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update 2013
been a long while since ive been on here,, figured its time to update if your real and ready to serve contact us..

Mrbbc & Hisslavedream
I am Marked and Black Owned..

we host bukkake, interracial gangbangs
all are pansexual events
and all are BBW/SSBBW apreciation
ass lovers, crushin and trampling parties

we seek ts/cd male bi subs and slaves to serve Our House and for us at our partie, having a place of your own to host is a bonus ive been in this lifestyle 24 years

Sept 07/09 WARNING!! Any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties using this site and/or any of its associated sites for studies or projects, and/or any duplication (for any reason) and/or posting to any site - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile and/or pictures in any form or forum both past, present, and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this.
seek a Black Dominant Man!!!! be Real, Honest & Mature Know what communication really means. be absolutely fucking single..
if your going to used text to communicate with me don't fuck up and send me some other girls message cause you'll be gone break my heart or not. Be willing or at leasr open to traveling to meet me i can/will Host if you can't handle being with a big girl then don't bother contacting me
advice to people who are new to the lifestyle:

""First and foremost -- slow down! Most people who are just getting into the scene are usually in a tremendous rush to do everything all at once, and they sometimes end up getting in over their head. Remember, there's no hurry... you've gone your whole life without ever exploring this part of yourself, so a few more weeks won't do any harm. The journey is every bit as important as the destination.""

im not on collarme much anymore those close know how to get a hold of me. far to many players on here.. I am on and alt and several other site's if Y/you know me from there then feel free to add me to Y/your to friends list. i don't spend near as much time on the other sites since f e t became public. "Hisslavedream"

"Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit..." translation: "There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain...

i play secondlife contact me for my ID is you so choose

founder and co-organizer Sudbury Kinksters 2010

Co- organizing Sudbury Kinksters monthly events. Sudbury Kinksters munches
founder & Past organizer of BDSMSudbury 2006 - late 2008

" i'm here, still breathing apparently "

*** NOCK Conference - July 9-11, 2010 ***

The 2nd annual NOCK Conference will take place July 9-11, 2010 in Greater Sudbury!! Details can be found in the link below and hope to see you all there!!!!!

My Kinky Valentine

Feb 12th 2010
Location: Zig's Alternative Bar, Sudbury Ontario
Time: 8pm-close

preformances, vendors, demonstrations, prizes, photo booth and information table..

Awesome night thanks to everyone who came and made it a wicked ass night  :)

Thinking about attending a munch?

Public munches are held the first Saturday of the month @ The Laughing Buddha (194 Elgin Street Sudbury). Start time is 3pm. This restaurant has a liquor licence, so please if you choose to drink, do it responsibly and arrange a ride home.

The munch rules are as follows:

Dress is casual everyday clothes - NO kink or fetish ware is allowed.
It isn't about “your” kink. It is about all of us keeping “our” venue.

We offer a safe social gathering for those interested in the lifestyle, both singles and couples, with a wide variety of ages and interests.

No scening or play is allowed to occur at a munch as it is a public place. It isn't a fetish night, a play party or a dating service.

If you recognize someone you see:

1) Relax. They are there for the same reason as you.

2) Do NOT run up and shout out their real name as many people use scene names. Their real name might be held strictly private and isn't for you to share with others.



Thinking about attending an event?

Prerequisite: in order to attend an event at "The Hall" you must either have attended a munch or have someone within the group who will vouch for you.

Events are held on the third Saturday of each month @ “The Hall.” Most events are pot luck dinners, however “order-in” nights are quite possible.

Event postings will provide specific details and information.


The rules are as follows:

Signing a one-time Confidentiality Waiver at the door is mandatory to attend.
(if you don’t sign= no entry).

Dress from casual everyday clothes to leather/fetish ware it is allowed. This isn't about “your” kink. It is about all of us keeping “our” venue. Please be discreet. There is an area inside where you can change. It isn't a fetish night, play party or dating service.

If you recognize someone you see:

1) Relax. They are there for the same reason as you.
2) Do NOT run up and shout out their real name as many people use scene names. Their real name might be held strictly private and isn't for you to share with others. 

