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Hetero Male Slave, 30,  San Francisco, California
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UPDATE 2/1/2018 - Moving to San Francisco to accept the offer of a lifetime. City and State have been updated to reflect this activity. Hi. :)
Previous Introduction - [Archived]
[Contact Information Below]
Hi. I am a late 20's grad student of Law and Business. I have plenty of experience when it comes to being a sub/slave and considerable understanding in the nuanced difference between the two. I am very intelligent. An enormous premium is placed on mutual respect. I understand that D/s calls for a certain discrepancy in terms of who's owed what but I also understand that one position is meaningless without the other. Hence the respect, for both the process at work and the P/people at play. You don't want a doormat, and if You do, i'm not the one for You. You should want someone worthy of You.
Listed to the side are my interests through the lens that this website offers, though i'm particularly well-versed in foot-worship/body-worship, CBT, Ballbusting, chastity and the like. The photos give a small glimpse of what i offer though by no means do the photos delimit the boundaries of what i am able to offer or capable of as a sub/slave.
Feel free to ask me whatever Y/you'd like, and read my journal entries for a historical context of where my mind has been mentally and what i've gone through the trouble to convey to Y/you. I am an open book for those who would choose to make a good faith effort to read.
Some fun facts about me outside of D/s
I am licensed to fly single engine aircraft I can speak a few languages I am incredibly gifted at playing the piano, having played since i was 6 years old I remember everything, yes really.

Kik, if this is something You use - evalstoevres Gmail - be sure to collarspace in the subject line,












Last Online:


 Male Slave

 San Francisco 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 10"

 198 lbs



 Not Listed



Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women

Online Romance


 Lives For:

 Genital Punishment (Expert)

 Foot Worship (Expert)

 Massage (Giving) (Expert)

 Queening (Expert)

 Online RPGs (Expert)

 Economics (Expert)

 Intellectual Discourse (Expert)



 Walking (Expert)

 Weightlifting (Expert)

 Body Worship (Expert)


 Breast Play



 Local BDSM Community (Beginner)


 Objectification (Expert)

 Orgasm Denial

 Chess (Expert)

 Mathematics (Expert)





 Body Building

 Paintball (Expert)





 Humiliation (Beginner)

 Outdoor Bondage

 Pantyhose Fetish

 Public Play

 Role Playing (Beginner)


 Watersports (Beginner)

 Sky Diving

 Curious About:

 Obedience Training



 Hard Limits:


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Journal Entries:
3/17/2016 4:49:00 AM
*Last Profile Archived* 

as of 6:48 AM. 3/17/2016

D/s) should be an an easy one to recognize… how these roles vary and fit into the bigger picture proves more difficult to grasp. Your brain and mine are defaulted to make choices easier than difficult. The forest often gets mistaken for the trees and comfort is taken in the knowledge that we know through dismissing the knowledge that we don't. If this sounds foreign then simplification may help; people make decisions with a minimum bar of information rather than a maximum. You and I don't start out thinking of the value of being thorough, we learned it. If I asked you whether being thorough was better than the alternative, the choice becomes pretty obvious. When it comes to D/s people are motivated to by too many moving parts to count, but enough to know that it's something to approach with caution, not haste. The graphic nature  of the lifestyle is an occupational hazard for most, to say nothing of the fact that the tamer flavors get drowned out by the more salacious. This is all to say that caution is often thrown to the wind because the urge people feel is like gravity and the power *exchanged*  is so deliberate and consciously traded that the honesty is frankly a bit intoxicating. Refreshing is a sad word to use but its often a taste of what life *isn't* like for people outside of the style of this one. Point? Some things transfer and some do not. Honesty, truthfulness, a sense of respect for the process and the forces that drive us to do what W/we do (or refuse to do). I use my brain and I encourage you to do the same. As far as the forest goes, thats a light appetizer as to the thoughtfulness You can expect from interacting with me. I put it here to show that it's proverbial machinery operating on a high cylinder, not to frighten you into thinking that conversations with me will be akin to one with R2D2. (Star Wars, also something W/we should all get behind. If Y/you haven't partaken in the Saga, do so, and let yourself enjoy it)




 A slave in this life is a *compensatory* mechanism for this writer. That means that my handle on life outside of this is what's pushed/pulled me into something where the control can be balanced out. Feel free to try and mentally spar with me, I love discussion, I love thinking, In all fairness, it's an opportunity to show that You are more intelligent and capable than You think You are. Two minds if they work together correctly can be better than one and the company becomes better too. 




The takeaway I'd like you to... well.. take away, is; I'm wired to run circles around the people I interact with, but that means nothing when it comes to my respect and courtesy for You because change is the most consistent thing in the world and someone will always know something I do not, be capable of something more masterfully than I, grasp something quicker and/or suggest how to make me understand like they do. This is all to say W/we are nothing without the people W/we have and we are the product and sum total of every interaction W/we've ever had. It's scary to think about, big stakes will do that. Big stakes can unnerve anyone, but reaction is a reflex, *response* is the alternative worth the effort. 




