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Gay Male Master, 75,  52240, Iowa
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Dominant Daddy seeks a slim to average boi, 18-49, who wants a Daddy to serve and is willing to be trained as a submissive.
Unfortunately part-time and not live-in!

Mainly looking for a male who lives in the Southeast part of Iowa who can get to Iowa City by himself and available for a 2 to 4 hour or more, session.

Even if you have thought about it but have not acted upon it in the past, consider yourself shy, nervous, a want-to-be but cautious, yet willing to try make an appointment with me to talk about what your role would be.

I am a 76 year old, Gay, heavyset Dom, with over 60 years experience training submissive young men 18 and up, in a safe, sane, consensual, manner to develop the trust necessary to obey without questioning.

Again, this is in Southeast Iowa near Iowa City, Iowa, Part-Time, NOT a live in position.











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Journal Entries:
8/15/2013 7:34:16 AM

Mind Set is one of the most important things to have.  With Slavery supposedly illegal in most of the world, except by voluntary means of either work for me or starve, it is refreshing to find a group where real voluntary slavery actually appears to exist. 

     Unfortunately, most of the people who join this site are looking for sex.  While sex has always been a component of slavery, to some sex has become the main focus of slavery.  It is unfortunate that that has happened.  To find someone who is willing to be naked just because they are nice to look at, to have around, and available for incidental sex is a goal of mine.

8/18/2010 10:48:04 AM
I deleted my profile for a while partially because this site, while it advertises itself as the "largest BDSM Community on the Planet" may be but it is also filled with many who post and never come back to check whether anyone has written to them; is filled with many wanting money, claiming they are willing to leave Africa and serve you in one way or another; is full of the young and naive who want an experienced Dom or Domme in a young body.

So, why did I come back?  That is a Damm good question!  I am hoping to find that one real submissive male who will become my masterpiece.

I wrote my profile this time on the Artistic bent that I have.  Comparing a young willing sub to a blank canvas, upon which I could create a Masterpiece.

Having a background in Art, I know that an artist first sketches out the painting he anticipates as his finished work of art, then makes a number of preliminary tries, some of which he keeps, many of which he does over and over.  Until he finds the way he wants it to appear.

Such is the Dom with a sub.  Let's take bondage.  The Dom has an idea on how it should look when he is done but the sub on which he first tries to tie it, his muscles are all wrong, the ligaments, the tendons, nothing matches the image the Dom has in his mind.  He has to either find a different sub who has the right type of body or he has to adjust the way he ties the sub he has, into the picture he has in his mind.

Let's take pain.  While I claim not to be sadistic, there must be a streak in me that makes me enjoy spanking, flogging, and be willing to put out close to $150.00 for a set of canes.  There must be something in me that finds pinching nipples and then twisting them, interesting.

Let's take humiliation.  I prefer my sub naked at all times.  I remember one sub whom had been playing with me for an hour, left to go the bathroom, I heard the door close, I followed, walked in on him as he was having a bm.  His reasoning, he did not want to bother me with the smell.  I stood over him, had him suck my cock, even as he was having his bm.  Then when he had wiped, we went back to play. When I say, naked at all times, I mean naked at all times.

Let's say oral.  When I say oral, I do not just mean the penis, I mean the scrotum, testicles, nipples, earlobes, kissing, I also mean rimming, eating the ass, licking and sucking.

What many find surprising is that for much of it, especially the sexual side, it is not one sided.  A sub becomes mine to do with as I please.  If I feel like sucking, I will suck him and yes, I mean ALL the things I mention under oral are possible.

I am the Dom, he may call me Master or Daddy, but I am the Dominate one, I am in control at all times.  How can I teach him how to do anything correctly, if I can not do it myself, if I can not show him how it feels on his own body.

For years I taught swimming.  I always got into the water with the folk I was teaching, one on one.  Too many teachers stay on the edge, saying "do it this way" but on the edge, there is no force of water moving opposite to you, no fear that if you do something wrong, you will sink.  With me in the water, showing them, "do it this way", they could see how I got back onto my feet, how I did not sink and drown.

So it is with being a Dom.  You will find some who stay on the edge, stay dressed, will tie you up, put you in a cage, will stay dressed.  Others will get right into play with you, get naked even when no sex is involved. 

Each Dom is an artist and the work of art he is creating is the relationship between you and him. 

If will not last unless photographed.  It is more for the enjoyment of the participants

So, I seek a slim to average, young man who is willing to be the blank canvas upon which I can create my next masterpiece.

4/26/2010 11:13:45 AM
Well, it has happened again.  A young man who had contacted me about being my slave, failed to show up for his appointment, chose to go with another Master, signed a slave contract without taking it serious or even reading the small print, and now wants to know whether I can get him out of it. 

Unfortunately, as I explained to him, he is now a slave.  He is obliged to do as his Master orders, be naked when the Master orders, preform sexual acts on whomever the Master orders, for as long as the Master holds the contract.
Being a good Master, the Master has promised that each person the slave services will be STD clean and HIV negative.

