Waiting paitiently on her knees, after a long day of primping and preparing, her eyes light up and a bright smile fills her soft pink lips as the front door opens... Daddy, dressed in a dark suit and tie, bends forward and gives her a lingering moist kiss on her needy, wanting, lips... Her bright babygirl eyes dart to His hands in anticipation as her handsome Daddy finally gives her what she's been waiting for: her Daddy gently, but firmly, locks the purple velvet, diamond studded, collar upon her yearning neck and snaps on the matching leash... "And did you do as you were told today babygirl?" He asks. "Oh yes Daddy, I wrote you a long sweet letter, it's all about what I really really need from my Daddy to be a good little girl!" she giggled... "Good girl! and what does My precious little babygirl need now?" He asks, in His husky whisper.. "More Kisses Daddy! More Daddy Kisses!" DaddyKiss loves to get letters from sweet babygirls just like you! Go on, be a good little babygirl, and write to Me...
 Age: 26
 IBADAN, Nigeria