Why? because you aren't an animal. I enjoy being treated as a footstool for *extremely* soiled and smelly feet. I inhale it like I'm breathing to strengthen my diaphram because of a NUMBER of reasons. Some I'm guessing from experiences I've had before with recognition for the blindside insomuch as it exists. (You can't remember something you've forgotten. If it's forgot, you don't remember, if you remember, you have no longer forgotten.) This example of foot stoolery is alarming considering I'm not an animal or furniture for that reason, but I'm *choosing* to be treated as though I am, and every Female who has done it with premeditation has known the fact that I'm not a stool but the implication of being treated as if I was, has an effect. The effect is directly related to your investment in achieving it. Point? the Person after learning about them and deciding they are someone worthy of maintaining respect, is what gives rise to my want to be subject to them. The value is created in the relationship. The lack of value is often misdiagnosed in others actions, not our own. Once I know you know about something, there is less leniency to avoid being accountable for it. So, in so far as you were not properly introduced to a mirror that fairly reflects the setting without the spin; consider yourself fairly warned. 




Inquire within if You are interested to see the degree to which I take serious my role in submitting to another. Hint; its directly proportional to how easy my mind makes it outside of this. meaning I compensate for the work I think would balance out the playing field for me, and it's a LOT of work. 




Looking forward to hear from You,







This is, by the way, the second draft of the message I want to convey. I'll put the first one in a journal so You know what I chose to green-light as a message that fairly characterizes me, or at least doesn't do so unfairly, as an initial introduction. (those two words are too similar.)


But the point is I'm humanly capable of adversarial and simply put, adolescent behavior after everything I wrote saying reactionary behavior is the worse of two choices unless you're *electing* to be put in a position so that you ONLY can react. (Think, being testicle tied for hours, then delineating a game to put you in a helpless position to be slapped at someone else's discretion, and they take great satisfaction in employing excessiveness of discretion) That's different, but the journal entry is the reaction that isn't a result of a response. It's the human that doesn't care. The point is; *It should.* 


3/17/2016 3:35:15 AM

If You're interested in chatting or expediting any sort of productive dialogue my kik and my Skype are available to You, same username, evalstoevres

If You do decide to intiate a productive dialogue please give me a heads up as to who You are. The metaphorical door is one i am less likely to answer if i don't know who's knocking. Thanks in advance. Happy hunting.

7/2/2015 2:08:54 PM
Here W/we all are, writing to effect a connection with someone who until recently was inaccessible. Enter Newtons 3rd Law; by making the world smaller virtually something would have to be sacrificed. 

What was the give/take? The experience one would normally have to transit to could be made in a fraction of the time but for a proportional price of the reality. In English; you get a 1-dimensional haircut on the real world experience you would otherwise be only thinking about... in your head. [Which is the same 2Dimensional imitation, just without you playing all the parts of the story your head keeps scribbling]

The cost? Your sense of value. Think I'm off the rocker? Consider how suspect everyone is who everyone isn't. Think about all the disclaimers you read about how stand-offish things are to begin. Hostility being the unchecked growth symptomatic of a paranoid conclusion that you can literally, literally present any image you wish, with only yourself to judge the truthfulness of what character and silhouette you create... by what you choose to include and frighteningly, what you choose to withhold.

Since people wish to be more sophisticated than they are, the freedom to create what you want the world to see is a liberty you would take rather when faced with the alternative of leaving this power safely leashed in its proverbial box of pandora. You take it because we're wired to overreach. Overreaching is what D/s is all about anyway. A disproportionate exchange of power that, though consensual, achieving the effect as if consent was not given. 'Getting away with it' is a phrase that sums up the insatiable feeling that brings me back. But I digress.

So. Since people want to seem more robust than they think they are, they will take certain freedoms that are incapable of being confirmed or rejected, until the image thats been concocted is deemed worthy of whatever the next step towards buying in may be. At this point; the words weaved to describe whatever compelled the interest to connect either resembles the user enough to bolster confidence or boils down to a mixture of disappointment and betrayal that is such a hard brew to swallow that people often reject the notion of having bought in entirely. Because from the same adolescent compulsion to over sophisticate oneself, comes the equally tumultuous but escalated emotional baggage that comes from betrayal. Which is what it is, sports fans. 

Either you give the world what its asking for, an amalgam of thoughts indexed mindful of the audience you hope to address, respecting your word enough to give no less than you would appreciate in an introduction and no more than you would allow a stranger, let alone one you've never met, to be privy to. 

In short, what you demand from others is only righteous if its what you bring to the table yourself. What I'm referring to is the willingness to buy in to a 2Dimensional person who you hope is who they say they are. You can only do this, and the only way it doesn't collapse on itself is if you demand it of yourself to be truthful enough that when you say something it is sufficiently representative of who you are what you mean to convey. 

