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Hello there. For the sake of this little passage I'll just call myself J seeing as ultimately
Male Slave, 19,  Texas

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BisexualMale Dominant
Age: 36, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 160 lbs.
Location: BC, Canada
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Hello there. For the sake of this little passage I'll just call myself J seeing as ultimately when I do find a Master to fully own me he will call me what he likes. I'm seeking a Master to live with and own me full time. I am into most all kinks and eager to serve. My only hard limits are scat and literal beastiality. Other limits are blood and feminization but open for discussion. Beyond that is free flupping game. Just a few things I like include


Bondage in all its forms


Verbal abuse

Water sports




Forced stuff

The list goes on and on. Chances are if I've done it I loved it and if I haven't I really want to. But this goes beyond just kinky play. I want to be fully owned by a dominant Alpha Who knows what he wants and is gonna get it one way or the other. My duty is to serve my Master in any and every way he demands. I would typically be kept in the house naked, collared, restraints on my wrist and ankles ass plugged, maybe my dick in chastity if Master desires and maybe gagged as well. I would possibly do domestic chores as demanded and when not being used or performing tasks would be tied up. Maybe shoved in a cage for periods of time. My ass mouth and body are for my Masters pleasure. And my joy comes from his satisfaction and happiness. Please hit me up and let's talk some. I would like to find a Master to fully own me.

== Results from == 100% Slave 100% Degradation receiver 98% Bondage receiver 98% Submissive 94% Pet 94% Brat 90% girl/boy 90% Primal (Prey) 79% Experimentalist 74% Exhibitionist 73% Masochist 63% Voyeur 63% Non-monogamist 62% Ageplayer 27% Vanilla 1% Degradation giver 0% Owner 0% Sadist 0% Brat tamer 0% Bondage giver 0% Switch 0% Primal (Hunter) 0% Dominant 0% Daddy/Mommy 0% Master/Mistress 0% All-Rounder See my results online at

Journal Entries:
7/22/2016 7:23:40 PM
If I had it my way my life would be simple. I would be owned by a hot master. I would spend the rest of my life tied up, gagged, blindfolded, ass plugged, and caged. I'd be nothing but a cheap toy my master and his friends use to get off. Nothing more than a fuck hole.

9/29/2015 12:07:19 PM
A true born slave achieves a form of enlightenment very few are ever able to attain. How is this so? What do I mean? It's simple and it all boils down to Maslows Hierarchy of Needs. The first stage is Physiological, as in food water etc. For a true owned slave this is a need the slave need not worry about. They know they'll be fed, they'll have water, that they'll have shelter and a place to lay their little head. The next being safety needs, as in surviving or having a job etc. They know they'll be relatively safe as they're Master wants to keep them around and healthy for their own purpouses. A dead slave is a useless slave after all. Next is the Belonging need. A true born slave belongs in slavery is meant to serve. Their servitude fulfills this need. Next is the Esteem need. As in self confidence and the like. A true slave should have confidence in their abilities to please their Master. Some people never make it this far up the chart however a true slave this should be the minimum requirement of fulfilled needs. But for a true born slave they are able to achieve the next highest form of need. A need few ever attain. That being the Self Actualization need. Meanig spending their life doing souley what they love and not ever worrying about the other needs. A slave at most should worry only about Esteem and Self Actualization needs. A true born slave knows what they are and where by their place is. A true born slave takes pleasure and joy in pleasing and serving their Master. A true born fully owned slave puts their Master first and concerns itself only with pleasing and serving. And a true born slave takes joy in this and k ow this is their place. Thus once fully owned they are able to attain this highest form of need. And once these needs are fulfilled one achieves a unique form of enlightenment. Regardless of enlightenment being your belief in these needs or not it can easily be agreed that a slave is one of the few, that's to say a true born slave who is fully owned, who can fulfill all these needs. Masters however, not to say they can't achieve all needs, have to worry about far more than a slave does. All a slave must keep in mind is pleasing their Master. Who wouldn't desire such a life?

9/27/2015 7:32:37 PM
How is a slave defined? Many say a slave is defined by it's Master. In some aspects this is true. Such as what it wears, or doesn't wear, how it addresses, and it's duties. However that is not what DEFINES a slave. A slave is defined by its eagerness to serve. It's willingness to go beyond its own comfort level for its Master. It is difined by its skill, improvment, and the quality of its shall we say work, unless duties would be a better term. A slave that is to say a true slave''s desires, wants, and personality matter not, and though it is the "lowest" form of humanity (will discuss that in next journal) is still considered human. The quality of its work, it's eagerness to serve, and it's willingness to improve and please are the biggest way, and for some the only way, slaves can express themselves. All slaves are different, each like a wine. Different and unique "tastes" or combination of natural skills. This is how a slave is defined. Not by their Master, or their identity, BUT BY THEIR SERVICE.

9/24/2015 12:12:05 PM
I want to talk just a moment about the strength of a slave.Many people have fallen into this belief that a slave is weak and pathetic. That however is furthest from the truth. A true slave possess a unique strength mentally emotionally and spiritually than most are able to comprehend. A true slave at its core is stronger (so to speak) than most any Dom or Master. It takes this unique strength to withstand and do the kinds of things slaves have to. Though their body and mind belong to their master their spirit is wholly their own. And within that spirit lies this strength. A slave allows himself to be so because he knows his place is in servitude to his master doing whatever it takes to please him. A slaves joy comes from making their master happy. A slave is "weak" because he allows himself to be because thats what his master wants. A weaker lesser being to own. However to truly fulfill his role a slave must possess this unique strength. This strength and this knowledge is how we as slaves can hold our heads up high (or low if told to lol) and be proud to be SLAVES.

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