BDSMSudbury & NOCK are thrilled to announce the first, Greater Sudbury "MUNCHeon" Date: Feb 21 2009 Time: 3:PM Location:   " The Hall"

The afternoon will consist of a round table discussion facilitated by Nate. The topic will be Community Building (Future Munches, Events, Play Parties, Fetish Nights,etc). Following the discussion take out menu's will be available from: Peking Gazebo, Sub City and New Orleans Pizza.

Further evening events will be decided by the group over dinner.

Please message me here for any questions you may have, including directions and volunteer opportunities.

J'ai vécu une vie complètement de la douleur  
Sans où courir ou se cacher  
Le bonheur que vous verrez est emprunté  
Tout que je veux est vous par mon côté  
Le fleuve doux m'enlèvent  
à l'heure des jours plus heureux  
Tout que j'ai besoin est amour et compagnie  
Le fleuve doux l'amènent de nouveau à moi  
Vous pouvez dépenser tout votre a'cryin de temps  
Écoute ici je n'ai pas besoin de votre sympathie  
La cause I ont fait ma vie pour vivre il  
Tout que j'ai besoin est vous ici avec moi…  
Le fleuve doux apportent l'em de nouveau à moi  


hurry tickets go up Oct 15th     

   Alternative sexuality conference to be held November 7th-9th, 2008, 4 hours north of Toronto, in The City of Greater Sudbury, ON.

  NOCK is a three-day educational and social conference with the goal of educating people in the safe and responsible practice of bondage, percussive play, submission, and other alternative sexual practices.

   NOCK has programming geared for people at all levels of experience, including those who are just curious. People of all genders and sexual orientations are welcome. Scheduled events include workshops, a social area, a vendor's marketplace, and a play party for exploring in a safe environment. There will also be hands on experiences for those who wish.

  The cost of the event is $50 ($65 after October 15th), which includes a buffet supper. Advance registration is required, as tickets will not be sold at the door. Tickets are available now, and can be purchased online at, over the phone by credit card or in person at various locations listed on the web site.

  NOCK is a NO ALCOHOL event.  participants must be over 18 yrs of age. Government-issued ID will be checked at the door. This is an accessible venue.

   NOCK is sponsored by the SNO Bears (Sudbury & Northern Ontario Bears), the Plaza Hall Theatre, the Rock City Rollers and Between Us Lovers Boutique.

   NOCK will be making a donation to the Healthy Sexuality Outreach Program through the Access Aids Committee of Sudbury.

Aqua!!!!!!! i need Aqua!!!!!! mmmmm  
in her mind she hears His Voice commanding her 
 His voice Guiding her to ulitmate   erotic pleasures, which please Him. 
His Voice excites her inner soul, feeling Him touch her deeply. 
His voice commands her, even from afar, His voice in her mind.
His Voice controls her pleasures, her pleasures  for Him.
her body burning inside for His touch, His commands.
 to feel Him, to touch Him as she hears His  voice command in her ear live and in person, her soft moan, her breathless moments are for His pleasure. 
 for Him to find her, claim her, take her  and  keep her, where she belongs  at His feet.

am here  for Him and Him alone.
busy thing this life   this one isnt on much anymore  however will check messages from time to time  when life pauses .. its also something  that this one feels she needs to do.
maybe one day  the players will be gone and U/us real lifestylers will survive  for now its time to deal with the holidays  for which tooo many base it on material things  and not its true meaning ... stop ...take a look around ..  if no one does anything about it its only going to get worse ...  but Y/your thinking oh well let the next person deal with it   thats the big problem..

