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I'm a single, college educated, kind, sincere, male to female transvestite. I'm 5'11", fairly thin at 158 lbs, with legs that go on forever, blue eyes, D/D free. My body is completely clean shaven. I have tits. They are big enough now after almost 11 years of effort that I am breast pumping from the sides on a slight angle, a tip from another tgirl, which is working wonders! Love bullet bras, open bottom girdles, full fashion seamed nylons, 4, 5 and 6" stiletto heels, all black clothing, leather/latex, long nails, leather opera gloves, and basically dressing like sexy women of the late 50's, early 60's (Betty Page and Monique Von Cleef). I have all my own clothing, jewelry, makeup, wigs, etc etc. Interests/Things I like: Gnomes, Democrats and democracy, Computers, Computer Games, Nature, Warmth, UFO's, Sci-fi Movies, Quiet, Music (Particularly rockabilly), Kindness, Friends, Good Food, Home, Patience and Consideration, Effort to Understand Someone Who isn't You. Things I dislike: Barking Dogs, Landscapers/Lawn Services with Industrial Mowers and Gas Powered Leaf Blowers, Conservatism or What it Stands for Now (Trump), Russia, Loud/Obnoxious/Inconsiderate People, Winter, Polar Vortex's, Most Social Situations, Self Centered Selfish Persons, People with Giant Egos, Covid Virus. My astrological sign is Cancer, and I am exactly like the definition of a Cancerian. I love being my fem self! I will chat with anyone on here who is not a Trump Republican. 2024: Whom I would be interested in, if they existed:
  1. Tgirl: Mtf, submissive, local, single, over 50. Thin to voluptuous. You are kind, considerate, caring, not perfect. You shave and dress completely (no body or facial hair), have similar fetishes/interests. Real fem looking breasts are a +!
  2. Female: Submissive, local, single, over 50. Thin to voluptuous. You are kind, considerate, caring, not perfect. Have similar fetishes/interests. You could be dom if you were older, closer to my age.
Please note, at this point in my life I am just interested in a relationship with one person, whomever that person may be. An in ground pool in your backyard where I can lounge in fem mode in privacy is a +++ no matter what gender you are! When I say I am dom, it does not mean I am a cruel person that would want you to do things you don't want to do. It just means that I know what and whom I am looking for. If you meet someone who treats you with kindness, consideration, patience, and shares your interests, you most likely met a good person to be friends/lovers with. This does not happen overnight. It takes time to get to know someone. Lastly, I am fully vaccinated and boosted against Covid, as would anyone I entertain the notion to meet.

The only males I "might" be interested in live nearby, look good in a suit, are clean shaven with very short hair and little body hair, are not republican, are single, have lots of money. Not because I want it, I don't. But they need to have a clean, upscale place to meet that is safe. You also must have a recent picture on your profile.

So if you fit the above and you live in Upper Arlington or in Dublin and your house backs up on the Muirfield Golf Course, or a similar Central Ohio area, say hello if you'd like!

Other males, good luck in your search.




I have read a lot of profiles here, and I do not understand why so many start out with either threats, name calling and cursing, and/or capital letters (yelling).

You do know you can block people that annoy you, right? Also, why would anyone even contact you if you are making threatening comments or yelling/cursing at them in your profile?

Usually the strongest persons are the quietest ones.

Hope you all have a nice holiday :)

New photo's Fall 2012! Trying out my new Cats eye Glasses!

Please, no single males. If I want you I'll find you.

Also I prefer persons who are ht/wt proportionate or fairly close. You need not be perfect.