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Hello there,

If you would like to talk then send me a message I am pretty easy to talk to and the name here is just a funny play on words I hope it doesnt scare you off or offend you. I seek a female slave who will be put through loss of control (The more control the better) clothing is one of my favorite things to control. Every type of activity is different for different people and I love to get to know a persons mindset so the mental aspect is stronger than the physical. I do want a long term relationship with someone who is amazing and intelligent all in one package.

I am a real person and care to get to know you. I am happy to talk and see what type of person you are.

If you have any questions for me I am happy to answer any and all that I receive. A few of the typical questions I have received are 1) Q What types of things do you enjoy? A I enjoy all types of kink related things from dressing a girl in sluttish clothing, to training her as a puppy girl, to having her stand in the corner, to controling her orgasms. 2) Q Are you looking for 247, online, or rt? A I have had real time relationships and enjoy them very much. Ideally that is what I am looking for, a real time relationship, 247

I have a fetlife account as well if you would care to look me up there feel free to ask. 

Yes, I tore my Achilles' tendon last week.
There is a new picture up.
I almost had what I wanted. It was that close and then gone...

Costco now has peanut butter M & M's. Thank you for answering my prayers!

Is the name I have here just too intimidating?

It says I have a New Chat Request but when I click it the screen is blank. You should unhide your profile.

Wow. Doctor Who, you did it again!

I'm actually a very nice, genuine, and funny person. Even while being Dominant. I know that is hard to believe.

It is nice to be home. A week away is far to long!

If you don't watch The League...You should.


I consider myself more Jack Carter then Nathan Stark.

I feel like the name I have chosen here tends to scare some people off before they even are willing to get to know me. Some people are more then others can handle.

I'm not a big Rex Ryan fan but I love his quote on SportsCenter tonight. 

"If the worst thing people can say about you is you're too nice...I appreciate that."

Sounds about right in describing me.

Well this fucking sucks. What am I suppose to do?

Finally finished catching up on True Blood...what mind numbing show should I watch now?

Happy Birthday America!

Happy Valentine's Day Indeed.

May all your dreams be white...

Tuesday = Birthday, should be fun.
By the way, the girl in my profile is not mine. Just to clear that up.
Another Birthday means another chance for me to demand gifts from people like the Dommes do. What a joke...
Everyone is broken in some way shape or form it is how you are holding yourself together, be it by tape, glue or smoke and mirrors, that is important.
Some people are to good to be true. Apparently I am one of those people.
Electric Paddle *evil grin*
Stupid sunburn :/
I was just sent a link from a friend for OKC and it is funny to see people from here.
I'll take Carlos Pena in the Home Run Derby. Anyone disagree?
Damn, the USA looked so good for most of the match and then the Italians struck...
I hate the Ducks.
Just like last year...I will expect all these gifts on my birthday just like all these Domme's expect :P
I just got 193,401 playing Tetris. How the hell did those people get such a high score!?
I'm going with Josh Hamilton to win the Home Run Derby on Monday. Anyone want to bet?
The Italians crashed out of the Euro Championships with a poor preformance. They deserved to be beat by Spain sadly.
I met someone that I really like and want to own. But it is not going to happen sadly...a bit frustrating
Who is everyone taking for Euro 2008? I'm torn between Italy and the Dutch. I guess I will just have to watch on June 9th and see who is better.

Pick = Italy

Oh no!! Cannavaro is hurt!
I really dislike Brandon Morrow right now...
If you are a Dominant female and you send me a message, please make sure your mail controls allow for me to send you a message back lol
I was given ISIS "The Worlds hardest puzzle" Hopefully I figure it out before next year haha
Merry Christmas!!!
I finished another degree today!!! :)
My Birthday is on the 28th....I wonder if I should ask for gifts like many Dommes do.
I just got back and what a trip! It was amazing!
I am leaving for Thailand starting 8/9 through 8/26 if you would like to talk to me you can send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I return back home.
I'm off to Thailand in just over a week! :)
The Home Run Derby was amazing! Hopefully the All-Star game will be the same. :)
There is something to be said about owning a puppy
I meet a very nice little girl the other day...
I graduated! Now just to find something to do with my BS in Physics haha
I am going to be gone from the 28th-31st so don't think I left :) I will be back.
I graduate in just under two weeks!!
A picture is worth a 1000 words... The preview picture on petgirls dot com is more then just 1000 words.
Here is a question for you all...What is the most degrading/humiliating you have done/had done to you/ thought of doing or having done to you? :) You tell your and I will tell mine.
If you have seen the new Wired Pussy series for Nov 2 then that should give you some idea...
Since people have been asking... I have been involved with training two puppy girls previously. I enjoy babygirls, ponies, pigs, and dressing a slave. To name a few.