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an open book ask me anything but my address, I like to smoke,.I like daddysub roles, being tied up, rough sex, a little rape play )

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A deal to good to be true... Was made the offered today of being someone personal cam girl. Pay was $20,000 a month for 5 shows a week 2-3 hours long... I turned it down because there is no way that is not a scam but part of me wish it was real...

details- His boss is known business man who for some reason wants to pay girls to be his personal cam girl 5 times a week for a couple hours each time...  

Elle was driving home from work after another long day, the

music blaring inside the small compact car was Closer by NIN.

'I wanna fuck you like an animal ... I wanna feel from the inside.." She sang.

The long tree line drive hid her log house at the end of it. As she pulled in she noticed a black SUV sitting in front of the house Elle called home. Getting out of the car she looked around for the driver but didn't see anyone.

“Hello?” She called out, no one answered back. Going to the front door she found it still locked; so siding the key in she was inside in a few seconds. That was enough time for a hand to slip around her mouth and hips, pinning her to a hard body. The cloth over her mouth tasted awful, and was the last thought in her head before everything blinked out.


Her body weighed hardly anything, as John carried her back to his car and slipped a needle into her skin insuring she would be out for awhile. Her hair was soft like black silk running through his fingers, and what a lovely face wide eyes sitting on beautiful cheekbones. There had to be more than a little Indian mixed in the family heritage. Full lush lips, small nose, she was so beautiful.

Now with the house opened he could go in to see if there was anything worth taking besides her. As he went through her underwear drawer he found a flesh color dildo. Sniffing the panties were nothing compared to this find. Raising it to his lips sucked on the tip, tasting her. He was hard in his boxers, and wanted to be inside her. Quickly he finished grabbing the stuff he wanted and raced back to the car.. Standing over Elle he undid her jeans and ripped thin underwear exposing her smooth pussy. Sucking on the tip again of the toy, he got it wet then placed it at her entrance and slowly began to push it in. After the first bit was in he gripped the very end and impaled her with the rest. The toy being in as deep as it could go he turned it on full blast then pulled back up her clothes and buckled her pants. The loud buzzing and subtle twitch of body almost made him come right there.

A smile spread across his face as he got the gas can out of the back of the car and soaked everything in the bedroom then leading a trail out the front door. Dropping a match on the end he ran for his car and was away in seconds toward his home. He had been plotting this since seeing her profile online 3 months ago. It had said she was just looking for friends, but he hacked into the camera built into her computer and watched her. She would sit naked in front of it while checking her mail in the morning and sometimes at night. Now he had her, she would be fun and work great as an experimental subject. On her profile it said she loved monkeys, he hoped that was true because he had a monkey that would love her.

His laboratory was underground in the basement of his farm house, that sat alone on dirt road miles from other people. The small private farm provided most of the food, but it was his job as a software writer that really paid the bills. That and a side job in genetic experimentations, as well as the procuring of test subjects, like Elle.

She was for his most prized study, Adam, an ape by nature but almost human from experimenting. He was byproduct of testing ways to maximize fertility and crossing genes. He was like a human but hairy and hung like a horse; he was very special. Putting her inside the huge cage he laid her on bare mattress and starting undoing her cloths. In naked perfection he stared at her before attaching a collar that was stationed inside the middle of the huge cage. Pulling the dildo out her he set it aside and unzipped his pants. Wrapping his cock in a condom he pushed inside her. She started to wake up as he went in. Moving faster he swelled harder and made the thrust harder and rougher. Her body was bouncing, tits shaking as he fucked her. As her cunt started to tighten her eyes opened. Her hips still moving as she tried to push away. Wetness coated his cock as he went in and out of her. Dipping his finger inside her for a second he then started playing with her ass. Splaying the cheeks apart and slowly pushing his finger in drawing circles inside her. She was whimpering and tears began to run down her face.

“You know you like it.” He grunted. Reaching for the dildo he replace it for his finger in her ass. He pulled out and flipped her onto her chest so her ass was up in the air. Gripping the end of the dildo he forced it inside her as she screamed. Once he got it in he went back inside her pussy, he could feel the toy inside her as he pumped in and out. She was bucking and struggling, every time she pulled a little bit away he would pull out the toy and shove it back into place. Fucking her till he was ready to come he pull the dildo out once last time and enter her ass himself taking the condom off before he did. He came inside her with a loud grunt, and laid on her like a body pillow still buried inside her once tight ass.

“Thanks for the fun.” He said then pulled out and slapped her ass. Zipping up he left the cage shutting the locked door behind him.

“ADAM!” John called as he came upstairs.

The 6 foot tall ape jogged to him from outside, his huge cock almost to his knee and as thick as a Elle’s wrist. He wasn’t even hard yet, but he would be soon. God Elle was in for such a surprise, he was going to mate them. Or at least try, Adam would love having a mate.

“I have something for you Adam, it is a woman, you get to keep her.” John said slowly letting the words sink in to the animal.

Happy chatter came back as Adam pointed to his cock.

“Yes that’s right, you use that. Just like in the movies you watched.” John lead Adam downstairs while more chatter spilled out.

Inside the cage besides the mattress there was sunk in concrete pool about 3 feet deep, a table laid out with all kinds of fruits, and a toilet. The rest was free space with just a few spots carpeted. Elle was sitting in the far end of the pool when the pair came in.

John opened the door and let Adam inside. The first place he went was to the mattress and inhaled deeply, his gaze cut to Elle. Seeing her in the water he made a bee line straight to her, splashing through the water. She screamed and tried to get of the water before he could get to her but she wasn’t fast enough. He had her in a second and was dragging her out of the water and over to the table. Pinning her down with just one hand he reached for the pile of blackberries his favorite fruit. He pushed them into her one at a time. Totally unfazed by her yelling and struggling. He put as may as would fit , the purple juice leaking out and staining her pussy. Switching his hold to pin her arms over her head Adams huge cock started to push inside her. She screamed as he stretched her farther and wider, but he kept going deeper. Feeling the berries pop inside her he went faster. He got all inside her and stopped, just laid pushed inside her, then he went crazy fucking her as fast as he could. His cock was so big it sealed and airtight lock inside her when he came inside his cock twisted and its head hardened into a hook shape, trapping them together.

Elle went to crawl away but could only get as far as his cock. As she tried to harder to pull away his cock got harder to. Gripping her hips he got on his knees and was fucking her doggy style. He was slower this time and got bigger. His come still hot spilling out with the purple juice. Pulling her by the hair he brought her off her knees and hold the back of her neck with his teeth. His hot animal seed exploding inside her cunt so hard she came to.


“I now pronounce you mate and mated. Adam has made you his, in fact you wouldn’t be able to leave him if you wanted too. And I know you don’t want to , that would be crazy. In Adam’s mind he is your Master now. His cock hooked inside you and will stay there for hours maybe days. I let him practice on a sheep, but he hooked with it for weeks and fucked it to death. I’m sure you’ll do much better.” Said the man outside the cage.

“Please stop this!” Elle begged still trying to pull away from Adam. Having enough of Elle moving Adam wrapped his arms around her and walked to the mattress. Pushing her down he drove into her again, then settled on top of her so she couldn’t move.

“No you will stay here and bear his offspring, I’m sure you are already pregnant. He was made for fertility and you should be fertile as well. This will be your home now.”

“NOOOO!” came the cry from under Adam, who grunted and drove into her again.