He had played at being a slave when he was in college, thought that all Masters were the same, and was definitely naive.  He thought he would just serve the Master, did not plan to become the naked butler answering the door, the naked waiter serving the food and drinks at the party, and then the entertainment, providing sexual favors to the party guests.  Nor did he expect to have his parents who did not know about his lifestyle or other friends from his past, be invited to one of the parties.

It is too bad that so many curious young folk do not have a clue that all the things they hear about, can happen to them, not just to the other guy.  That the site where guys down on their luck are offered money to preform is real.  That even I am for real. 

I am in the lifestyle.   As a Master, I offer to train men who are curious about being a slave in all the facets of being a slave.  I meet with them, show them how to do things and have them prove to me that they know how to do them, use them for rope bondage, boy toy, puppy, whatever, but not being sadistic, I do not inflict unnecessary pain.  I teach them about head space and how to use it.

Unfortunately training is a long and involved process, not something that can be done in a weekend, some are in training all their lives. 

And here, all I want is a good slave to serve me on a regular basis.

2/21/2010 3:31:10 PM
I seek a man to be either a sub or my slave.  But I am not seeking a slave 24/7/365.

I find that many do not know what the difference between sub and slave really is.  All they "know" is that both sub and slave submit to the control of a Dominant or a Master.

In many ways subs and slaves are the same, but the real difference is that a sub is a freeman and a slave is not.

Ironically many people are already in slavery, slaves to their jobs, to their position or families, to the bank or credit card.  It controls their lives. 

Most of those slaves never realize that they are in slavery so they are bored, frustrated, angry, without knowing the controlling force in their lives.

The problem is that that is abstract slavery without the personal touch of a Master, which I offer to a slave who serves me.

Ironically, many potential slaves seem to hope that the Masters they approach will be able to take them out of the abstract slavery and really become 24/7/365 with no idea of what is involved. 

So, how does one become a slave?
Since few slaves are actually bought and sold these days, he would ask me to be his Master (sell himself to me).  If we had not done so already, we would talk at length and come to an agreement.  He would know up front what would be expected of him and what he could expect to get out of being owned by me.  Many Masters put this agreement in writing and have the slave sign the contract.

If I agreed and accepted him, I would put a collar around his neck as a sign that he is my slave.  Some Masters choose to brand their slaves, I do not. From then on,
my slave would know that he is my property and that I am his Master.

Just a comment about Contracts.
While they may not be enforceable in courts of law in the USA, they are legal documents recognized by the members of the lifestyle and by certain enforcement bodies connected to the lifestyle.  Be sure your contract states how long it is for and what your rights, if any, are, before you sign it.  It is not a joke or make believe at that point.

Even when a slave is not with me 24/7, he knows he is owned by me.  He may not wear a collar of iron or leather all the time but he knows it is there.

My slave, like my sub, has chosen to serve me.  But a sub is a free man and may serve others without asking my permission.  My slave must ask for permission to submit to others unless I am with him.

When is a slave no longer My slave? 
A very sad question but needs to be addressed.  Since he has sold himself to me, technically I have the "right" to sell him to another Master and
in the BDSM lifestyle, it does happen.

Legally, in the USA, only credit card companies and banks can "sell" the "slaves" they "own".

But more common is the slave who requests that he be released from my collar.  Again, I have a discussion and an agreement before I remove my collar from his neck and make him a free man again.

8/30/2009 2:01:47 PM
I seldom refuse to meet with anyone, at least once, if there is a spark of interest on our parts.  Once I have met with someone, if I enjoyed the experience, I will write back to him, maybe many times, indicating I want to meet again.  If he is willing, he will reply.  Or, if he enjoyed the experience, he may write me and I will reply. 

Once in a while, like when a young man begged me to come to his place, turned out to be nothing like he had described himself, apparently was not happy with what happened between us, and then never wanted to see me again.  I agreed, so I did not reply nor do I intend to.

But at least he and I were open to meeting each other, open to trying to make something happen.  Sometimes it seems like few are willing to take that chance.

Many write to me, even a couple times, but fail to make an appointment or even worse, fail to show up for the appointment if they do make it.  So frustrating.

However, so much more frustrating is getting messages from people who live thousands of miles away, talking about wanting a Master, when I know there are Masters in their area who want a sub or a slave.

Even more frustrating is hearing that a sub or slave from my area is going to another area of the country to serve a Master, a sub who never contacted me to see if I was the Master he was seeking.

What does a sub, a slave, do, when a year or two later, he suddenly realizes that that perfect Master he went to, was not that perfect?  I have seen those posts, where the slave is looking for another Master.

I am DadHen, a Daddy (Dominant, Master),  a MotherHen (caring, concerned, empathic), and something more which  I do not know the exact word in English to describe it.  The third part of me is in the spirit realm and has been called by a variety of names depending on whom I am with, Master will do, here.

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