It is very sad to be in love with someone who doesnt love you - but far worse to be loved by someone you no longer love..
Have dungeon space to rent to people  in the lifestyle     
Also there is a room to rent for a person in the lifestyle.
The material on this profile may be sexually explicit and/or of an adult nature, including but not limited to bondage, sadomasochism, dominance and submission, nudity, fetishes and other related subjects. Any of these may be offensive to some people. This profile contains information that is intended strictly for adults.
Before you pass judgment about me or the  lifestyle i have chosen to follow , here are some things you should know . . . Participants in our lifestyle find themselves more balanced by their chosen "alternative" way of living. An alternative lifestyle can evolve and become a subculture or even a Counterculture.  as W/we are all adults  it is our choice what W/we do behind locked or close doors . just because W/we are apart of this lifestyle  doesnt mean it involves O/our children. W/we are all  adults and know there is a time and place  of when to tell O/our children, if ever 
the single most important issue is exposure of the child to the lifestyle. Anything bdsm/leather oriented will, if presented properly by the other side have a potential negative impact on a judge or arbitrator. The best way to overcome this is to take being able to demonstrate clearly that your child is not adversely affected by your lifestyle choice. have a lock on the dungeon, play room ,  bedroom door or toy box .  if you can show that even though this is your lifestyle choice . it does not spill over into your role as a mother or father,  you should be ok . the primary focus is the best interests of the child - no more - no less.   my or any member of the BDSM Communities involvement  with BDSM has nothing whatsoever to do with ANY involvement with  O/our  children. it is not tolerated by any  Lifestyler  to expose  chidlren to this lifestyle.  atleast until one is of legal age  even then it is the choice of the parent to be  the responsible parent . 

while it should not matter what your lifestyle preferences may be, so long as your child is not exposed, please be realistic and expect a family court judge  to be biased against you. It's just part of what we in any alternative lifestyle have to deal with. Judges are human. People's perception of bdsm is a somewhat skewed. You would be naive to expect to walk into court on a custody issue and have a judge not adversely consider your lifestlyle.   
Why it should it ever become an issue. If you have been diligent about keeping your child from any exposure to your lifestyle, and are reasonably private about your play with your partner, the bdsm issue should never be brought up. 
legally -   in the context of adults in a private setting,  the concept that what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom is no one else's business.  i do not know of any criminal prosecutions in any jurisdiction for private consenting adult behavior.

sorry but i  felt there is a  need  to post this   as it  could be an issue  for any parent  in this community.    i  know some of U/us are doctors  lawyers nurses, dentists,and police  You name it  W/we all have our own carriers and professions to protect.  i firmly believe  that if one has a problem  W/we should be able to turn to lifestyle friendly lawyers and doctors etc   and they  should get together and help the community, after all who better to know what to do  with these sorts of issues?  should anyone  else be interested in changing some things  or creating a list of kinky friendly  medical / law  or any other professions  or know of any lists out there.  feel free to contact me .. dream

taking the time to know One is more important than anything in this world..  knowing One  does actually know how to do what They say.. is almost an extinct reality in this day and age.    its sure is something  far worth  putting the time and effort into.. there are unseen changes that have  happened already and still some changes yet to come. 

 there are  things that may take one  a lil bit longer to change  .. knowing One  that accepts that  and is willing to take the time to have them change is inspiring..
having One to admire and spend that time with  makes kneeling at One's feet a far Greater Honor.... its that day  i await..
currently looking for a lifestyle oriented room mate ... house also has a dungeon... im not looking for someone to run my home rather share expenses and the house one who would also respect ones privacy.. i would prefer sub or slave but wont toss out a Dominant as long as the whole I run the roost attitude doesnt happen. this would be shared living accomodations. as im looking for a room mate...

dungeon space to rent to people that i know.

 a room to rent for the right person in the lifestyle. 
this entry is not collar search 

if you have a play partner the dungeon space is available .. contact me for more details if interested

are Y/you interested in finding new toys to play with?? 
  I do sell Adult toys 
contact me for details and website address

A/anyone with any other information about  Master_Phoenix_10/  Master Alan Sanford Pulliam dob nov 26th Age 41 from Central Piedmont triad  Of North Carolina please message me    update oh yes  though he disappeared there was another one collared adn obviously  another one he went to   one just has to wonder  hmmm how many of us were there Alan. 

