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A Swedish sub of 41 - that is me. i was introduced into Femdom D/s about 20 years ago, and i've been into it on and off ever since.

i'd say i'm a pretty normal chap with some education (two Masters degrees), so i'm perfectly capable of holding a conversation with You be it on a D/s topic or any other of Your choice. i'm gainfully employed and i like what i do, i have no issues or problems, so i'm generally happy with life.

i'm here to possibly find any combination of three things:

1. To get in touch with Dommes for chat and conversation - from squeaky clean to very dirty ! (the dirtier the better though.. ;-)

2. To get in touch with a Domme to meet up and have a face to face conversation over a cup of coffee or a nice meal somewhere (i travel alot) - possibly leading beyond conversation if we hit it off.

3. To find a special someone to build a trusting Femdom relationship with. Someone who will want a vanilla situation in public, but a loyal, obedient and submissive slave behind closed doors. Someone who expects Her sub to do all household chores (i love that) and expect Her sub to thank Her for it on his knees. Someone who will be a total Ruler in the bedroom and expect full sexual submission within agreed limits.

i would not describe myself as a doormat, since i have my own mind and opinion about things. i'm rather sort of naturally submissive to Women and i practice it as best i can everyday by being polite and over-helpful sometimes. i do get very frustrated and disappointed that so few Women catch on to that and use the power they see they have over me. i'd love to put all of this submissive energy to good use again :-)
YES ! This time i made it to the Club Pedestal Party in London - and it was AWESOME !!
Darn ! missed the Club Pedestal Party in February :-( However i'll make a new try on 31st May, when the next one is planned.
Planning to attend the next Club Pedestal Party in London on 22nd February. It'd be nice to go there in the company of a Domme - anyone up fr it ?