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Journal Entries by wingsy:
7/23/2016 5:48:51 PM

Feelin His Power




The touch of his breath as he leans in to graze my lips feeling his heat


He reaches back and touching your neck


Feelin his power in his slightest touch


His lips touch mine


I feel his soft lip press into mine


Feelin his power as his lips take over


He grabs me by the back of the hair as his pulls me in closer


He bites my lower lip as he pulls me in even closer


I feel his powerful hands moving along my body


Tearing at my clothes


Trying to release me from the one thing he wants most


My flesh my skin pressed up against his


He pulls me in closer


He kisses me deep and long


As his hands slowly move up my body


I feel his hands reach my throat and it send shivers throughout my body


He kisses me even deeper and harder


Slowly his grip gets tighter and tighter


I feel my breath leave my body


But im not afraid


There is no fear in my eyes, my body is at peace and safe


As his grip gets even tighter he leans in and kisses me


Feelin his power he breath life into me


His kiss gets even deeper


He finally releases me and I gasp for air


He grabs me close whispering in my ear, “babygirl, are you ok?”


Always making sure “his” is safe


I hold him close, smile up to reassure him I am in bliss


For I am where I am safe and cared for


Where no harm will ever come to me


Feelin his power I am home where I belong

10/15/2015 9:27:05 PM

Dream Last Night






I had a dream last night


I was on my knees


Begging for your collar


You pulled me in your lap


And place the collar around my neck


Saying, “I've waited my whole life for this.”


“You belong to me now!”


“You are mine to do as I please.”


You held me in your arms tight


I finally felt home


Able to breathe in your warm scent


To feel the strength in your arms


As you pull me closer into you


I melt, sinking deeper into you


You gently place me on the floor


“Kneel before your Master, your One.”


I gladly obey with a smile on my face


Tears rolling down


You pick me up


Kissing the tears away


Then I wake up


I'm alone


Desperately I close my eyes


Trying to get back to that dream


Hoping for just one more glace


One more glimpse of that future I prey for


I lay in bed


Feeling the coldness next to me


I start to weep


Wondering if this dream will even become reality


So, I pick myself up and start the day


Looking forward to what may lie ahead for me


I had a dream last night


And one day that dream will come true



10/15/2015 9:26:00 PM

A slaves Heart




A girls slave heart


Walking thru this world, not knowin where you belong


Wandering around tryin to…find, that life… you’ve been yearning for


Searching high and looking low, terrified to think that my fate might just be a dream


Praying to wake from this nightmare called life.


Dreaming of the day when my world will finally make sense


Scared to death that you may find, no one out there who will understand, this slaves heart


This lonely slave heart sits, longing to hear those words, any words making this lonely one feel wanted and needed for a lifetime


Longing to be set free from the chains that can weight you to the depth of the unknown


Lost in the dark, in a maze of broken promises and outright lies


Glancing around, a faint light in the distance catches your eye


Finally seeing for the first time, hope and a spark of life come back in your eyes


Falling as you run to that peace your body and mind desire


Then you see it, with tears in your eyes, that peace that you had been longing for standing there in front of you


Seeing the love in His eyes, as He pulls you into His waiting arms, finally you can breathe, knowing you are His and His alone


Knowing with every fiber of your being that He is who you were went meant to serve


Pleasing Him is all you can think of, and with that knowledge, one day you will become one


He looks down at you and smiles, at that moment you know…you are home


Safe and sound, never worrying where your heart belongs again


For she has given Him the greatest gift that this world will ever know


She has given Him her all, her never ending obedience


She hands Him a box, a symbol of her undying love and pride of her Master


A vow to Him and Him alone, a promise that He will be the only one that will ever hold the key to


His slaves heart

10/15/2015 9:23:07 PM

My Master






I wake up in the morning and feel the cool steel of His collar as it goes back to where it belongs.


I look over and I see Him still sleeping and just stare at the one who has stolen my heart.


