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Journal Entries by jenny82e:
12/2/2015 8:44:34 AM
For all the fans of a relaxation here i create one to read.
Maybe it will hold your attention so much that you read it completly. Would be nice to hear from you how it was working on you.

There is a time not really far away from here and now where you are able to say yes to yourself and give everything away to find your inner balance out of that fast world around you. To hold on for a moment maybe that perfect moment you do have in your mind. There is something happen on you, helping you to rest back just only for that moment in your mind because you find the time is right. You do have that time for yourself to enjoy a calm and peaceful feeling when you rest back. When you breath in and out. You sit or lay there and you try to find it out. To be in that one perfect moment. How will that feel. Where will it lead you. Make it happen and you find it out. It is for your best when you say yes to yourself. Just to be in that one perfect moment. What will you find there?
Calmness, peace, to be carefree. Nothing to think there without any worries and fears.
A place on the sunny site of live.
A journes into the distance into space
where you are free
free of anything
free to breath
high on a mountain
there on a beach
in a forest on a lake
in warm moment where the time standing still
every sound you hear fading away or changing into somewhat you will hear there
everything you see fading away or changing into somewhat you will see there
and there is only one thing you like to do
it is for your best and you feel it in a way
to relax is easy
as easy as to breath
and when you breath
you breath in the relaxation
into your lungs
into your body
into your mind
it is not important to understand that all
pay not your attention to the things happen on you
pay your attention to how it makes you feel
how it is relaxing you
breath by breath
word by word
still going on
and you will sink deeper into that wonderful sensation
into that wonderful moment
of peace and calmness
you are just there
and with each moment you let it go
you let it go deeper
and deeper
so easy and nice
you can feel all that perfect moment to be in balance
to be safe
ready to give up all of your worries for that perfect moment
all of your fears to be there on that place in that perfect moment
it can happen that your body feel heavy
warm and drifting swaying in a nice calm rhythem from side to side or back and forth
be aware of your perfect moment
where you are safe
into that feeling
into that moment
that perfect moment
of harmony
waves of relaxation
washing down over you
and your body becomes more and more
that's right
with each breath deeper
and deeper
that sensation when you loose yourself
into that perfect moment
a perfect moment for you
even deeper
a perfect moment for you
and deeper
a perfect moment for you
the time is standing still there
a perfect moment for you
there is nothing to think
a perfect moment for you
you can relax and drift away on a cloud of your own fantasy
a perfect moment for you
you can enjoy that journey so far away from here and now
a perfect moment for you
you only want to relax
a perfect moment for you
a perfect moment for you
a perfect moment for you
so deep and relaxed
a perfect moment for you
when you find yourself there in that perfect moment
you write to me it is my perfect moment
and you know
a perfect moment for you
will keep you there and will bring you back to that perfect moment
now enjoy it
your perfect moment and with the next 10 deep and slow breaths in and out
you find your way back from that perfect moment
and you feel so good and perfectly refreshed
energized and in balance with yourself.

11/14/2014 8:11:23 AM
Last day I found an old friend again, Mistress Hypnokat. I'm happy to found her again.


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