Internationally reknowned Erotic Hypnotist Aaron, of Pheonix Arizona

As seen in Amsterdam, Paris, London, etc.. coming to Zigs on Sunday
April 23...

other event locations:

Kapuskasing tuesday April 18th  at Stix 
starts 8pm show 9:30

Cochrane wed April 19th at Chimo Hotel
starts 8pm show 9:30

Iroquois Falls  April 20th  at Olindo's starts  8pm show 9:30

Timmins April 21st at The Attic
 starts 8pm show 9:30

Sudbury April 23rd at  Zigs 
starts 8pm show 9:30
tickets are $10.00   

ok seems ...i have no make profile much  MORE clearer.... FIRST  BEFORE messaging me ...  CAREFULLY  READ my profile  and journal  !!!!!!!!  yes it is long  but it is very detailed ......i do NOT do long distance..... especially  IF You cannot put the time and effort into being with me .DO NOT BOTHER ME....please NO Switches either.. i LOVE the physical side and mental side  but i also  know i need the communication / closeness and openess with my One ..   i know i need to be able to come to Him   with ANYTHING    without a fear of being turned away   ignored or punished for doing so...this is NO game to me and i will NOT  rush into  anything with A/anyone.. if You cant take the time for me  then why should i even bother  with You?   i have been in this lifestyle long enough  to know i deserve to be respected aswell   weither  at His feet  or  away from His side   at all times  my submission is my gift to Him   ..He on the other hand takes  my gift ...He  polishes it.. extends it and completes it ...just remember   without  giving  my gift  submission to Him ... He cannot be her Master pleasure comes from ..pleasing and knowing she pleases Him ....and being all she can be for Him..        take care   dream

PLEASE take the time to read my profile VERY carefully...PLEASE>>>>>  be  Dominant….Male and SINGLE..   ..  a lot have asked for me to give   long distance a try .  but i know i  do not… do the whole long distance thing well ..  for Those i have spoken with  the one's You seek and find, shall be very lucky to be with You.....Relocating  is not something im about to do.. i do have a life and great friends.. and responsibilities  here .. i am not about to give up on any of them..  and i  require much of the physical side … i need to  touch  and feel You close to me  …be able to curl up next to You   and be able to listen to Your heart beat as i lay my head on Your chest….. ….just as much as i  need to hear Your voice  or see a message or request from You  .. Nothing replaces that quality time spent with or communication  with my One…..   
 Please!!! also  be older than me by at least by a few Years...  sorry   there’s just something.. i cant get past ..with submitting to a Man younger than myself ..  oh  im sure some say that a true submissive  can submit to Anyone ...  i just find that with me ...this  is  a preference  of mine and it works best for me .......the whole part of me being here is....... i want to  be at the feet of my One  ...i want to serve my One in all ways possible.. in my case  this Man  MUST be a Dominant   Male  please... NO switches...  and i find i do not  get the same pleasure  knowing that  the one with  would have to withhold His switch side  to be with me  .... sorry  its a NO go ...  that’s something im NOT about to ask anyone  to walk  away from... be Someone who isn’t  afraid to use force if /when He feels like it, or when He feels it is essential to my growth as His most valued  possession  He will use me as a piece of meat, furniture, or put me on a sex machine and watch me squirm for hours  *smiles* sorry i just had to add this part in tooo ..........restraints ,bondage, orgasm denial,  TPE, cock worship, to be tied, teased and tormented for hours, naked collared and cuffed for His pleasure, non-consent, breath control, Shibari, rough & kinky sex, cupping, light humiliation, objectification ....are just some of the things...  i have come to enjoy .. there are many more ..but that’s up to You take the time and effort to find out .. or make  new ones ...for me to look forward too…*smiles*    i would serve Him with every part of my being , to be his only submissive or slave.   O/our bond  must be extremely strong ...tried ...tested.... and true  BEFORE this could ever change ..  i too have been burned ... like many out here have been too...i  feel  this is the  only way to get the point across what i am looking for  in my One i know that the more i fill this out .....the more He will come to see and  realize....  i am His pet,  His toy , His slut, His whore, or  what ever He  choose to call me *smiles* He  knows..  if i was  His .. i would be there with Him ...   in a heart beat ... i am looking to  explore and share  my life with Someone... who  can take me and walk Hand in hand in this journey together   i have  a lot of real time experience in the lifestyle  .. i have been put in some very interesting  situations  and  can say   for the most part ....almost all i have enjoyed  there were  a few that  should have been reconsidered due to timing  i know He's out there... i feel Him .... i just wish  He'd open His eyes  and see it  for pete's sakes!!!!!!! i really cant be any clearer.. He holds the key  to my heart, soul, desires and cravings .. some of which have  yet to be discovered …..the  effort  on His part to…. maintain contact with  me in anyway ...He possibly can  ..     if He wants me He has to take the time to spend time with me and keep an open line of communication with me  ... weither it be online or  real life... He has to make the effort    if He's the One He will know all possible ways to  contact me  ...  i am serious ..about   wanting  24/7  .. but im not about to give up my entire life to sit by while You go about Your own life..   i do have a busy life when it comes to :local group  friends and family ..  i keep myself busy... as  there is no one... to otherwise occupy my attention. and time….. though my close friends know what Private time means ...  and  respect that as well.... i f You read my profile  carefully You will see these responsibilities are....  
Some on Here also require subs under consideration to fill out an application ... sounds silly to some ... but i believe it is a way… to weed out the players and wanna bee's.....   Anyone O/one serious about a person is willing to give up all information about themselves.. Name address phone number.  That is if they are truly interested in being honest and serious about being with that person on a permanent basis.. Honestly  why would they hide it? Hmm maybe cause they are married … maybe because they are scared of people knowing ..who they really are Either way  i do understand ..  there are Men out here .. who are in a line of work.. where involvement in this lifestyle could cost them everything ..  but still if You truly  seek Your one  .. there shouldn’t be anything to hide if  they are real  …     
 i think a lot of U/us who seek REAL   should  help do something to help clean up this site .... the Admins  here ...can only do so  much on Their end of it... now its time W/we do O/our share isn’t it  …. After all  W/we wouldn’t be here had they Not  taken the time to  offer this site up to U/us…..  
  i do have copies of both a sub/slave and a Dom/Master applications..   if Anyone would like a copy feel free to ask me for one  dont forget You can add or say anything  Y/you wish to   these are just templates...  
that’s it  for now  folks!!!   sorry i know its  long winded but   cant blame a girl for trying  
thanks for reading this  
take care  
by Evanescence
*smiles*tis one of her favs..................
 long lost words whisper slowly to me..still can't find what keeps me here..when all this time i've been so hollow inside...i know You're still there... watching me wanting me...i can feel You pull me down..fearing You loving You....i won't let You pull me down... hunting You i can smell You - alive....Your heart pounding in my head.... watching me wanting me...i can feel You pull me down....saving me raping me....watching me.....


