Vertical Line


Longing to serve that special One once more. Seeking a Partner whose dominant nature extends beyond the bedroom, who has a clear vision how to mold His property to please Him and thus her also. He will communicate well, be honest, caring, consistent in His behavior and worthy of another's trust. He is a non-smoker as am i and wishes His partner to be a friend, companion and lover as well as devoted servant and cherished property sharing both D/s and vanilla pleasures. Some of the mundane things i enjoy include dancing, reading, the outdoors, music (especially the blues, new age and Celtic) and street fairs. Hoping to find One i can serve with loving devotion and with whom i can build a mutually satisfying monogamous relationship based on effective communication, trust, respect, honesty, and caring. I am most interested in meeting Dominants in the NC Triangle as i am not inclined to relocate at this time in my life although it's not totally impossible and then again, Dominants are sometimes willing to move to join a serious partner.

Happy New Year everyone and best wishes in 2009 !