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Pansexual Female Slave, 35,  Malaysia
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faralifestyle - slave

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 Female Slave







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 Lifestyle BDSM



 Anal Play



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 Obedience Training

Still looking for friends for this time.. Because i love to know peoples start with be a friend.. After that everything can be happen.. But im still know my status be a slave.. Yes i love to be use and abused by group.. I love get rough gangbang too.. Bound gangbang too.. And i love get humiliation and disgraceful by groups and crowd.. I have real experience with all this.. Not just my fantasy.. But before when i got all this always make me crying.. And i dont understand why i still want again and again.. Always love thinking my self just fuck toy.. Or for sex for everyone..

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Journal Entries:
3/15/2014 4:01:16 AM
Why im very excited for gang bang..? Im not sure why i love that.

8/6/2013 8:38:39 PM
I'm malay age 28....I love be a slave....if u ask why I not have a answer...maybe 10 year ago I don't like that...but from my age 20 i very love that...maybe sometime not good for me..because I'm always want more from my limits....what I'm very love get humiliation and gangbang..before I have 3 mistress 1 malay and 2 chinese...but I'm ready served all my friends mistress man anand women from my mistress order...

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