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Pan Male Dominant, 40,  New York
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First I would like to apologize, for any grammar errors I am writing this on my phone.

So a little bit about myself, i enjoy light too medium impact play public and private humiliation. I absolutely love the bdsm aspect of control and the feeling of having power and control over a individual body and more importantly their mind. Its not just about having fun its a connection. Its importantly to put emotions first to physical. Physical play is only a small part of a bdsm, but communication to me is the important thing.

I view that submission is a gift. A the gift from them too me. So we both can explore are hidden desires. Collars, whips, bondage, humiliation, spanking and more. I am not looking for one thing. This is for me a release and fun, I am not new, but like everything in life Im still learning so why wouldnt I want to keep learn something new bdsm and not looking for a short term fun.

Ive been interested in spanking naughty girls bottoms over my knee. Over the years, my desires have evolved from just spanking to disciplinary punishments and Daddy Domlittle girl relationships.
I also have many other kinks.. To me there nothing that better then, that feeling from warm body heat that comes off a freshly spanked bottom.

I adore ddlg, I love a little that want to learn everything in the bedroom. How shes so willing to do whatever daddy ask of her. Also, I love how they feel so soft and tight little body. When daddys little princess starts argues with daddy. Daddy little brat or says no too me too often. That is when daddy start too smile in joy. Because she might not know whats coming.










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 Dominant Male

 New York

 5' 11"

 197 lbs






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Submissive Female

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A Poly Household

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