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Ive been on here before, but only for a very short time. I thought I found what I was looking for and then found that the other person was just playing games. Im interested in exploring my submissive nature and see where it leads.

Ive been exploring fetishes for a while now. Ive come to realize that what Im looking, what Ive always been looking for, is feminization. Complete and total feminization. I know I may not be perfect. If you came across me on the street you would likely think I was a normal straight male. But I now know that Im not, nor have I ever been. I need you to take me and mold me into the perfect feminine slave. You will mold me and make me into your image of womanhood and in return I will be yours. I will serve at your pleasure and at your will. I will become anything you desire. I eagerly await your strength.

Please be aware that this is not a forced feminization fantasy of mine. I have actually started hormones twice before. But I clearly lack the fortitude and determination that it requires to do this on my own. I would like to think of what Im looking for is more along the lines of enforced femininity.
 Age: 25
 Iowa, Iowa