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Hi, My name is Elli. I mean, not really but lets pretend it is. I'm in San Diego and I am interested in meeting people who are generally around my age and are not close-minded. I'm fast approaching the big five oh so you should be good with hanging out with someone who will be able to give you a discount at Denny's sooner rather than later. So where were we? Oh yeah, I'm into hanging out and talking. Definitely into eating. Maybe I should cut back on that. Ok, forget that one. Not into eating. I am but I shouldn't so I won't. What else, what else, oh into stuff that is not overthrowing legitimately elected leaders of mostly democratic countries including this one. So if you stormed the gates at the capital on Jan. 6, or got all tingly in the pants when it happened, I'm more likely to turn you in than to let you turn me out. But I guess it's a moot point as no insurrectionist in good standing would ever contemplate socializing with groomers such as myself. I mean, I groom all the time. Mostly every day. But sometimes I just put my hair back in a bun and call it a day. For those Ive met here and had physical interactions, you know what Im actually into ;-) HMU, Ill bring the rope!
Just wanted to address some issues I have been having.

Firstly, please dont expect an immediate response. Especially if you took three days to get back to me, dont expect me to get back to you right away either. I am sure you have your reasons for the delay, and I do as well. There is a life outside of kink :-)

Secondly, please dont get offended If I dont decide to meet you right away. It takes time to build that level of trust. What level specifically am I talking about? The 'you tie me up and I am at your mercy' level. Big level and please dont take it lightly. A face picture and more will be required. If this is an issue please and kindly dont ask to meet.

UPDATE: All links are dead now :-(

For the holidays and the new year I give you some fun links!

Enjoy :-)
I kept trying to update the links on my profile but the site was not having it. Please see the links below to better understand what I like and am looking for. My flexibility and endurance not withstanding :-)

Some links relevant to my interests:

Futile Struggles (super strict hogties first clip with an amazing tape gag!!)


Futile Struggles (normaly not a big fan of cloth and tape gags but this guy does it right!)

BrendasBound (Amazing blindfold and gag combination!! I need to buy that gag!)

Futile Struggles (two parts, strict position and gag)

These are from a german site JuPuDo (nice boundage rape at the end)

Unknow clip (bondage is ok but in conjunction with sex, yes please!)

HOM Bondage Classics (best scene for me starts at 8:41)

Just added two new pics form a recent session. Hope you enjoy!
Sorry to everybody that wrote and I didnt respond. I thought this site was gone! I didnt know about the new URL and how it all got moved over here.

I will add some pictures soon and I will continue to monitor this account again :-) 

Hello all who are interested. Please note that I am looking for bondage. If you are not interested in tight and secure bondage eith a cd/tv I might not be your cup of tea :-)


Please dont expect a reply if you are just sending messages with two or three words with one of them being slut or bitch. Dont mind the name calling but not the first time we talk. If you would like a response, ask a question and give it some thought.


Well thats all for now!



Thank you to all the great people I have met through this site! 


I feel lucky to have had a chance to play with a couple of Dominants. Some memorable evenings thanks to this site :-)


Just an FYI to new potential friends. Please know that I am looking for Doms that are into bondage. Rope and leather get me all tingly inside. If you have ever seen sites from or you will understand what I am looking for.


So thanks good luck on your search for the right partner!



Just updated my pictures. This past weekend I was lucky enough to meet another very nice and very experienced gentleman on this site. I had a wonderful afternoon in his company. Suffice it to say I am finding it difficult to sit. And that is a good thing. Thank you daddy ;-)

Just put up pictures of a recent encounter I had with a nice gentleman on this site. Thanks for you patience. Sorry for the delay on the pics to friends that were waiting to see them :-)