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Hi, looking for a slave to mold and train to absolute obedience, masochist also welcome, online first... age does not matter (18+ of course), mindset on the other hand does.

Nationality does not matter, but English or German speaking preferred.

Master R.

If a key opens a lot of locks, then it is considered a Master Key. . . If a lock is opened by a lot of keys, then it is considered to be worthless. . . The foolish man seeks only the key to unlock his womans sexuality, and upon doing so, both quickly tire of each other, and both are soon alone. The soft man seeks only the key to unlock her heart, and upon doing so, merely becomes her friend. The wise man seeks the key to unlock her mind, and upon doing so, discovers he has the other two keys...


Sadly, there seem to be many either fake or impolite people around who on one hand read the messages they receive but do not care to reply to them in any way - thats a disappointing development but probably a product of internet anonymity!