Vertical Line



Intelligent and articulate Dom.

Turned off by the 'rules' and 'protocol' that the self-professed rulers of the 'lifestyle' dictate to us. Funny that these people are the one's who never move from their computer screens.
It's my fetish and I'll damn well do it how I want to!

Can provide pics if you like.

Killer heels, red lipstick and 50s Burlesque are good. The beach in the winter time, motorbikes and rock/metal are good. Well read people are good. An imagination and a wicked glint in the eye....all good.

Poo is bad. That's not my choice- it's nature's.

Please be able to laugh- at the world, at yourself, and at me if you choose. It's too fucking boring otherwise.

Update 17/09/2012 Single again. Now back online to meet and chat. Come and say hi. J
Wants to go to the Munch on Thursday! Anyone wanna come!
'and I guess I always knew thast my little crime
would be cold that's why I got heater for your thighs....'


Forgot just how much Pearl Jam turns me on! ;-)