Vertical Line



just like Shady, I'm back!

not new to this site or lifestyle, just unpartnered again.

and in a new city.

Stretchmarks, scars and cellulite

It's a conversation that i've had far too often. "I want to take it off but I have scars", "I hope you don't mind my stretch marks" or what's worse "please don't be disappointed".

I can't and i'm not going to pretend to speak for all men ( I am increasingly realising that there are a large number of us who are unequivocal dick heads) But I can say with confidence that I am not phased in the slightest. By your scars, your stretch marks or any other imperfections.
Each one of them is a different aspect of you and possibly even tells a story that explains why you are the incredible person you are.

My favourite thing to do on a play date is you standing in front of me so I can enjoy and explore every inch of you.