i have been told by many i have a sadistic mind ....this is quite true ... i do have to admit a.very very sadistic mind ..its scary... just to explain  a bit further.. why  it wouldnt be such a good idea for me to be with a switch  or to take  on a submissive male or female  id kill them LOL..
sorry i had to make this a journal entry  ... i will not bring anyones name into the picture  of who the conversation took place was with   but  im sure You'll know who You are... when You read it... *WEG*

 here goes
hmmm where to  start.......
restrained .nekkid. blindfolded . gagged..... strapped and locked completely down so that You couldnt move at all to a table with your legs spread .....then you would be pierced from :  for males the tip of your cock.......  to the base of your shaft....with barbells ...and your tongue would also be pierced 3 or 4 times ...  for women both nipples and clit all at once hmmmmm...and maybe all the way down bothsides of the  lips so they can be laced up or lock together.... to depending on my mood

now see if i owned a submissive male or female... omg neither would not be walking right for months... for the amount of piercings....... i would  put in......they would have to drive everywhere ..and neither of them would be able  ..  to go near any metal detectors  LOL!!!!!!!! or   they would sure have .. having to explain  the beep  *weg* let alone what i would do to them afterwards *WEG*sitting down would be more than a challenge  for a few weeks 

  the whole Domme side  doesnt give me ..any where near as much pleasure .... as  being taken by a Man does ... im sorry  sadistic mind or no ...  i love all of who i am .. and  wouldnt change a thing  about it  ....   and please  dont message or ask me....   to be your domme ... or switch for you  cause... you'll  find yourself a trip to my iggy bin  ...tosses my evil twin back into the closet where she belongs....and flushes da key too....hope that satisfies Your curiousity  cause its all Your going to get...

my profile clearly states  ...what i seek  and who i am ...

take care


having trouble with players and wannabes on this site?? send me a message and i will post their names in my journal, as well talk to other subs and let them know who to avoid. If W/we work together W/we can clean this site up ...and make it worthwhile for those of us who are real. Feel free to contact me at any time
thank You , MasterStAndrew for allowing me to post Your poem  in my journal...

