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I am a pretty easy going, nerdy, fun loving guy on the outside, with a quirky, sometimes sarcastic sense of humor. Socially I am introverted, usually quiet, calm, yet I am fairly quick to anger when one shoves me the wrong way.

I am an intelligent and creative dom who enjoys testing limits, trying anything new and exciting, and very strong in discipline. For more details you should message me and get to know me.

Something I would like to point out is that I am not just looking for role play, or some casual fling that fulfills some closet fantasy... I am a dom through and through. I want someone that will be my long term submissive. Dont message me if youre just looking for a fling, there is nothing to that except a fleeting moment. Im looking for something more intense, something that takes time to develop and will last eternally.


 Age: 27
 Kent, United Kingdom