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Im 39, My earliest sexual thoughts leant towards the more unusual and kinkier concepts that My growing mind discovered, though of course Ive come to learn theres lots more to this beyond the sexual. Ive been dominant most of My adult life and Im lucky enough to have more experience than many may age without yet being a grizzled veteran. Im very active on the Goth scene, but you dont have to share this interest.

If youre reading this I imagine you belong in one of the following categories A, looking for friends, possibly with a little experience or guidance thrown in. Certainly a willingness to chat. B, looking for one off or occasional casual play opportunities C, looking for a long term BDSM based relationship D, looking for extreme or taboo activities that no one else wants to know about. E, some combination of the above or something between them.

In either case, please say hello and Im sure we can do something about it. If youre in C and can see yourself serving in a poly environment feel free to get in touch. If youre a D, I dont shout about it on My profile so as not to scare off the more timid, but its an area of great interest. Try Me, I wont be shocked by anything.

My chief goal is the development of a poly household which has worked very well for me in the past, the current household is very much in its infancy. Im very aware that different subs and slaves have different strengths and I intend to have a number of roles that allow each to realise their full potential, what ever that might be. That said, Im always interested to hear from new people of all sorts.
6/26/2012 11:54:43 AM

I have decided to start using My journal to record My thoughts on specific aspects of BDSM in the hope it might provide further insight into who I am and what I'm looking for as well as occasionally interesting and amusing people.

I thought I'd start by talking about how people tend to define things within this world in a very binary fashion - it is or it isn't. This seems odd to Me given O/our community is dependent on degrees of things. The one that I find particularly confusing is the play vs 24/7 distinction. Some people have a vanilla relationship and play kinky games occasionally in the bedroom. Fine. True as well. Some people live the role non-stop. Equally fine equally true.
The problem is 24/7 has come to carry with it an association that all day every day is spent shackled to the wall, encased in rubber and beaten with bull whips. Clearly that's not realistic for everyone. And you often see people saying they can't do 24/7 due to work or school or family.

Many of U/us who live O/our roles want that control to be present at all times, it doesn't mean it always has to be exercised. I've come up with another term (I don't expect it to catch on, but it works for Me) - Absolute Control it means you can go to work, or you can come to the restraunt with Me or sit beside Me on the sofa as I watch telly if I like, W/we all can operate as 'normal' human beings, but W/we know at all times that I this is because I allow it. Any order given at any time will be followed, any detail of any of these activities is Mine to control if I wish. If I do not then W/we can enjoy the activity together.

Obviously this wont apply to all roles, but I thought it a useful premise.

 Age: 22
  New Jersey