             Fade to Black ...

I remember meeting that fateful day,
You chose to cast a glance my way,
We spoke of dreams and desires,
That burn brightly in our hearts afire.

Minutes turned to hours,
Hours turned to days,
So much alike,
In so many ways.

One day the time,
did we greet,
We chose reality,
Was time to meet.

I remember that day,
The morning sun,
We met half way,
This would be fun.

I recall my smile,
upon seeing your face,
It was time,
You remember the place?

We sat,we spoke,
we built a bond,
We knew right then,
this would go on.

So forward we pushed,
in time and space,
It was our destiny,
It was our place.

Several times,
did we meet,
To seal this trust,
Now so complete.

We pushed forward,
this was so real,
The time was now,
Our fates were sealed.

We have come so far,
from the first passing glance,
I led you forward,
Its time for the dance.

The room was dim,
The candles were lit,
If there is a reality,
This surely was it.

The bonds of trust,
now securely in place,
I could see a calm,
crossing your face.

I selected the blindfold,
and put it in place,
Both our hearts
how they did race.

A blizzard of emotions,
They began to swirl,
I lean in to whisper,
"Do you trust me girl?"

I felt you shiver,
as I stroked your head,
"Yes Sir"
was all that you said.

I almost felt sorry,
I could smell your fears,
Behind that blindfold,
I was sure there were tears.

I had been in this place, time and again,
This was no game, But we both would win.
I selected the tool,
Let the dance begin.

Slowly I start,
The leather it falls
The echos it makes,
Do not pass the walls.

You tence and relax and crys do refrain,
Throaty moans, and whimpers,
You call out my name.

Your skin now glowing as if giving off light,
You dance for me slowly you have earned the right,
I gaze at your wonder,
A beautiful sight.

Its time to step up my pet,
The whip it will sing,
Oh how you have grown,
Adoring its bite and its sting.

Every inch of you seems to burn like fire,
I am merciless, fulfilling desire.
You arch and lean all muscles do strain,
Your bonds,they hold you fast to the chain.

Sensations you feel that rush through your brain,
What a feeling this thing they call pain,
Your worrys, and cares my strokes to drain,
I hang up my whip and reach for my cane.

There you teeter,
the chains have no slack,
You ride the edge,
of a Fade to Black.

Where are you now my pet,
as you begin to fall,
The cane strikes out,
you answer its call.
Again and again and again it falls,
No mistaking its crack,
Then a few final blows,
On your thighs and your back.

I see you slump,
your bonds holding fast,
My gift to you over,
Done with and past.

I hang up my cane,
and return to my flower,
Time has no meaning now,
Minutes to hours.

You are not with me now,
In your Fade to Black,
I am not concerned though,
I know you`ll be back.

Take flight my love,
My delicate flower,
This is your time,
I give you the power.

So many questions for you,
when you get back,
Like where do you go,
when you Fade to Black?

You tell me its like nothingness,
Not a thing you can do,
Sometimes you hear me,
And sometimes its Blue!

I cover your body,
the blanket is warm,
I hold you against me,
like the end of the storm.

I watch as you fly,
My focus on your eyes,
My fingers tracing,
the welts on your thighs.

You soon return,
to my time and my place,
your eyes are now open
I brush hair from your face.

I gently kiss you,
all over your face,
Welcome back my love,
from your magical place.

Some people say,
this is brutal and tragic,
To us its a dance,
The cane and its magic.

The dungeon falls quiet,
But it knows we will be back,
For soon she will need,
another Fade to Black. 