The greatest punishment for liars is the inability to trust anything anyone else says. They box themselves in. After all, your brain is what you choose to think about. Habitually, convincing others of what is dishonest, regardless of the scheme, is the moral bankruptcy that makes your words so cheap that you can't believe what anyone else has to say in exchange. You can't escape it, you give what you get. On a fundamental level, the respect people lack for their counterparts they're here to find is whats stopping them finding it. 

You gotta know you first, and that means being able to answer for what you want and why, and what it means to you and how that makes you feel; ALL to convey why you're worth the effort when someone else is not

Can't do that? Won't? Then why would anyone else want to. 

Over and outtie. 

5/9/2015 12:41:52 PM
Journal Entry of initial intro I wrote, adversarial is putting it LIGHTLY but it's worth noting where something can go and more importantly how it's relates to now, and why: 

Date changed as of: Saturday, May 9th, 2015. Date created:however long i've had this profile created. 

Attention: Men, i am not interested in anything you have to offer me, i'm flattered by the inquiries, but not the slightest bit tempted. Consider yourselves informed. 

Being the particular height that i am, its important to mention that i have a particular weakness for Women taller than myself, especially those Who enjoy exploiting that weakness. Amazonian, tall and interested in having a sub/slave such as myself express deference to Her towering stature. 

Zero Tolerance Policy:

If Y/you waste my and/or O/our time in any way that Y/you can, i will cease communication with Y/you. Effort is expected from anyone who wishes to involve themselves with me. Regardless of role. 

Dominants would be nothing without those who submit, those who submit define themselves by what they submit to. 

Disagree? Go fulfill one of these roles by Y/yourself. (Rhetorical exercise)








I have all three which can be described with these modifiers;




Statistically off the charts.




I have a very fantastic sense of humor but with respect to the above, it is no joke. Hard to grasp i will grant You, but it's unbelievable how swiftly those who can not reconcile my age with my intellect learn the first hand account of the phrase "i told you so".


If this is too much for You, then W/we have no business interacting in the way that brought You here.


If not, proceed with respect. It may be an alternative lifestyle and dynamic, but it is NOT a different world inhabited by different species. The same foundation applies.


You have been made aware. No threats. No ultimatum.


Plain view of a rare sight.


3/15/2013 6:05:16 PM

I find it amusing that people who denigrate (denounce) the people they are there to engage with don't connect the dots with calling someone worthless then asking to associate themselves with said worthlessness.


Example: (The parentheses is my analysis)


Female Dominant (with false entitlement):


All male worms,


(worms because this is a misconceived moniker for something below or underneath the Dominant's consideration),


I am a Queen/Goddess/Infinite/Beyond you/Without flaw/Important/People know me. You are a loser. I am superior to your inferior complex.


Yet, i want something from you. All your good for is my pleasure, and despite my awe-inspiring God-like demeanor, i am demanding to ask you (logical conflict) to defer to me. Give me money piggey, my time is precious, but yours is not, and no, i do not see how that will inevitably lead to conflict when my precious time is wasted by your times lack of importance.


(your incorrect usage = you're is correct, but nevermind that, this speech is too important for petty details like grammar and educated speak)


Address me as "inherently cheapened title caused by lack of meaningful connection" Also, i have no clue what it means to be a responsible adult.



(Look familiar?)



Because those who assume a superior place are probably unaware that a participating party is necessary to allow them to sit on their pedestal.


Get it through your head, you moronic pseudo-dominant people. Dominion is categorized by governance of the self. You needing something from me is a shining example of how your control is only given with consent.



Your lack of respect is laughable when the next demand is unquestioning loyalty.


Who wants a fucking lemming anyway? The value of such a person is Pyrrhic, empty. 


A paradoxical relationship exists between adversity and fulfillment, restraint and freedom as well as the knowledge of the parts with respect to wisdom of the whole.


An easy winning over of someones mind body and soul is destitute for unhappiness and dissatisfaction.




9/9/2011 6:36:23 PM

If your profile resembles this garbage:


"i'm a mid-twenties financial Domme with a love of night-club dancing...."




"i have no idea what i'm doing here, all i know is, i can tool people for their cash until they smarten up, which will be when they start asking questions, to which i will demand blind obedience less they lose out on me. Some will stay, some will go. But my self-worth is the exact amount of the transaction i facilitated. Along with a hint of prostitution. What ever will i do when these semi-good looks can't keep up with my attitude anymore?? Yikes, don't wanna know the answer to that loaded question. Con artists." 


You are the dregs of society. You are looking up what "dregs" means because you can't fathom a clue due to your alcohol induced comatose. 


Watch out for those dark allies. Attitude won't save you there. Hooker's will be treated like hookers. Just ask those pretty little girls that survived their redemption while side-stepping the jaded after effects. Go ahead, look for them. Don't worry, i'll wait. 

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