you talk to me i done most of it at least one time.
i love to dress and sometimes go out to in case we will meet i will be dressed full .
glad to be back starting back over

anyone on the border from sc to ga needs a sissy to have some fun  let me know send me a message

looking forward to meet  it will be north west sc

it looks like nothing change still the same guys and nothing new

talk talk talk this what all this guys are no real ones on this side anymore

nice to know the a still guys on this side the read and not just look at the photos

back home now but nothing change allways get the same old storry from most of the guys or say it blond the a full of it wanna hear one the is real and dont sell me a storry

now the first snow is on the ground nice time to play at my place just need someone to come over and has his way with me over and over

to start a happy thanksgiving to everyone hope everyone a good day

things to do and things not to do

yes you can have fun with everyone over and over

now to the part not to do never barrow anything from anybody done this now i have to pay it back and it will change my live for ever


just a few things to thing about it

sissy slut for use or ownership slavery yes please

is always nice to meet new guys but as always the time was to short but i hat someone come all the way out to my place a bit hard to find but it incure it is private hope i get some more come by message me and we see  what we can do to take care of your needs

love being a cross dress wohre for any use at any time and any place

make a time out and we meet your place or mine no problem and anything goes let me know

cant belive it someone realy show up and work me over see if he comes back for more

i realy love it when guys say one thing and then chicken out it seams to be more and more the case this days on this side

just put some new photos up we see how long it takes

i wish everyone know what the missing out with not meet up my place in the middle of noware and no pne around for at least 5 miles

more and more jokers and wanna bees

i can not figure this out first meet the guy everything is fine i do everything he ask for new hair color {strawberry blond } looks very good nails done and a nice dress and then he dont show for date 2 block my phone and email seams like youb can not trust anyone any more

it seams like the a more fakes on this side this way you can finde someone

happy memorial day to everyone

seams like the a only wannabees on this side and not real players

now the weather is opening up we see if we get some play time now the roads a dry no problem to get in and out

wow a one day turn around to get it back up this is nice and one new pic on the side

i love the guys the say oh yes we will have some fun this weekend and then the dont show up and no call or txt seams like the a more dreamers on this side by players

so now i change my profile and i say i am in the woods this what it is no one around for miles great place to have me worked over no one hear a scream wanna try me out come on over

nice to get the use agan i need com on and get some open holes and ready to go

yesterday i hat the longest BJ in a very long time and yes big loads

a very marry christmas to everyone from  me out of new mexico

my new home is new mexico now on a nice place in the woods 


look at this the a still nice guys on this side found a few we will see what alse comes around

is nice to see the journal is back now hope it stays this way