All rights to MasterStAndrew 2002.

one thing that still erks me ...  is the fact that people dont put their city or closest city in their profiles .. the simply put ontario  .
News Flash people!!!! Ontario's a big place  

its hard enough  for most submissives/slaves  out here who are dealing with all the fakes wanna bee's and players out here   

 telling the city closest or town Your in does no harm to anyone  actually may improve  Your responces

Owner/founder of BDSM Sudbury.. Contact me for group information Please when joining  be sure to have a yahoo profile (atleast the basic  is required) and return the groups rules in order for Y/your request to join  to be accepted.. Yahoo gives 14days to approve a member or it is automatically denied. If Y/you do not have a profile completed or return the rules Y/your application to join  will be automatically denied

i was born submissive its in my blood. ..i am very devoted with the right person .. my submission is a gift that i will not give out lightly .. trust honesty and respect are given unconditionally ...and expected to be returned..
she's a girl who lives to be controlled. Lives to serve. Needs to be disciplined in her life to feel she's paid her price for mistakes she makes along the way. Whatever the discipline maybe washing away her guilt in time. Never being guilt tripped about faults she's paid for already in life with discipline. Never rubbing her nose in her faults, but helping her to overcome them and improve herself and in doing so improving me and my life. she is an extension of Him. meshed with Him to a point that her life would never truly be in her heart or mind complete with out her Master in her life and His ownership and command of her. ******** she has looked within herself and sees the need to be Owned, controlled, possessed, trained, loved and cherished; the need to be Owned, taking pleasure in serving her Owner well. she understands the only limits she has are those given her by her Master. she understands and accepts and takes pleasure in giving herself utterly and completely, without reservation nor hesitation. she gives herself totally: mind, body and very soul. Someone who will openly listen to me and pick me up when my life feels like its falling apart. Someone who will always be there for me Someone who makes me feel wanted , needed and secure Someone who will be honest with me guide me and show me the errors of my ways Someone have the patience to take the time to build the trust and knowing when the time is right i will blossom under His hands .and i will be His Light upon my soul, His hands hold my heart, His world surrounds me. All that I am is as He wishes me to be the lyrics that breathes life to His music i am a strong willed woman and know what it is i deeply desire. Someone that is honest and trustworthy and can stand behind their words. Someone that is strong willed and knows what He desires. thats what i truly want Sir
a Dear Friend of mine warriorwolf said this about me:   "dream is very special...out of hundreds of submissives I have known, never have I seen one so devoted. So willing to do absolutely anything her Master needed her to" *****************
What are your pet peeves? What really ticks you off? And how do you react when you're angry?
dishonest people Men who teach women to trust again only to crush it months later ... Men who will do anything they can to get a woman to submit fully then treat her like she doesnt exist for loving Him .. but what he doesnt expect is.... she gets smart ...she knows something is wrong .she can feel it in her heart...she pretends to be another woman . writes Him and email.. He responds.. T/they talk for a bit... then T/they agree to talk later... He still doesnt know it was her .His submissive.. even after she makes her prized typos....even she thought He'd know it was her...T/they talk some more that evening ....all awhile.... He was trying to seduce the mystery woman who was actually her.... His submissive...

in part of the conversation she replies to Him that there was only one Man did that for her and noone has done it since He replies done what sweetheart? ...she replies walked in taken control and didnt have to ask questions on how to do it right.... He didnt know she was talking about Him... He replies...and tells her she just might want to smile because she just might have met him again .. words He had spoken to her also months ago...thats when she begins to cry....shes hurt ...shocked and everything in between... she couldnt continue hiding her identity..... so she reveals herself to Him and identifies herself and says that of course He liked her .... she was His submissive for the past 9 months....He flips out tells her what she did was the lowest of lows..... yet how Hes mistreated her lately and how He has betrayed her ... was not low in His eyes???? and then He logs offline.. .... oddly enough the man she had been with ... the Man she loved and cherished more than words can say..... was caught red handed by His submissive who sat at home worried...     all awhile He was at home... 15 minutes from her... playing with selected women in town and in search of another ......thats what really ticks me off      feel free to ask me about it... i have nothing to hide .... but i sure bet He sure does....karen. kate .suzy who the f**k cares Edward,it was me Your submissive and You did not even know that only your sub had the right to even be with agreed by You... i loved someone who decieved me, its not an easy thing to swallow as my love was genuine, its most unfortunate His was not

new local group ... munches with other serious Dom's and sub's in Sudbury and Northern Ontario get to know others in the lifestyle in the area...
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 "if You build it  T/they will come"