Vertical Line


I am an educated professional who has been into bdsm for 8 years now, seeking another educated professional between the ages of 22-30--who would a) understand the need for discretion only with regard to our 'play' activity, b) recognize that 'life' can sometimes get in the way of our bdsm activities, c) utilize her cerebral capacity (meaning you can think! lol). That's not much to ask for. In return you'd get a healthy, fit (I swim, run, cycle, etc.), patient and loyal Man who still, perhaps foolishly, believes in monogamy. And I enjoy giving a spanking with a firm guiding hand, perhaps with some bondage as an appetizer and bringing you to an endorphin rush with some pain as a dessert. Thanksgiving passed and I have a relatively full life; I realize that a submissive who could become my friend lover and confidante is all that's missing to make it a full, gratifying life, so we can help each other become the best we can be. It's now time to see if a like-minded female with a submissive streak would be physically and emotionally available to become friends then playmates, and maybe a courtship with an eye to the future.
BTW, GTA refers to an automobile (it's not just a car! lol)--an Alfa Romeo GTA.