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Hetero Female Submissive, 66,  California
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The Lady in Chains
I have been with my Hubby/Master for over 30 years. We met in high school. He sensed my submission early and my need for restraints. My father was a cop and I would play with his cuffs when I was home alone. Later on, my future Hubby was cuffing me on our dates.The day before our wedding, my Hubby gave me an i.d. anklet and soldered the clasp shut. I still wear it. On our honeymoon, I was given a set of hand and anklecuffs. I wore these whenever I could or was told to. Except the leg irons pinched and I couldn't get housework done in the handcuffs. On my tenth anniversery, I was fitted with custom ankle shackles. They are polished steel and are closed with small bolts and only my Hubby has the tool to remove them. The chain is removeable for when I have to go out. Since 1994, I've worn my ankle shackles nearly 24/7. The 19" chain comes off a couple times a week, but the anklets stay on for months. They are removed only for Doctors, air travel,etc. I love the feel of them, as well as the sound they make when I move about. They remind me daily of my need for restraints and my complete submission to my Hubby.
Please note: Guys, I am happily married and interested only in chatting with other female subs and slaves with similiar interests.










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Journal Entries:
4/7/2008 11:22:26 PM
  It's been a while since my last entry--how time flies. After my new year's "walk-around" the City and our neighborhood, Hubby allowed me to start going for walks around the neighborhood after the evening news. It's very quiet here late at night, and we have few streetlights. He comes with me, of course. He's not a big fan of walking/hiking, like me, so He added a leash "to keep me from getting too far ahead". I rarely wore a leather collar and leash outside before, but I'm getting used to it now and starting to like it. I try to go out 3 to 4 times a week. He likes pulling on my leash and we both love the rustle of the chain. When we occasionally encounter other people, Hubby lets me stuff the leash inside my coat. Since it's so dark, no one has noticed the ankle chain, I think. One lady crossed the street to say "hi" and walked with us, talking constantly, for three blocks before leaving us. My heart was pounding the whole time. That was replaced with near-euphoria when she left. :) I still enjoy my morning walks, unchained, but it's not quite the same as before.

1/19/2008 1:41:31 AM
  We had made no firm plans for new years. Hubby called that day from work and asked if I would like dinner and "fireworks" in the City. (Sure I would). I Dressed in a white wool turtleneck top, leather jacket, leather pants and  4" heels. I left myself unchained. Hubby arrived, showered and changed. He measured my inseam, ?? and went into the garage. He returned with a black aluminum chain and fed it down each pant leg. He locked the ends to each  anklet with a quik-link. he pulled the top of the chain and pad-locked it to a loop on my belt. Since it didn't "show" and I loved the feeling of it brushing between my legs and my pants when I walked I didn't complain. We drove into the City and parked the car in the Bush st. garage. We walked from the chinatown gate to north beach for dinner. I was close to an 'O' most of the time. We dined at an older Italian "tratoria" on Columbus st. The ones' with the windows that go to floor-level. Hubby got us a table at the window. After a couple glasses of wine, I looked down at my reflection, I could see that when I had sat down, the chains in my pants had dropped and were visible next to my shoes. People walking by were looking at the chains. What the hell-- The wine ,veal and pasta were great. I forgot about the chains-Hubby ordered a cab and we went to the Embarcadaro for the fireworks. I jingled in and out of the cab. The fireworks  were GREAT! afterwards, we went to a nearby bar for a nightcap ( using the ancient term). Actually, several. Afterwards, I wanted to stroll along the waterfront. It's all redone and very nice now. Hubby said ok. When we reached a quiet spot, I sat down on a bench and changed into a pair of flats. He said to kneel, then he pad-locked a black aluminum chain between my ankles. I got up and started to cry, "I can't do this"--He said it's san francisco--nothing is weird here. He was right. The street-lighting was sublime so the black ankle chain was hard to see and almost noiseless. I could have walked all night.  After a short while, I wanted other people to notice. One couple behind us whispered " That lady's ankles are chained". I loved it. Hubby was getting tired, so he  got us a cab around 2:30 a.m. to take us back to the parking garage. The cabby saw me stumble into the back seat, still in chains, and never batted an eye. When we got home ( after 3:30 a.m.) I let Hubby walk me around in front of the house.  I loved it. Gotta do this again next year.