As I reach over to feel His warm flesh in mine. He stirs and gives out a slight moan. Rolls over and say with a smile, “good morning my slave”. I beam with pride of the sound of my name.


He pulls me in close as we do our morning ritual. Hands over each others hearts, forehead touching. Allowing our souls to greet the other. We lay in each others arms just feeling the closeness. I have found my home, I have found my heart and He is right here. He is no longer a dream but my reality. He is no longer a maybe but here flesh and blood. Oh, how I want to serve Him. How I long too stay at His feet and worship Him. For He is the one that I have been waiting for all of my life. The one has made my life complete. I am so lucky to have a man in my life like Him. He has shown me my calling, my way of life. He is the only one who has ever truly earned the right to claim me. He alone shall forever be called Master. For He owns every part of me. My heart, mind, body and soul, belong to Him. I give it to Him freely and with pride. He is my Master. I say that name proudly. My Master

10/7/2015 10:09:38 AM

The Start Of A Wonderful Night 




You walk in the door and see me there on my knees nakkie waiting for you. You smell something yummy coming from the kitchen. You ask me what it is and I say your favorite. You walk over to your chair, you pet my head as you pass by, and I follow on my hands and knees.


I reach your chair and I ask you, “Master may I please you?”. You look down at me and nod. I take off your shoes, undo your belt and unzip your pants. On the outside of your underwear I nibble and tease your manhood. I stroke it up and down with my hand. Feeling it get harder and harder. I take off your underwear and tease the head of your cock with my tongue. Licking it up and down, big long strokes. Then I take all you in my mouth, all the way down my throat. I feel your manhood pulsating in my mouth. I lick and suck as if it was my last meal. You hold the back of my head as you guide my mouth to the direction and speed you wish. Sucking harder and faster, taking your manhood in deeper and deeper down my throat. Tears in my eyes as you fuck my face. Then you stop. I look at you with confusion on my face. Hoping I haven’t displeased you in any way. You look down at me and smile. You grab my hair and take me into the bedroom and throw me on the bed. You look at me and start to giggle. You point to the closet and tell me, “Pick 2 that you like and 2 that you don’t”. As you sit on the bed waiting for me to make my choice. I come back with the flogger, the paddle, the crop, and a ball gag. You look at my choices and laugh out loud. You know what to do with each and everyone of them and knows the reason behind each choice. You point to the bed and I obey at once, already knowing with just a look what I am to do. I lay on my back, hand above my head and legs apart. You look at me and your eyes light up. Knowing that I am yours to do as you please, knowing I will lay there and allow you to do as you wish to me. “Turn over, I want your back side tonight”. Without blinking an eye I obey. Laying face down, you reach for my hair and pulls hard. Placing the ball gag in my mouth, whispering in my ear, “It is only for a little while my girl”, knowing that I do not likes the gag. Then you tie my arms and legs to the bed posts. And begin to take the crop and smack my bum with it. Harder and harder with each swing. After a few hits you rub the spot where you just hit. Kissing and caressing. Letting me knows that you are here and you will not harm me in anyway. Then you reach for the flogger. Taking your time and making sure I feel each and every sting as you hit harder. Hitting my back, my legs, my bum, and even making sure that you hit my pussy. You ask me if I am doing ok. I nod and reassure you that all is well. Then you untie me. You smile again and even chuckle a little under your breath. You remove the gag and ask me how I am doing, I smile and say, “All is wonderful, my Master.” You sit down on the bed and points to you lap. I go to get on my knees and you grab my by my hair and lays my across your lap. I had forgotten, one more toy to be used. I lay across your lap. And without warning, crack goes the paddle on my bum. You run your hand across where you had just hit, chuckles and says, “MMMMM...that is a nice warm spot.” Crank, goes the paddle again. This time you feels my body shake. Crack, one last good smack before you pulls me in close to you. Whisper in my ear, “I am proud of you my girl, you did well”. Then you tells me to get dressed it is time for supper. I hurry and get dressed so I can serve the food. By the time you are showered, dressed and at the table, everything is set nice and plates are ready to eat.








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