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About elise
If I was to be in a Gor book it would most likely be titled:
Porn Stars of Gor
She-Sleen in a collar
Collared but Taken on a regular basis
BDSM Interests
Make me wet in general.
Obligatory quote from the books:

"The pride of a free woman is the pride of a woman who feels herself to be the equal of a man.
The pride of the slave girl is the pride of the girl who knows that no other woman is the equal of herself.' "

"I wanted a man who was greater than I, and incomparably so, one whom I must, in the order of nature obey, one to whom I must look up. And I did not care if it was from my knees, black with dust, a collar on my neck, naked, that I looked up to his glory".

Now this doesnt mean I am only into all things Gorean or that I only submit for men.

I enjoy a wide and varied number of fetishes and fantasies that later of which mostly revolve around themes of anal debasement and utter humiliation. I like being programmed. I like the violation of my mind, body and soul. Sometimes I need to be forced to consent. Having all the above while being shared and or used by others enhances the experience ten fold.

I started bdsm when I was young and had a couple breaks from it but always came back even when I didn't really want too. I am 36 now. I got burned out nursing and I worked for a time as a dancer and fetish performer but now days I am a school teacher. I expected to find a meat market but I've been pleasantly surprised by several things, like the forums and chat rooms and various members.
I come here because I like chatting to like minded people, sometimes I am permitted to be dominated by them depending on what is desired. Occasionally I role play with people. Preferably I teach or help others learn about bdsm and sometimes I learn something new about it. It's great for sharing ideas and what works etc. One site I was a moderator on I helped set up and run a submissive s sanctuary for other survivors of abuse. Sometimes I use this medium as a way to work on things I would like to one day be able to enjoy in real again.
Also: My Owner is in the military and when he is deployed this is the safest way to stay focused on my submission outside of those times when others from our group are in town who are allowed access.