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I have been interested in this lifestyle for longer than I can remember. My first thoughs were at around seven or eight years old when a group of girls were put into advanced math and I (having styled myself as a 'smart kid') was forced to stay in the normal math that everyone else had to do. For whatever reason I ended up imagining them tying me up, and then the record goes blank for a while until I stumbled upon some material on the internet. I have begun to realize that I am a submissive through and through. I work much better when I have someone calling me out on my own bullshit, and if I were to have been nominated for a senior superlative in high school it would have been "that kid who is so busy doing things for people that we're not even sure what he likes". I spend money when it's on other people, if you're not sure then let me buy you a beer sometime :). I believe that I hold a certain position in this world below women. I like to be reminded of this place. My biggest fantasy is being chastised like the cuckold I know that I am. Other than that I've never known a limit until it was looking me in the eyes and as long as it doesn't involve me being on fire or bleeding profusely I'm really easy to persuade into doing just about anything (especially if it's a command :).

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 Age: 23
 Manhattan, New York