Vertical Line


I am seeking a novice sub/slave to teach, train and properly introduce to the lifestyle. I prefer younger, slim to waifish but all will be considered. This is for 24/7 total servitude so only someone who is totally committed to living the lifestyle need apply.

What you can expect:

You will be with your Master under His scrutiny 24x7, isolated from the outside world except as Master sees fit. You will be evaluated and broken of any bad habits and then trained to provide service and pleasure to Master as He sees fit. Your time, your life will be totally dictated by Master, you will be punished when He feels it is necessary and rewarded when you deserve it. Everything will be chosen for you so you will have little to occupy your mind other than bringing pleasure to Master.

If this intrigues you, drop me a note, we'll talk and see where things go from there.

I find it amazing that so many in this forum are so intolerant of a sexual preference. Oh… they are all so very PC… they would NEVER stand for GAY Bashing yet they will gleefully attack someone honest enough to express what He finds physically attractive. Mea Culpa… I know what pleases My eye and what will work for Me and have attempted to be HONEST about it. That preference has NEVER caused Me to treat anyone with disrespect or to disregard anyone as a person and as a possible friend until this recent rash of attacks against Me for the crime of just being honest about what I find attractive to Me.


I suppose you’ve “won”. You’ve driven a real, caring, experienced, mentoring Dom from the chat in this place. You’ve tried your best to FORCE ME to become One with the BORG….to become part of the great machine you imagine, and think and feel exactly as you want Me to. You’ve been responsible “OPS” of the rooms you are in and done your best to keep what you feel is order, YOUR WILL.  You should be proud of yourselves, you’ve advanced humanity and greatly advanced your cause, FORCING ME to be attracted to what has never, from experience, worked. I won’t even notice the horrible, bitter attitude you have that brings you to attack My preference. Feel secure, you’ve made the world a better place and endeared Me to your cause.


I wish you well….and wish you gone…Zig Heil!

Some very odd ones here… reply expressing interest and immediately delete your profile or better still… never log in again?! Is there anyone REAL here?

If I see it one more time I'm going to scream! Dominate is a VERB, you cannot "look for a Dominate". Was anyone awake in elementary school?
If "your" photo/s are posted in half the binary newsgroups on usenet, don't bother me. If the word "commitment" bothers you, so will I. If you are "curious", be that way elsewhere until you become "serious". I have no use for tourists. Thank you.