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I have tried collarme before - not with much luck.

I am single and available. I am looking for a special kind of man. Someone who is Dominant. I don't want someone who is domineering - there is a difference (if you don't know it don't email me please).

I enjoy a lot of aspects of this lifestyle and am looking to build trust and get to know someone first.

Email me if you'd like to get to know one another better. I guess I need to now add the following: Do NOT email me commanding me to do things - I'm not yours it's not your place. Do not email me trying to make statements or think that you are asserting your dominance - you look like an uneducated, inexperienced, online dom noob. If you are submissive, don't email me I am not interested in dominating you - if I was I'd be listed as a domme. Don't email me to "hook up" because you are in town. I am not interested in a one night stand.

Submitting to someone and giving your service isn't something that is done in one night. This is not something that is ordered by a stranger. This is something that develops through time and trust. The things I enjoy doing are not things I will do with strangers or someone on a first or third date.

You dom's say you want 24/7 subs - then do the damn work. You want quality? Then you need to put the time in to build trust - this is why you aren't finding anything on this site. You want it right now and are being lazy or acting like a little boy who clearly doesn't know how to use his toys.

If you are part of a couple, that is great and nice, not my thing.

Friendships are welcomed, but friends don't order me around and don't ask for sex.
I haven't written for a while ...

I think I'm ready to get to know someone ... question is ... is there anyone out there worth getting to know?

There was a time when being in the community seemed to mean something. 

Honor, integrity etc.  Of course that was home not here.

I want to know what happed to the real dom's and who the heck gave a membership card to the lazi ones.

Had someone that wants to be my dom say "I need to find someone I can get this anger out on".  WOA!  wow You are missing the boat there buddy!  This lifestyle has never been about anger and hate.

Laziness and misconceptions are not for me.  What ever happened to expanding horizons?