12/21/2007 9:27:37 AM
 I submitted a recent photo of me today, out for a stroll in the Park.  No face though.

12/1/2007 1:06:30 AM
  We posted a couple more photos.
 Yes, the anklets are real, and were only off for about 3 hrs. for cleaning and polishing.
  We've been invited to another wedding next month! The last one was about 14 mos. ago. I'm a friend of the bride's mother. This was a "traditional" wedding and I was expected to wear a floor-length dress and heels. Hubby said he would remove my chain but wouldn't budge on the anklets. I pleaded and even cried. He compormised by putting a rubber band on my left anklet's o-ring to keep it from jingling. The limo arrived and it was a challenge for me to get in and out without "flashing" the driver. The services were nice and the reception was great. We ate, drank and danced. The rubber band soon fell off and I jingled. After a few drinks, I didn't care about who-saw-what. When we prepared to leave, I even "hiked" my dress just enough for the bride to see my anklets. She just said, "love those." Except for getting in and out of the limo, I could have worn the chain too. Hubby says I just might for the next one.

9/16/2007 12:22:14 AM
 To answer a sub/slave request if I ever went "public". Yes, sort of: 
   The last exotic-erotic ball we went to, I think in 1999, I was one of several "french-maids" there. We had dinner in S.F. before showing up-the whole town was in costume, and I had had several drinks so I didn't care if anyone saw my anklets, collar and leash in the restaurant. No one really took notice. Right after we got inside the ball, Hubby handcuffed me and attached my ankle chain. I was the only leashed, cuffed and ankle-chained 'Maid that I saw there. He says I had a great time. The week after Halloween, Hubby had arranged for a stay in Monterey for a couple of days. I love to shop and walk on the beach there. He had made the reservations and packed for me without my knowledge. He blindfolded me on a Tues. morn., removed my ankle chain and helped me into the car. I love surprises. We spent the day there sitting and walking along the pathways. We had dinner that evening on the wharf. I was  told to wear my leather pants, bustier, jacket, and my 4" heels. I knew my leather pants wouldn't quite cover my anklets, but it would be dark. It was warm and Hubby  walked me about ten blocks afterwards. The next morning we drove to the state park on hwy 1. I had always liked to hike along the beach and paths there. We always went during the weekdays to avoid  crowds. I hiked/dragged Hubby to the far end of the park where we had a picnic at our favorite secluded little beach. As I got up to leave, He made me stop and kneel. He locked the chain to my anklets and said the keys were in the car. We were over a mile away. I was both scared-and-thrilled. We encountered only one couple on the way back. I stopped and stood on the chain hoping they wouldn't see it when they walked by. What for? My jeans Hubby had packed for me were old and had shrunk and wouldn't  cover my anklets. We walked back to the car via the path and the beach. It was a lovely walk. We had a dinner date in Santa Cruz on the way home and Hubby had agreed to unchain my ankles when we left the Park.  However, the beach sand in Monterey had gotten into the little padlocks and the keys would not work. Hubby hadn't bothered to bring the the tool to remove  my anklets so I was chained until we got home. I was secretly thrilled, yet I cried for most of the way to Santa Cruz.  I  briefly considered going into the restaurant anyway, ankle chains and all. We ended up going through a drive-thru and eating in the car. At home Hubby had to cut the locks off. He uses quik-links now instead of padlocks. They use a wrench instead of a key. We've been back every year  to Monterey since.

9/8/2007 2:48:14 AM
  I've gotten a bunch of nice e-mails lately-thanks again to those who sent them. It's nice to know that I'm not the only sub/slave that spends her days, and enjoys each day,in some kind of restraints. I can't imagine life without them.
  I started around age 13 when I tried on one day, for some reason, my Father's extra pair of handcuffs. My parents were still at work when I got home from school, so I was on my own every day for a couple of hours and expected to do my homework.  The handcuffs wouldn't close tight on my wrists, I was a lot smaller then, and I could wiggle out of them, so I tried them on my ankles-a perfect fit. Can't explain the feeling I got from them, but I spent the rest of the eighth-grade and High school doing my homework  with my ankles cuffed whenever possible.  Later on, Hubby told me when we started dating, he had noticed the  marks on my ankles but didn't say anything. I had liked them tight but I never thought that someone else would notice. Finally, on a date, we discussed each other's "fantasies" among other things. I was reluctant to say anything at first, but he correctly guessed what was making the marks on my ankles. He was more than happy to indulge me. I felt safe with him, so I started bringing the cuffs on dates. On a drive-in date, he would cuff me as soon as I got into the car. If we went to a restaurant, and we liked the dimly-lit ones, we would be seated, and then I would discreetly swing my legs into his lap and be cuffed. I wouldn't be "freed"  until we were ready to leave. We did this dozens of times and I was never "caught." Hubby still
has the handcuff key on his keyring to this day.

7/2/2007 1:27:57 AM
 I finally got a photo approved!  It's not current as I haven't worn the ankle cuffs in years. I still dress the same and weigh the same.

6/19/2007 2:29:52 AM
  I was asked how we managed our lifestyle while raising children. Simple, they came first and we went to great lengths to remain "vanilla" around them, so our sessions were infrequent but  intense. We are 90% vanilla anyway, so it was easy to act "normal" around them. When the last one moved out in 1994, Hubby told me changes would be made, and I was to be chained whenever I was at home. I was both thrilled and a little scared, but I talked him out of the handcuffs, if he wanted a clean house and a hot meal when he came home. Instead, the ankle shackles became 24/7, but only the connecting chain was removed when I left the house. This is how I've lived since then and I still love the feel of them.  Outside, I covered the anklets with thick socks and tennies. After a few years, we both had a desire to "flash a little metal", but not near home. I did it first, accidently. I decided to do some  gardening one morning before I went shopping, so I was left unchained.  I ran late, I grabbed my purse and drove to the Mall. As I slid out of my car I looked down at a pair of Levis, ankle shackles and flip-flops. I got that thrilled/scared feeling again. I didn't feel like driving all the way home for shoes and socks so I went in anyway. My jeans would just cover the anklets if I didn't sit or bend over, so I walked slow and didn't try on any shoes! After I calmed, I liked it and I've shopped that way many times since.

6/3/2007 12:48:47 AM
  I've been here a couple of weeks and have "met" a few nice people already. The not-nice ones have been blocked-a great feature here. I previously  posted on another website and everyone there, including the guys, were very polite. That being said, I've wanted for a long time to be able to discuss my lifestyle with other chained women. All these years I only ran into one other lady like me. Actually, she found me in the Mall during the Holidays. Some years back, I started going out, unchained, wearing  only jeans and sandals to cover my anklets. My left ankle shackle has an o-ring which jingles softly when I walk. I like that. This lady, in the Stanford Mall, heard it and homed-in on me. She introduced herself, and pulled up her pant-suit leg to show  a large anklet. We chatted over coffee, and she showed me her  set of axmar bracelets and anklets. She had worn them for two mos. and intended to wear them permanently.Her husband also kept the tool to remove them. She was amazed when I told her how long I had worn mine. We e-mail and meet at the Mall, but we're not ready to mingle the two families yet.

5/30/2007 3:26:13 AM

  Until a couple of years ago, I never knew web sites like this existed. I started wed surfing, with Hubby's permission and help, and found a few, and with other women with lifestyles like mine. Mainly, vanilla during the week, work, shopping and running the house.  Sessions and other adventures on weekends, but always in some level of restraint. Can't explain this need but Hubby has always been there to help! One hard limit we always had was concealing our lifestyle from family and our vanilla friends. This got a little  harder  after I began wearing the ankle chains 24/7. Outside, I spent most of my time in jeans, tennies or flip-flops. I can remove the chain to go outside, and my jeans cover the anklets, which I can not remove. Only Hubby  has the tool to remove them.

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